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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2003-12-31 04:24 pm

Backdated Bibliographic Control Post

NB: Includes stories for Yuletide 2003, though subsequently all Yuletide stories are included in the year-in-review listing for the year in which they were revealed.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Not My Baby (gen)
Not Enough (gen?)
Counting the Days (Angel/Spike)
It's Not (gen)
Breaking the Silence (Spike/Dawn)

Dead Poets Society
Pueri Solivagi (Charlie/Todd)

due South (almost all Fraser/Kowalski)
Hate Story
Exposures (death)
Getting It
Christmas Present
Finders Keepers (puppy death)
That Good Night: A Death Story

Watching (Voyeurism Challenge)
Permanent (Make-Up Challenge)
La Plus Ca Change... (Hourglass Challenge)
Flash (Curtains Challenge)
Tea for Three (Threesome Challenge)
Tapped (Telephone Challenge, V/K)
June, 1979 (Summer of '79 Challenge, gen)
Laid Up (Cliche Challenge)
Blowing It (Cliche Challenege)
Hell on Wheels (Footwear Challenge)
Male Bonding (Footwear Challenge)
Jingle Jangle (Keys Challenge)
Favorite Things (Movie Challenge)
Take the Gun (Movie Challenge, pre-slash)
A Quiet Morning at Home (Marriage Challenge, gen)
Nightmare on Elizabeth Street (Halloween Challenge, gen)
Sugar Snow (Recipe Challenge)
Melt and Freeze (Water Challenge)
Moving Days (Packing Challenge)

Harry Potter
Sirius Dreams (Remus/Sirius, Sirius/Harry?, Sirius/James?)

Snapshots (slash)

Reign of Fire
Another Day (Quinn/Creedy)

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