Jan. 1st, 2008

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And now that the year is over with one last story in under the wire, time for the annual bibliographic control post fic year in review meme. This year's crop worked out to 39 stories (including the two I wrote for Yuletide 2006 and one that's not on my website) totaling a bit over 100,000 words--19 of those were in bandom, accounting for 74,000 words, and bandom was one of five new-to-me fandoms I wrote in this year. \o/

The story list )

...Looking at this I feel like I wrote a startlingly small amount of actual porn this year, but on the other hand: pandafucking and a gangbang, so. Really.

The body count stayed pretty small--I killed Booth right off the bat (Seeley Booth's Bones) but rumors of Frank's death were greatly exaggerated. I did send Ash and Andy to heaven (On the Road Again), which is possibly where Colby Granger's family comes from (Maybe Sprout Wings). I think I wrote more het (Show and Tell, Front Seat, Ty Nant in a Clear Glass Bottle) than I have since I was in high school scribbling Mulder/Scully fic. I am apparently a little preoccupied with prostitution? I don't know.

Anyway, on to the questions )

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