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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2016-07-24 05:31 am

Still chugging along...

Bucky’s broken dick epic (aka the WIP codenamed Aluminum Bastard): 41 Chapters / 155,153 words
Act III so far, spanning fffive? days of internal time: 8 Chapters / 31,653 words
Stuff remaining to write in Act III: Maybe... four more chapters? I’ve been revising my thoughts on where this Act ends and the next one starts.
Broken dick status: Agonizingly almost fixed but still not.
Acts left to write after this one: IV, and V. Which means we’re actually turning the corner into things… getting… better? Which is baffling, after over 22 months of writing everything being awful. I am consoling myself with some last-ditch awfulness before we turn the corner, but that corner is getting awfully close now.
Target posting date: IDK, probably before Infinity War? Right? 

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The next thing that would be cool? A link from tumblr to the deamwidth post, to be able to comment directly. But since I'm checking my reading list, I can tell you over here that after reading: "Poe looked down, rubbing his forehead. From behind his hand he said, "You would... masturbate while watching messages from Snoke."" - I knew I was in for the ususal quality content, and the rest didn't disappoint. :D
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Yay, Aluminum in progress! \o/

This is good news, especially the "we’re actually turning the corner into things… getting… better?" part. ♥