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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2007-01-01 08:45 pm

Assorted fic-keeping

I guess now that it's 2007, I have to surrender the hope that I'll post more fic in 2006. So:

Notes on Bibliographic Control, Because I Am Anal Almost a Librarian, Strictly for My Own Reference Because I Can't Imagine You Care: I'm normally only inclined to count fic that is or is going to be on my site as "real," but this year included a lot more random LJ-only fic than usual, so I'm including as much of that as I could remember and track down. Thus there are a lot of drabbles and a certain amount of unbetaed and incomplete stuff here. Also, this includes Yuletide 2005 fic, but not Yuletide 2006, mainly because I said so. Ha!

Anyway, here's what I wrote in Fic Year 2006:

Safety Valve (gen)
First Things First (Gil/Nick)
Failure, Death, Wooded Areas at Night (gen)
Off to See the Wizard (Gil/Greg)
Unmentionable (gen drabble)

Dead Like Me
Reapers Need Hugs (gen drabble)

The Dead Zone
Sympathy for the Devil (Johnny/Bruce) - Yuletide 2005
Family Portrait (Johnny/Walt/Sarah-ish, violence)
Pure Corn (Johnny/Walt/Sarah drabble, note title)

due South (who knew?)
Dief is, of course, a monkey (and not named Dief) (AU drabble)

Hard Core Logo
Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love (Joe/Billy)

At the Sky
First Night

Compromised (Don/Colby drabble)
Hair (David/Colby)
Riled (David/Colby drabble)
Thugs (David/Colby)
Enough (David/Colby, NC-17)

Crossing the Line (NC-17)
Dirty Laundry
Freeze and Break (NC-17)
It Never Rains in Southern California (NC-17)
The Thing He Carries
Down the Drain
Sisterly (Sandman crossover)
Treed (drabble)

Brothel AU (Incest, Prostitution, Violence, Wacky Chronology, Enlightened Self-Interest, etc.):
Safe and Sound
Clocking Out
At the End of the Day
Morning Lessons
Mr. Wednesday Two O'Clock
Today's Special (violence)
Never Reaching an End
Bound (NC-17)
Don and Charlie's Day Off
Quiet and Still
Thinking of Jumping
On the Couch

In the Closet (David/Carlos, NC-17)

Stargate: SG-1
Travel Size (gen drabble)

Stargate: Atlantis
Shh (John/Rodney drabble)
Warm and Fuzzy (John/Rodney drabble)
Bitter (John/Rodney drabble)
Taken In (drabble)

Vorkosigan series
In Loco Parentis (Diplomatic Immunity Ivan drabble)

The West Wing
This Is the Way the World Ends (Sam/Josh)
Three Feet Tall and Naked (incomplete crackfic)

Best Fic: The one I haven't posted yet. Or, in fact, finished yet. Sorry, cop-out, I know.

My Favorite: This Is the Way the World Ends, which nine months later still strikes me as something sort of perfectly what I wanted it to be.

(I'm electing to retire the 'Sexiest' category, because honestly, I never have the faintest idea, so am replacing it with) Most Fun: The Numb3rs Brothel AU, in its incoherent and incomplete entirety. Wheeeee!

Sexiest Moment: Okay, no idea on this either. Enough springs to mind, with the laughter.

Most Underappreciated: It Never Rains in Southern California, I think. It's not songfic, honest!

Hardest to Write: Family Portrait, hands down. It was two weeks late for its challenge, and the whole time I was writing it I was convinced no one would read it, or, having read it, not regret having done so.

And! All is now revealed for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide! So I can say an official and public and madly squeeful thanks to [livejournal.com profile] greensilver, for my beautiful beautiful Yuletide Standoff story, One Up, complete with (oh my god, so cool, how did I not mention this before?) a certain FBI agent named Granger in a supporting role. :) Thank you again!!

As for me, I wrote Anna and Everything After for [livejournal.com profile] rivkat, based on the book Anna to the Infinite Power, which I confess I had never heard of before I got my request. You see, I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] rivkat last year, too, a Johnny/Bruce Dead Zone story, and we were matched on the very same offer and request this year, but I quailed at the thought of trying to write the same pairing again and remain even a little anonymous, so I decided to pick up a new fandom. Wheeeee!

[livejournal.com profile] untrue_accounts was my kind and helpful beta on this one! Thanks, Melymbrosia!

I also wrote The Beautiful Lull for [livejournal.com profile] ishyko, a Reign of Fire Queen/Creedy story. The title comes from the first line of a Tragically Hip song called "Gift Shop," which will make sense if you read the story. *g*

[livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis betaed this one for me on short notice, because she is awesome. Thanks, Iulia!