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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2012-10-08 06:03 pm

This is getting a little bit out of control.

Teen Wolf Beauty and the Beast AU: 20,155 words.
Stiles: still doing all the talking.
Outline: still nonexistent.
End: still not actually in sight.

I have sort of a hazy idea of the next several things that happen, and I know most of the things that need to happen in order to wrap the story up, and I'm feeling quite blithely unconcerned about getting to all those things in the proper order, but it feels a little bit weird to be writing something which has, now, definitely attained the size of a Serious Story without having an actual outline for it. I can tell that I'm in the middle part now, and that there is a late-middle part coming up soonish, and then a cascade of events which will constitute the end, but I'm not really sure how long any of it will take. Huh.

In somewhat-related news, yesterday I scored a personal Writing Bingo, in which I managed to add at least a paragraph to all five of the stories I currently have in progress. (Two Teen Wolf, two Generation Kill, one Vorkosigan.) So that was ... something.
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So basically I'm you but with extra freaking out.

I know some of what should happen, and I know how it ends, but I still haven't decided if Peter dies, and frankly I'm sick of the subplots that keep coming out of nowhere and tie to nothing.

I feel like this fic is never going to end.
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I am so jealous of your zen right now.
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Sobbing sounds about right. 200K is pure madness. Not that I didn't enjoy your epically long fics in the past. Missing Persons is one of my absolute favorite fics of all time. And I remember reading your dS hockey au waaay back when. That one was also seriously long, wasn't it?

But anyway, my fangirling aside, I'm totally going to try and be zen about this one from now on. It's not like I have a deadline. I'm pretty happy with where the fic is going and I know how it ends. I don't understand why I insist on torturing myself when nothing's wrong.