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Fic year in review

And now that the year is over with one last story in under the wire, time for the annual bibliographic control post fic year in review meme. This year's crop worked out to 39 stories (including the two I wrote for Yuletide 2006 and one that's not on my website) totaling a bit over 100,000 words--19 of those were in bandom, accounting for 74,000 words, and bandom was one of five new-to-me fandoms I wrote in this year. \o/

Mildred Ames - Anna to the Infinite Power

Anna and Everything After (Yuletide 2006)

Reign of Fire

The Beautiful Lull (Quinn/Creedy, Yuletide 2006)


Seeley Booth's Bones (Gen, death)
On Ice (Gen, fluff)
Wednesday Afternoon (Gen, Catholicism)
Show and Tell (Booth/Brennan)
Green (Gen)
Front Seat (Booth/Brennan)
Ty Nant in a Clear Glass Bottle (Angela/Hodgins)


AM (Don/Charlie drabble)
i (Don/Charlie)
Films About Ghosts (Gen)
Boys Who Wear Glasses (Don/Colby)
Gleam (Charlie/Colby, NC-17)
Maybe Sprout Wings (David/Colby wingfic)
After Hours (Don/Charlie, NC-17, brothel AU, pandafucking)


Transparency (Danny/Flack)


To Drive So Far at Night (Gen)
Contagious (Gen)
On the Road Again (Ash/Andy)


Fall Out Boy:
Boys at Play (Gen)
Find Out What It Means (Pete/Patrick, NC-17, prostitution AU)

Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance:
Sing Ourselves to Sleep (Gerard/Patrick)
My Boyfriend Is in Love with Holden Caulfield (Gerard/Patrick)
Bun in the Easy-Bake Oven (Pete/Patrick, Gerard/Bob, unexplained reproduction)
Concatenate (Gerard and Pete)
Q & A (Gerard and Pete)

My Chemical Romance:
Hello, My Name Is (Gerard)
Seventeen Days Time (Gerard and Bob)
Sticks and Stones (Gerard the vampire slayer drabble)
Frank Has Died of Dysentery (Gerard and Bob)
First Aid (Ray, Gerard and Frank)
Late (Gerard/Frank)
When the Sun Came Up (Gerard/Bob)
I'm Not Sleeping (Trust Me) (Frank/Gerard, NC-17)
Gerard and Rapunzel (Gerard/Frank/Bob, Ray/Mikey, fairy tale genderfuck)

Panic! at the Disco:
But Sweeter (Brendon/Ryan)
Stay a Long Time (Brendon/Ryan)
Burn Up in Love Love Love (Jon-centric GSF, so very NC-17)

...Looking at this I feel like I wrote a startlingly small amount of actual porn this year, but on the other hand: pandafucking and a gangbang, so. Really.

The body count stayed pretty small--I killed Booth right off the bat (Seeley Booth's Bones) but rumors of Frank's death were greatly exaggerated. I did send Ash and Andy to heaven (On the Road Again), which is possibly where Colby Granger's family comes from (Maybe Sprout Wings). I think I wrote more het (Show and Tell, Front Seat, Ty Nant in a Clear Glass Bottle) than I have since I was in high school scribbling Mulder/Scully fic. I am apparently a little preoccupied with prostitution? I don't know.

Anyway, on to the questions:

My best story this year: Seeley Booth's Bones, I think. No matter how often I look back at that one, it remains exactly what I wanted it to be.

My favorite story this year: At the opposite end of the time-scale--given that it's barely a day old, I have to say Gerard and Rapunzel is still my favorite. I am goopily in love with pretty much the whole thing. Gerard is Rapunzel! Frank is a knight and Robert is a squire and there is SECRET FAIRY TALE STEALTH PORN all over the place. No, it's true. Go look!

Most fun story to write: Probably Sing Ourselves to Sleep, which all the time I was writing it, I had a sense that I was writing a fun part, never a part that just needed to be there. Or maybe But Sweeter, which was the same sensation plus endless juvenile giggling, because, dude. Candle salad.

Story with the single sexiest moment: I totally did not write ten thousand words of Jon Walker gangbang porn just to finally have a definitive answer for this question this year, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say I probably wrote this year's sexiest moment somewhere in Burn Up in Love Love Love.

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe: Uh, wow. I have felt really, really, really appreciated this year, so for the record I don't want to claim that any of my stories were appreciated less than they deserved. But comparatively speaking--Stay a Long Time, maybe?

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Hmmm. Probably, uh, either making Patrick an underage prostitute in Find Out What It Means, or, you know, the whole pandafucking/incest thing in After Hours (or possibly I just like saying pandafucking).

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: I thought I didn't have one, and then realized that it's Burn Up in Love Love Love, because I keep forgetting that it altered my perceptions. When I came up with the basic idea, talking to [livejournal.com profile] kalpurna, it was entirely a contrarian impulse--"I want slutty bottom Jon Walker. And Ryan as kind of a dom! Yeah!" And in the two months that followed I became completely at home with those characterizations and have subsequently forgotten that other people aren't. *g*

[Um, insert disclaimer here about how what I am saying is that this shifted my perceptions of the characters written in fanfic who are based upon the public personas of Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, and not in any way shape or form my perceptions of the actual people Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, whose actual sexual preferences are frankly none of my goddamn business. Okay.]

Hardest story to write: Well, I kept wandering off from I'm Not Sleeping (Trust Me) and then coming back to it, so it took about five months to write, but I never found the actual writing of it remarkably difficult, it just kept getting bumped down the priority list. Gleam was an exchange fic written for [livejournal.com profile] frostfire_17, who I very much did not want to disappoint, and it was the third or fourth variation on an idea that I ran through before finally managing to write an entire story--and I learned some actual math, or at least some mathematical parlor tricks, for it. There's been other, harder writing, but none of it is in the above tally (yet), so I think those answers will do for now.

Biggest suprise: Umm. Hm. Possibly Hello, My Name Is, by virtue of being the first story I wrote in omgwtfbandslash. Or Show and Tell, the first het I'd written in ... ten years or so? Or Anna and Everything After, which was written for Anna to the Infinite Power, a book I'd never heard of before I received [livejournal.com profile] rivkat's Yuletide request last year and therefore by definition nothing I ever expected to be writing.

Biggest disappointment: Wow, I can't even answer that one. I love them all! They're all beautiful in their own ways! (Ahahahaha, Ways.) (Sorry.)

Most unintentionally telling story: Okay, I can't think of any one story that was particularly unintentionally telling (so possibly if I wrote one, I'm just still blissfully unaware that my psychological panties are showing?) but I do think that the accumulation of eleven stories which somehow hinge on going to sleep or being unable to sleep (Ty Nant in a Clear Glass Bottle, After Hours, To Drive So Far at Night, Sing Ourselves to Sleep, Bun in the Easy-Bake Oven, Concatenate, Seventeen Days Time, First Aid, Late, When the Sun Came Up, I'm Not Sleeping (Trust Me)) is probably a sad statement on my state of chronic mild sleep deprivation.

And that's a wrap! Onward to the fic of 2008!