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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2013-11-04 09:48 pm

Three and a half months later: still happening. Slowly.

Teen Wolf hookerfic AU: 30,016 words
Orgasms exchanged (between Derek and Stiles, onscreen) on a professional basis: 11
Cash exchanged for services (between Derek and Stiles, onscreen) (tips included)*: $2750
Internal time elapsed: 40 days (not symbolic, although, huh.)
Bullet points remaining on the outline: 13 (one less than ten thousand words ago. /o\)
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Everything about this makes me happy! (Even the 13 bullet points remaining, b/c that means MOAR AWESOME STORY :D)
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Go hookerfic! Choose hookerfic!
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Sadly, I don't know that speech. I was thinking of the "Go monkey! Choose monkey!" scene with Dawn, Xander and Anya from season 5 of BtVS. I'm possibly fonder of that moment than is anyone else of my acquaintance...but, oh well!

In conclusion: Hooray Hookerfic! (a.k.a. HOYAY HOOKERFIC!)
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Hookerfic brings everyone together. Nope, that's orgyfic.

Hookerfic, bringing people together for several hundred dollars an hour.
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You're an inspiration to us all!

(And by inspiration, I mean, "inspires me to read", not "to write" because damn girl! I am impressed. And boggled. And anticipatory. And so happy that there are people who burn like this.)
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Snoopy would have ruled Nano!
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*\o/* Very impressive! I love hooker fic. Can't wait to see this :D