Dec. 20th, 2004

dira: Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Bob Euphemism by Heuradys)
[ profile] pearl_o did it, so I should too.

So, I wrote a bunch of stories in 2004. )

Of these...

The best is Sunday's Child. I think. Maybe. 'Best' sort of freaks me out. This meme took me the entire morning and then I made some semi-arbitrary decisions about these categories.

My favorite is The Way He Should Go. Which. Likewise.

The sexiest is Saturday at the Garage. Probably?

The fic with the single sexiest moment... I'm taking the fifth.

The most underappreciated is Wept and I am only going to say this once: Kink is not a scary word. Now go read it.

The hardest to write was either Code-Switching, which came early in my porn-writing career and required me to figure out a lot of stuff about the way the relationship arc of the hockeyfic was going to work, in order to keep it in continuity while writing way out of order, or Seen and Unseen, because when I gave [ profile] iuliamentis the first draft, she declared it boring and demanded a complete rewrite. I've, uh. Actually had a pretty easy writing year.

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