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Honey, Child, to a Swarm of Bees (9948 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Brock Rumlow, James "Bucky" Barnes/Hydra Agents, James "Bucky" Barnes/Alexander Pierce, Jack Rollins/Brock Rumlow, James "Bucky" Barnes/Jack Rollins
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Jack Rollins, Brock Rumlow, Alexander Pierce
Additional Tags: HYDRA Trash Party, HYDRA Husbands, Torture, Gangbang, spider gag, Stun Batons, hydratrashmeme, Self-Harm

"Just one last thing, Soldier. For the duration of this mission, your call sign is Cap."

Ha ha ha, um, so I also started this story, like, the day before NaNo started in a fit of pique because someone had said no one should write Trash Party and I thought I WILL SHOW YOU I WILL WRITE TRASH PARTY SO HARD, so the other thing messing with my ability to hit Nano targets was writing horrible unredeemed Hydra Trash Party Trash. But now I'm done with that!

...Now I am being distracted from Nano by NICE stories. (Well, and thoughts of terrible stories, but I'm only actively writing the nice one(s) right now.) (By right now I mean: today.)

...Okay also distracted by my efforts to finish reading Stephen Baxter's fixit fic of The Time Machine before we discuss it at book group tomorrow.

...Also also by Sleepy Hollow. You guys have you noticed that Abbie and Ichabod are really beautiful? And the show has a hilariously endless stream of random macguffins to hang episode plots on but mostly Abbie and Ichabod are really beautiful. And the show knows it and gives us at least one scene per week that's nothing but them being adorable and gorgeous together. THANK YOU, SHOW.

Ahem. But! Despite all the manifold distractions, I am currently... somewhat less than a day behind on my nano word count target, so really, EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL I SWEAR. So as of right this second my current Nano word count is 13,830 (target for the end of the 9th day is 15,000), and total word count for the hookerfic is 64,359.

I have arrived at a scene I've been anticipating writing for... maybe a year and a half? Maybe longer? It's kind of weird to be actually writing it at last. I've resigned myself to it not being as magically, staggeringly hot as I thought it was a year and a half ago. *g*
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I did say I would report back, didn't I? I think I even had some adorable notion of posting every day in November, but then I had a busy weekend and then such a Monday and then Election Day (let's just... not talk about it) and, whoosh, we're on the fifth day of Nano! Nearly the sixth, it's taken me so long to get around to posting!

As of the end of day five I've got 8,389 words written, which puts me exactly 55 words ahead of Nano-winning pace and brings the current total word count of the hookerfic to 58,918. Basically every day since the first has been an exercise in doggedly forcing myself to write enough to get to the target word count, which I guess is less than ideal in terms of the joy of writing, but on the other hand it's working and I'm getting writing done and moving this story along, so. So far so good?

(Tonight's writing was mostly done at a general-purpose Nanowrimo write-in at my local coffee shop; I listened to 1989 about four times in a row and eventually did notice that I was sitting in a public place, closely surrounded by other people, frowning thoughtfully as I studied my fingers in between writing bits of a fisting scene. AN EXCELLENT AND PRODUCTIVE EVENING. PS HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT KNUCKLES ARE HUGE AND NOT VERY COMPRESSIBLE.)

My level of optimism that I'm actually going to finish this story in 50,000 words is... guarded. At best. Given that I've been on the same sex scene for like three days now. (It's a super deeply THEMATICALLY IMPORTANT sex scene, though. As ever.)

Anyway, in the spirit of not letting Tumblr have quite all the fun, here's a bit of the story that I shared over there today:

Page 111, in which Derek has asked to cross a line... )
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So I was all set to post about how I have come up with this clever NaNoWriMo plan for this month and then noticed that I have a "pseudonanowrimo" tag and realized that, ha! I have had this plan before, EIGHT YEARS AGO, jeez I've been in fandom a long time.

Anyway, same plan, but this time I'm not in grad school and not going to New Jersey and/or Boston for Thanksgiving--oh man that time I went to New Jersey for Thanksgiving was ALSO EIGHT YEARS AGO, I AM OLD--ANYWAY.

So just like eight years ago, I have this epic fic that I meant to have finished by now and haven't, so I'm going to try writing 50,000 words of it, hopefully the concluding fifty thousand words, in a month. This time around it's my Teen Wolf Derek/Stiles underage hookerfic AU, which is roughly half written. I'm playing a little game on tumblr with people naming page numbers and me choosing a number and posting a snippet from the corresponding page--page 19 and page 33 are already out--so hopefully that will help me coax myself through the next thirty days of, woe is me, writing hookerfic porn.

