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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2012-06-15 11:03 pm

Heeeere we go

Wolf-verse warbigbang:

10,626 words. (Uh, not all written since my last post. I had already started a while ago.)
4 scenes left in Act I.
4 acts left after that.
Current benchmark: start Act II before the end of June.
Days to rough draft deadline: 92.

Panic level: I had a brief but horrible nightmare last night about being under fire in a Humvee with my mom and two younger brothers. Let's hope that was a freak thing and not a sign of what I can expect of my mental state for the summer while immersed in this story. Or, you know, in terms of anybody being in horrible danger. o.O
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Looking forward to it very much.