Feb. 6th, 2014

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February 6: [personal profile] verity intones the dread magic words: DEREK HALE FEELS


Derek is My Guy so hard it's not even funny, he just--I agree with Hoechlin, here:

Derek tries so hard, and so much of the canon we have for him is Derek at the worst times of his life. He's flat and humorless and uncommunicative in the first two seasons? His one remaining family member and pack member, his alpha of six years, was just horribly murdered and left in the woods for him to find, and he is surrounded by people he can't trust not to torture-murder him, and the few people he tries to make some connection with refuse to trust him. Derek's mistakes have been punished so incredibly hard, and he has tried and tried and tried so hard to build himself a pack, to weave back together the remaining fragments of his family, and none of that has worked for him, and he has been surrounded by so much violence and death--some of it of his own making but none of his own free will--and somehow he just keeps getting up and coming back for more and trying again and again.

I just really want someone to wrap him in a blanket and tell him it's okay, he's not alone, he can take a rest. I want him to be able to trust someone that much. I want him to be able to kiss Stiles without keeping one eye open to watch for the sudden but inevitable betrayal. I want him to be able to laugh without it looking like Tyler Hoechlin forgot to act.

I just want Derek to be okay. My OTP is Derek/Someone Who's Good To Him, and that is really all I want for him, even if the someone who's good to him is just himself, at some point down the line when he can maybe forgive himself for everything he's done and have some compassion for the scared kid he was and still is, and just be all right, be safe and content and have a life that isn't defined by constant mortal terror.

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