Feb. 9th, 2014

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February 9: [personal profile] lannamichaels asks, What's something you LOVE in fic, but don't see as much of it as you like?

Ohhhh, man. Um. The one that springs to mind is arranged marriage/marriage of convenience. Not pretend marriage or woke-up-married, but a situation where the characters are actually going into this situation knowing that from now on they are going to be legit married, permanently or for a long time, and this is how it's going to be, and now they need to make the best of that. And one or both of them are trying cautiously to court the other without making it awful, and they've gone from zero to enormous intimacy without any intervening relationship and now they have to learn each other and make it work (and then, of course, they fall madly madly in love). I especially am in favor of a situation where they don't hate each other and neither of them really holds the situation against the other, even if they might be angry at some outside force that pushed them into the marriage, because I don't like adversarial relationships but I looooooove people pushed to work together on something, and I love it even more when the something they have to work together on is domesticity and a life together and yes. Please.

...Shit now I want to write a million of this. Or reread King and Lionheart about six thousand more times. BUT OTHER PEOPLE SHOULD WRITE IT MORE TOOOOOOOOOOO.

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