(Then I looked at my outline and the next line has a date because I worked out the timeline fairly meticulously and then "fisting?" so... you know I'm not sure I've ever written that before? NEW EXPERIENCES EVERYWHERE.)

Also I am really tired--I went to my local NaNoWriMo group's midnight write-in/unofficial kickoff last night, and, see above re: being super old, I am way too old for this staying-out-til-two-in-the-morning business, I've been rather pathetically exhausted all day. Luckily I got 1700 words done at the write-in, so I'm already on track for today. Unluckily I have yet to be able to brace myself to look at what it is that I wrote last night while sitting in a Denny's at 1AM.

So anyway, that's my November NaNo adventure so far. Will report back.

Also, not super relevant to the above but I got my Yuletide assignment and I WON AT YULETIDE ASSIGNMENTS THIS YEAR, THIS IS THE BEST EVER, I AM SO EXCITED. At least when I am not about to curl up on [personal profile] iulia's couch and fall asleep, anyway. I am excited in spirit. The flesh is ooooold.
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So it turns out that once I stop having some specific thing I'm supposed to post about every day I... stop posting. But I thought it might be nice to check in over here at the journals; I still haven't really gotten the hang of actually interacting with people fannishly on twitter/Tumblr, so I might as well stick around here and talk to my fellow internet dinosaurs. ♥

So, things I've been up to since I posted last:

Having a girlfriend! )

Having Teen Wolf as my primary fandom. /o\ (Spoilers!) )

Writing, kind of erratically. )

Reading! Books and fic. )

Which reminds me that [personal profile] verity showed me a nine-minute Merlin vid to "I Would Do Anything for Love," and I had [personal profile] astolat and [personal profile] cesperanza's vid to the same song running through my head the whole time, because apparently watching a nine-minute Merlin vid is a thing that I will totally do for love. ♥ ♥ ♥

So that's me, lately. What are you all up to?
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February 27 - [personal profile] montanaharper asked me to write about writing, with very little other direction.

So this seems like a good time to talk about all the directedness that gets me through my writing process.

There is this piece of advice every writer gives about how the best way to get better as a writer, and to accomplish a lot as a writer, is to write every day. I have known that for a long time; anytime since I was twelve, if you had asked me, I could have parroted that advice to you. But somehow up until a few years ago I thought that didn't apply to me because... I had an irregular work schedule? I don't have good luck with waking up early and trying to force myself to write before work? I'm not a Serious Writer? I don't know. But a few years ago I realized that that piece of advice applies to me, too. I haven't achieved true regularity in my writing--I can't really bear to give up online chatting time for it, so I kind of cram it in here and there--but I try a lot harder than I used to.

One of the ways in which I try hard is this:

My spreadsheet. )

This is my spreadsheet that tracks how much I write each day, by story, and checks the total against my goals for the month (if any--some months there's no particular goal). I hate seeing zeroes and blanks there, and it allows me to see, at a glance, how well I'm doing with writing more or less every day, and how much I'm scattering my efforts across different projects. The month I finished The Boy and the Beast is an almost unbroken vertical column of putting in words on the same story day after day after day; this month I am, ah, less focused.

Another thing that keeps me writing is the wonder of phone timers and random number generators; I can get really easily paralyzed by choosing among options, which is not a great match with my tendency to be working on a handful of stories at once. But lately I have gotten into the habit of making myself a to do list that includes the top-priority stories I'm currently working on (and sometimes a wildcard Write - other option so I can get my hookerfic on) and I select what I'm going to do by random number generator, and then set myself a timer and work on it for twenty minutes--I am in fact writing this post in a twenty-minute timed session after the random number generator told me it was time to work on writing a journal entry. :)

I think this is partly a reflection of the fact that a lot of my writing is long projects where I just have to put in the time, day after day after day for months before I have something I can show off--it's very rare for me to have a story where I just have an idea and, whoosh, write the story, and there it is. I do it from time to time, but the stuff that I really think of as the core of my writing is long stories, and those take a certain amount of discipline and structure to see through, and so that's what I have learned to do, despite my easily distracted nature.
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February 18: [personal profile] ride_4ever asks about the writing of Hawks and Hands.

