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Meme: February 10: My Ideal TV Show

February 10 - [livejournal.com profile] browngirl, Design Your Ideal TV Show

So I'm going to take "ideal" to mean a show I enjoy watching and don't feel any particular compulsion to fix, a show that is actually really good all by itself, so it probably won't match the template of anything I've ever been super fannish about.

Ahem. So. My ideal TV show.

It would be set in Detroit (Milwaukee would be a close second, but Detroit would make me happiest) and, notwithstanding being set in Detroit, it would not be about murder. It would be shot partially or wholly in Detroit, so that I could spot familiar places and keep an eye out for family members wandering through the background of street scenes.

Although it would not be about murder it would be a procedural--I love procedurals, they're so soothingly repetitive and satisfying. It could center on a City or State Police unit, or the Detroit office of the FBI. The show should have some sort of sf/fantasy element, so whatever law enforcement agency this is, our team of main characters is a semi-secret basement-office unit devoted to dealing with weird shit going down which is usually non-lethal but probably sometimes things go extra terribly wrong.

There would be a central team and a bunch of secondary support people around the team, who would be fantastically competent in various ways. The cast would be realistically diverse--for a Detroit-set show this would mean a majority of African-American characters, and also more than one Arab-American character (Dearborn, a suburb that borders Detroit to the west, has the largest Arab population of any city outside the Middle East), including at least one Muslim lady who wears a headscarf. There should also be good LGBTQ representation among the central team, secondary characters, and characters of the week. Every major character should have some sort of family background that exists and gets fleshed out over the seasons. There should be an authority figure who has the team's back no matter how weird things get (while also holding them to the highest standards in their work), and somebody on the team should have an especial surrogate-parent mentor/protege relationship with that boss.

There should be one obvious romantic pairing more or less from the outset of the show that has totally legitimate reasons for not getting together for at least the first two seasons while they grow closer through their work and pine for each other and stuff. Possibly one of them has a kid. There should also be two dudes who have a super slashy friendship who actually wind up getting together a few seasons on--helpful if at least one of them was already out as gay or bi from the beginning of the show, the other one can be a late bloomer whose changing understanding of his sexual orientation is handled in a not-faily way. (Everything is handled in a not-faily way.)

Various characters have other friendships and romantic relationships that come and go, but the focus always comes back to the central team and their regular surround of familiar secondary characters.

I think my favorite storyline would be that supernatural beings are moving into the vacant spaces in Detroit (so they're showcasing and filming in the urban prairies and abandoned buildings, but also showing them as full of mystery and possibility, not just vacancy and decay) and this unit is charged with keeping the peace among these creatures. Cases that initially seem creature-related will sometimes turn out not to be, and vice versa. The show would have variously-timed arcs dealing with these creatures and their interactions with each other--various spells/curses/etc. might be triggered at different times that have ongoing effects for several episodes even when that particular issue is not the focus, and there might be long-term conflicts between different individuals or groups among the creatures which set up season-long or longer arcs. (Any of which can supply points of conflict in team relationships and obstacles to romantic relationships getting together at the first available moment.)

Somewhere around season three or four a recurring creature character should join the team. A few human colleagues from outside the supernatural unit will get clued in/brought on board over the course of time. Creatures who are purely evil will be quite rare and not used to drive major arcs; conflicts will be driven by clashes between individuals or groups who are both/all possible to sympathize with in various ways, even if they are driven to extreme actions under specific circumstances.

Overall the worldview of the show is optimistic and slightly goofy and whimsical without being a sit-com (no embarrassment-based humor EVER). Events have genuine consequences, but we have the feeling that things are getting better, that supernatural and human life in Detroit is on an upward trend toward mutual understanding and coexistence. Group hugs, rainbows, puppies, babies, and so on.
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I would watch the heck out of the show you describe.
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I would watch the HELL out of that show. IJS.
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I would definitely sign on for this.
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Whyyyyy are fans not in charge of writing tv shows? I ask you!

In other words, I'd watch the hell out of this. :)
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Me too, now. THANKS. ;)
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You're hired!!
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The first...well...not first but at least A rule of being from Detroit is that your fantasies about media start with "It should be set in Detroit, and actually filmed in Detroit, but not suck or be depressing." There's a movie named after my part of town that was not shot there and really has nothing to do with the place that people always ask me about, and I'm like, nooope but Gran Torino did film some exteriors in my neighborhood.

Also this sounds just a tad like the X-Files fanfics my friends wrote in high school where Scully and Mulder set up a field office in our town and started investigating the high school band director or something. But only in the good ways.
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Wait, you know what? This ALSO is a good description for a cool new series of BOOKS! (which the series can be based on; you've got to let tv be derivative *somewhere*. it's like a rule or something.)

...you could really write these books, and we would read them, yes we would. ..
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I like this idea!
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I would watch the hell out of this. Like...the only thing I could possibly think of to add would be their 'third place' location. Some kickass diner/coffee shop, possibly run/staffed by one of the recurring supernatural creatures. This person could be their sort of inside man/informal informant on the SNB community. I wish I had more than passing familiarity with Detroit, because I'm sure there's a fab RL place you could base the third place on.
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the 24 hour coney island on gratiot, the supernatural creatures would blend right in...
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That sounds great, I would definitely watch it.
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Ooooh, what a good question and answer! I would also watch that show a lot.
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Oh, man, now I am sad this does not actually exist. Because I would watch the hell out of it.
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That sounds awesome.

(As the grandchild of people who LOVED Detroit and postponed moving to the suburbs as long as possible, I would really love it if urban renewal was involved. Just saying.)
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[personal profile] sapphoisburning 2014-02-25 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
Ok, I saw this news story and was immediately reminded of your show idea: Witness Says Bigfoot Might Be Squatting In Detroit's Abandoned Houses.