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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2016-03-19 07:07 pm


My mom called me at 6:30 this morning to tell me that my grandmother had died. And--despite having asked for (and gotten!) advice on Twitter several days ago on what the correct response to that sentence ("Grandma passed this morning.") is, I said "okay" exactly like I did five years ago when my grandfather died.

I did manage to quickly pivot to "I'm so sorry. How are you doing?" so good job me.

(Mom's okay. I'm okay. Grandma had been basically perfectly healthy and then a week and a half ago she abruptly wasn't, and here we are. She was less than two years younger than Steve Rogers--and came to 2016 the long way--so that's a pretty damn good run.)

There's actually going to be a funeral (my paternal grandparents did not have funerals, and also both died right before Christmas, which made their deaths weird non-events) so I'm flying home for a couple of days this week. I'll get to see everyone, and go through all the familiar forms, and properly mark the occasion of becoming entirely grandparentless. So I've got that going for me.

(Also: when my mother called, I was almost awake, because I had spent the night on [personal profile] iulia's couch in order to babysit for Young Miss Mentis for a few hours this morning while Iulia and B went to an early appointment. So after getting this news, I got to go upstairs and get a hug from Iulia and then cuddle, change, and feed The Happiest Baby In The World. Which is also something I've got going for me.

And now to eat Chinese food and read my current most comforting portrayal of determined, deliberate coping in Cap 2 fandom: This, You Protect.)

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