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Totally not a GIP at all.

Today is the first birthday of my dira.ficlaundering.com website. My site is now home to 108 stories in 22 fandoms, and thanks to the hockeyfic parts of it even have images. I am celebrating with a) My very first CSI icon, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] sobran, b) a Pudding Pop, c) memes!

In 2005, counting Yuletide 2004 stories (because I didn't get to acknowledge them/put them on my site until January 1, and, more importantly, because I didn't include them in last year's Fic Year in Review meme and this is all about bibliographic control, shut up, yes it is), I wrote 42 43 stories in 14 fandoms. They are:

Due South:
Hawks and Hands, May 10, 1981, Dulce Est, Fire That Breaks, Shiny (Firefly crossover), All Your Time Waiting, and Whistling in the Dark
Edited 1/2/07 to round up an orphan: The Triumph of Experience

<3 , 314 X2R, All Apologies, Attached, Bogey, Classified (Stargate: Atlantis crossover), The Dead Speak: Charlie Eppes, Deriving the Constant, Dumbstruck, Locks, Low and Inside, Scrape, Something Stupid, and What Happens in Vegas
Edited 1/8/10 to round up an orphan: 14 words.

Call and Answer, Last Rites, Pain, Unannounced, and Rumored

Stargate SG-1:
The Infinite and With the Dying

Conversation Piece (CSI), Do What You Have to Do, Handiwork, A Whiff of Sulfur (The Dead Zone), Whore (Hard Core Logo), Passing (Horatio Hornblower), Two Heroes (LA Confidential), Rad Job (My Life as a Dog), In Loco (The OC), The Night Before the Day Of (Ocean's 12), Hunde and Spades (Spy Game), The Evening and the Morning and Odd Man Out (Wilby Wonderful)

Best Fic: Hawks and Hands

My Favorite: Hawks and Hands; runner up (becuase it's new! and my attention span is short! and I am still in love with it!) Conversation Piece

Sexiest: Hawks and Hands; runner up (because, really, what's not sexy about underage junkie/hooker bondage?) In Loco

Sexiest Moment: I made Ray speak Quebecois in Hawks and Hands; runner up, I made Don say, "I probably can't make you come just from kissing anymore," in 314 X2R.

Most Underappreciated: My sadly not NC-17 Ocean's 12 story, The Night Before the Day Of. Danny totally thinks y'all don't love him.

Hardest to Write: Hawks and Hands (tears! enforced breaks! 50,000 words in twenty-three days! research into everything from player numbers to dental surgery! Quebecois, for the love of God!); runner up, Passing because [livejournal.com profile] lyra_sena totally refused to let me be lazy about it and I had to rewrite it completely.

I don't know if everyone's noticed yet that the "Be a big giant tease" meme is my favorite meme in the history of memes? But it is. So! Clips from all the stories I have in progress at the moment that I actually regard as being in progress, with the obvious exception of my Yuletide story, which I TOTALLY HAVE WORDS WRITTEN ON, NO SERIOUSLY, I COULD SHOW YOU IF IT WASN'T A SECRET I SWEAR.


Numb3rs, Big Damn Epic:

The front door was locked, though there were lights on in the living room. Don let them in, and they only made it as far as the foyer before Mr. Eppes appeared. "Don! I've been trying to call both of you, where have you--" he stopped short when he spotted Terry, and gave her a puzzled smile. "Hello, Terry."

"Mr. Eppes," she said, nodding, and set her hand lightly at the small of Don's back.

"Dad," Don said, and Mr. Eppes' attention was immediately riveted on his son. Don's voice sounded broken, sounded naked like she'd never, ever heard it before, and he reached out a hand to his father. Mr. Eppes took it in a tight grip; she could see the tendons standing in his wrist. "Dad," Don repeated. "Dad, Charlie is--"

Mr. Eppes pressed his free hand over his mouth, his eyes going wide, his face going sickly-pale, and she could hear Don choking on the word missing while the word dead hung horribly almost-audible in the air.

The Dead Zone, Inexplicable Walt/Sarah:

Walt first met Sarah on the sixteenth of June, though he didn't learn her name until the middle of the next night, when he found standing in front of the coffee machine, patting her pockets and looking groggy and blank and still gorgeous. He'd bought her a coffee--black like she liked it, and he remembered to thump it to shut off the half-and-half--and she'd smiled and said, "Sarah Bracknell," after the second sip.

He'd smiled back as he picked up his own coffee and said, "Walt Bannerman," but he was already thinking about how her initials wouldn't change if she married him.

Numb3rs, In Which Charlie is Not a Very Good Pool Shark:

Don rolled his eyes when he heard the knock at the door. It was like feeding a goddamn raccoon: he'd let Charlie in once, and now Charlie seemed convinced that it was perfectly acceptable to drop by at two in the morning.

Of course, Don kept letting him in. Raccoons might be pests, but they were also impressively clever and, in a certain light, kind of cute. Charlie always looked harder to resist in the middle of the night.