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Generation Kill wolf-verse Iraq story: 114,418 words.


(And then getting betaed etc. but DONE, HOLY SHIT, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S OVER.)
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Congratulations! :D
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Woohooooooo!!! YAY, you're awesome! \:D/ Congratulations!
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\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
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You rock!!!!!

Feel free to send it my way. <3
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Now I can begin tapping my foot impatiently at your betas. :) And triaging my desk so that all the "thinky" work is clear on the week the story drops, so I can just enjoy. Given that it might be several more weeks before that happens, my work team thanks you in advance.

And yes, I did just put Charms all over your page. 'Cause I'm bad like that.
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Wow. I can't imagine the amount of determination and commitment it took. Mad applause over here.
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Good for you!

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\o/ So, so excited!
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Well Done You!!
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! See you soon, you can tell me all about it. \o/
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Guess it's getting to be time that I hie me to my neighborhood video rental place and start inhaling Generation Kill, then. (Was pleased to discover they have it, since it wasn't turning up in any of my more usual sources...)
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Whoo, congratulations!
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::does the dance of Bo joy::

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You did it! Wooohooo! Way to go!
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\o/ Congrats! *yayhands in your general direction*
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:D congrats! I'm excited to see it!
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No need to reply, but I just have to say: I probably haven't commented on the stories in this ' verse nearly as thoughtfully or thoroughly as I would have liked, because I find comments hard and intimidating to write, but I just have to tell you how much I love this world you've created. I read Every Marine without having read Companion to Wolves or seen/read Generation Kill because I knew that if you had written it, it would be great, and because psychic wolves, who can resist that? But after reading the stories I decided I had to know the canon, so I read the books and loved them (thank you for introducing me to a great series!) and, because I knew I had to podfic at least one of the stories after my twelfth reading or so of Every Marine, I had to watch GK to make sure I got the characters. And when I watched it, I was able to keep all the characters straight by knowing who their wolves were. And their wolves were perfect. This 'verse has become one of my all-time favorite fanworks, and I just can't rec it enough to people who haven't read it.

So all of this is to say that I haven't felt this excited about the release of a new work of fiction since HP book 7. When it's posted, I want to celebrate by waiting in line at midnight at my favorite local indie internet cafe with throngs of fellow fans, complete with cosplayers dressed as marines and their wolf brothers, singing the wolfverse equivalent of a Harry and the Potters album. I'm just that flaily about it. Thank you for creating an incredible series and thank you for this new addition to it.
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