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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2015-03-08 11:40 am

What I've been up to.

So I noticed yesterday that I haven't posted around these parts since the last time I announced a new story, which was... February 13.

Time flies when you're figuring out exciting new ways of maximizing your writing output that mostly boil down to "set word count targets" and "actually try really hard to hit them". Shortly after last posting here I hit the point where I had four daily word count targets for myself, writing four stories simultaneously (two had a target of 1000 words/day, two had a target of 500 words/day and there's more stupid minutia to it than that but no one cares except me). This resulted in me writing over 76,000 words in February, which was GREAT and FUN and, uh, led to me neglecting every other facet of my life to a probably wildly unsustainable degree but hey! I got 76,000 words written in February! And I'm at 23,000 so far in March, so I assume that the wheels are about to come off some aspect of the rest of my life in a really dramatic fashion to derail me. Until that happens: writing as hard as I can.

One of the things devouring 1000 words/day is my [livejournal.com profile] extreme_bigbang story, which is just about to tip over 50,000 words and also, hilariously, just about to arrive at the scene where I originally wanted to start the story. I swear the first 48,000 words of setup is totally interesting and enjoyable! Alpha readers support me in email!

I also suspect that it's going to wind up being more like 150,000 words than the 120 I was originally expecting, but... 150 is okay. I can handle that. I can totally write another 100k by June, right? Ahahaha oh God.

Another thing that's been eating up words (500 a day, ish) is the third story in my Just Stay Alive series, which finally collapses the Steve/Sam & Bucky/Sam situation into the OT3 I was always aiming for. I kind of had to... rip out a whole bunch of the story at one point, go back and rewrite and jam ripped-out bits back in. It was messy and a bit demoralizing. But now it's at 38,000 words and SO CLOSE to being done. SO CLOSE! Three scenes! THREE SCENES AND I KNOW WHAT ALL OF THEM ARE. I MAY ACTUALLY MANAGE TO POST THIS BEFORE AGE OF ULTRON JOSSES IT INTO THE STONE AGE/BEORE THE FIRST STORY IN THE SERIES IS A YEAR OLD. :D

There have been various other (Captain America) stories taking up slots in my set of goals, but also a significant chunk of my writing has been going to... my shiny new alter ego (link goes to an only moderately NSFW tag on a VERY NSFW blog).

I suspect that "kinky ebook porn" is not really what any reader who ever told me I should write original stuff was thinking of, but at the moment it's a lot more fun than trying to write a novel or anything vaguely respectable, so I'm giving it a whirl. (It's... it's really fine if it's not your thing. "Kinky ebook porn" is just another weird fandom/subgenre/meme I've wandered off into and if it doesn't interest you, no harm done. But if you have a jones for small-town-sheriff-meets-lonely-young-werewolf with glowing eyes and daddy kink, HAVE I GOT A THING FOR YOU. *g*)

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