Oh my god you guys I started writing Hawks & Hands just about ten years ago. o.O What even is the passage of time, that is impossible.

Ahem. Anyway. For most of the time I was writing H&H, [personal profile] iulia was in her first year of law school, and I was living alone for the first time and had a very limited local social life and was still pretty monofannish in Due South. (I am prone to refer to H&H as the baby I had to save my relationship with Due South, because I was sort of drifting out of the fandom--into Firefly and Stargate SG-1, among other things--and incepted myself back into DS by writing H&H. And, uh, that worked out about as well as having a baby ever does to save a relationship, and I was emphatically out of Due South within a few months after posting H&H in February 2005.)

So, uh, let's see. Things I remember about writing Hawks & Hands:

1) It was all I did for eleven months. It was all I could talk about for eleven months. SORRY EVERYONE I INTERACTED WITH BETWEEN MARCH 2004 AND FEBRUARY 2005. All I was doing, most of the time, was going to work (where I did research for my fic and chatted with people about my fic and incidentally did my not-very-demanding job and occasionally also read and wrote other fic), and then going home to work on my fic. My big regular social outlet was a friend's write club, where a handful of us writers would get together and write at a coffee shop once a week; I was the lone active fanwriter of the group and, uh. The other members of the group are definitely included in the above apology. SORRY EVERYONE. I'M BETTER AT SOCIALLY APPROPRIATE FILTERING NOW. MOSTLY.

2) It was... intense. There were definitely at least two separate instances where I cried over it, and as someone sort of new in fandom and, in retrospect, going through some other things wrt my friendships and relationships at the time, I really put a lot of pressure on myself to write this story quickly and well and it got weird sometimes.

But I wrote a 200,000-word story in eleven months and people liked it at the end, and honest to God most of that time was not spent crying, most of it was about loving the story and the characters and hockey. HOCKEYYYYYYYYYYYYY. <3__________<3

3) In retrospect I sort of laugh and want to pat myself on the head for the way I would get totally paralyzed every time I skirted the edge of writing RPF about hockey players. I would just be like OMG I AM MAKING UP DIALOGUE FOR CHRIS CHELIOS and lose like three days of writing because I just had to make horrified faces at my computer.

(I'm pretty sure that even then I took some delight in gently implying that Brett Hull would totally have liked to hook up with Ray Kowalski if they could ever get over punching each other all the time, though. Er. If that implication ever made it into the story as such? Maybe I just enjoyed imagining making that implication. YOU GUYS, I WAS TOTALLY SHIPPING RAY KOWALSKI/BRETT HULL CASUAL HATE SEX IN MY HEAD, JSYK.)

4) I went just a little bit out of order. Normally I write in fairly strict sequence, except that occasionally I will write a particular pivotal/dramatic/climactic scene in advance, if I have it really clear in my head and don't want to forget what I've figured out for it. What I generally don't do is, say, post that advance-written scene as its own flashfic so that I'm more or less committed to things going just the way I've written in that draft.

But I did with Hawks and Hands! I wrote a (really! pivotal!) sex scene out of order for the "Many Tongues" challenge at [livejournal.com profile] ds_flashfic and posted it March 15, 2004, nearly eleven months before I posted Hawks and Hands in its entirety, and I somehow actually managed to make that work--I changed a very little of the dialogue to reflect the exact things they'd said to each other in the story before then, but for the most part I didn't have to change the final version of that scene at all. (If you're curious, the flashfic is here: Code-Switching)

5) It was hands down the best beta experience I have ever had on a long fic, still, even ten years later. [personal profile] iulia and [personal profile] brooklinegirl were reading along with me, scene by scene as I wrote, giving all kinds of feedback nearly every day, so I was editing on the fly before each day's new writing. It was awesome, hugely encouraging, and that was a big part of why I was able to write so much so fast.

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February 7: [livejournal.com profile] nuit_belle wanted me to talk about writing sex scenes.

Ummm. Hm. I used to hate it a lot more than I do now, but writing sex scenes is still one of my least favorite parts of writing, which I suspect, like my more specific resistance to writing het sex scenes, has something to do with my ace feels around sexual situations. Sex scenes are also, unlike plot or action sequences or villainous characters, something that I nonetheless persist in writing into a lot of my stories. And, happily, I've been getting more relaxed and having more fun writing sex scenes in the last year or two.

