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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2017-04-30 05:01 pm

This week in writing, 4/30

Show of hands, who is surprised that I started writing a new thing this week? Is it no one? Looks like no one.

WIPs currently active: 6, see above.

Words written this week: 8,970, I, uh, did not do as much for-money writing as I should have this week. Oops.

WIPs that got no words this week: 0

WIPs that did get words this week:

Codename: Aluminum Bastard (aka broken dick epic): 1,050

Born in the Blood: 1,300, and I am so close to finishing this chapter as soon as I figure out how to finish this chapter.

Slavefic #5 (THE DRAMATIC REUNION): 1,571

Dragon!Bucky/Tribute!Steve Cap Reverse Big Bang Story: 1,802, and I continue to figure out the arc of the story and specifically how to get a dragon and smol Steve to have sex with each other. (Spoiler: THEY’RE GONNA.)

Less-Sad Sequel to “Ring the Bell Backward”: 1,618

Little Bitty #2 (Jemmie): 1,629

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2oVmkv7

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