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Continuing to be a thing that is happening.

Teen Wolf hookerfic AU: 20,350 words
Orgasms exchanged on a professional basis*: 7
Cash exchanged for services (tips included)*: $1300
Internal time elapsed: 29 days
Bullet points remaining on the outline: 14

* ETA: Onscreen, between Derek and Stiles. There is a lot of other professional activity going on in rather less detail around the edges.
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This is a WONDERFUL list and makes me EXCESSIVELY HAPPY.
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Jesus, just start posting chapters already. *Chews nails*
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I know you don't post WIPs, sorry to be a pest. So THANK YOU for posting this much! You're my favorite. :-) Can't wait to read more.
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Woo hoo! Not far now, little were-Smurfs!
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Now I feel bad for only having a word count for the bakery au. I should have a cupcake count or something.
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::claps hands delightedly::
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That's an average of $185.71 every 4.14 days. ... In case you were wondering. :D
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I cannot wait for this. To help me cope, I've started reading The Boy and the Beast again.
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Everything about this makes me happy :) Good luck with writing the rest of it!