dira: Derek Hale, alone in the woods and shirtless as usual. (Derek - alone in the woods)
Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2012-09-03 08:25 pm

unsurprising things

1) If you take five thousand people from all over the world, from infants to old dudes on motorized scooters, and put them all in a hotel together for a long weekend, and no one is sleeping enough or eating right and a pretty large proportion of everybody is drinking every night, con crud happens! And if you are in a prominent public-contact position like the information desk, it will probably happen to you!

Alternately, if I hang out a lot with [profile] daveamongus when he has a cold, by the end of the weekend I will probably have the same cold.

2) The Derek/Stiles fic full of pack feels that was not any of the things I meant to write last week is now over ten thousand words and the porn has not yet actually commenced. But I am still convinced I can finish it tonight.

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