Sep. 17th, 2012

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Going on two years ago, when I posted Everything That You Can Keep, [ profile] JanLevine pointed out in a comment that there ought to be a story in this series about Aral getting pulled out of bed for Miles's Kyril Island incident; without that nudge, I wouldn't have come up with this story.

Of course, the story I came up with two years ago and planned on writing for the better part of the last two years was, as it turned out, wrong in certain significant aspects, so many thanks to [personal profile] commodorified for pointing that out to me when I complained about how hard it was proving to write.

Thanks also to [personal profile] sanj, [personal profile] petra, and [personal profile] fairestcat for encouragement along the way, and as ever, thanks most of all, for beta and general support, to [personal profile] iulia.

So here is the ninth story in The World That You Need, with, for those keeping score, a title from the Mountain Goats' "Heretic Pride" that made slightly more sense for the earlier version of the plot and then just stuck.

During The Vor Game. Aral/Cordelia, Aral/Jole. Not explicit. 5800 words.
Arkady was awakened before dawn by a knock on the door.

Rocks in the Pathway )

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