One of my few useful insights into the process of writing sex scenes was that I needed to stop waiting for the words to sound sexy to me--I'm always too conscious of the process and effort of the writing to find the written scene sexy myself. I realized that I had to just get out of my own way, and describe the action (including the emotions involved and the sensory details) as straightforwardly as possible; the reader would find that sexy if the words translated to a sexy picture in their head, and if they didn't at least I wasn't getting in my own way trying to find magically alluring words for things. That took some of the pressure off, writing-wise, I think.

The other thing that I think about a lot when writing sex scenes is some advice [personal profile] resonant gave once, which is that you have to identify what the sexy element, the zing, is in the scene, and that links up in my head to the idea that a sex scene has to be doing something. I mean, far be it from me to dismiss the joy of a sex scene that is there just to turn the reader on, but especially when it's embedded in a long story, I want a sex scene to be serving a purpose or I'm not putting it in there. My stories are prone to be plenty long enough without sex-scene padding. In Hawks and Hands (which I gave up and summarized as "eighteen sex scenes strung together with angst and hockey") every one of those eighteen sex scenes is doing some kind of work in the relationships playing out in the story; in that story the characters communicated a lot better through sex than with their words, so sex was how they comforted each other, how they demonstrated their growing intimacy, how they showed trust and love. On the other hand in You Drive Through the Dust I found myself floundering around toward the end because I felt like there really ~ought~ to be another sex scene in the happy ending section; but when I thought about what kind of relationship work I wanted the scene to do, and what would demonstrate the intimacy and ease the characters had developed with each other, it wound up being a scene of Nate and Brad going surfing instead.

I do also find myself pretty regularly in the place of, like, I DON'T KNOW, I THINK I HAVE USED UP ALL THE WORDS FOR DESCRIBING BLOWJOBS, I CAN'T WRITE ANOTHER BLOWJOB, THERE ARE NO WORDS LEFT. That's when I have to focus really hard on the unique emotional content of the scene, or what's going on in the relationship and how to show that through the sex, because, seriously. There are only so many words to describe blowjobs and at some point in the last (ye gods) 11 years, I'm pretty sure I have tried just about all of them.
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Scope note: Anonymous exchange fics are included in the Year in Review for the year in which they were revealed, so this post includes my Yuletide 2012 story, revealed on January 1, 2013, and my TW Holidays 2012 story, revealed January 5, 2013 (as well as my TW Holidays 2013 story, since it was revealed a couple of weeks ago). My stories for Yuletide 2013 will be in the 2014 Fic Year in Review.

This year I posted 22 stories in 6 fandoms, totaling just over 330,000 words.

Titles this year were quoted from Gym Class Heroes, Dar Williams, Leonard Cohen, Fall Out Boy, Rudyard Kipling, The National, Dessa, Eddie From Ohio, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and, as ever, two from The Mountain Goats mangling the lyrics to Neutral Milk Hotel's "Two-Headed Boy."

Fic List )

Fic Review Meme )
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Question #15: Timeline of your day

My workdays have three different starting times (8:30, 9:30, or 11:30) depending on the day of the week, not counting the Sunday afternoon overtime shifts that crop up about ten times a year. So my timeline varies a lot.

But let's imagine that it's a Wednesday, I went to bed on time last night (ha ha ha), and it's a more or less typical day.

Something like this, ideally. )

Question #16: What's at the top of your bucket list?

Huh. I don't really have a bucket list.

I mean, on the one hand, I'm really fascinated by life and I want to know what next what next what next basically forever. I want to see my nieces and nephews (and kids of my own) grow up; I want to see how the world changes year after year. I want to read the next story and see the next movie, go to the next con and have the next slightly tipsy late-night talk. Preferably for the next seventy years or so.

On the other hand, with one thing and another (fuck cancer, let me just say) I had occasion a few years ago to think about what I would do if I wasn't going to get any of that stuff--if I knew that my time was quite limited, and I had to decide how to spend what was left. I realized I didn't care much about seeing particular new places or having special once-in-a-lifetime experiences of the kind you could plan in advance.

I decided that I would spend my time telling stories. That would be the thing I would regret, out of the set of things it's actually possible for me to do--I would regret not getting to tell the next story, and the one after that, and the one after that that I think you would really like. So I guess that's my bucket list right there: finish the next story.
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[community profile] processfest Day 9: Tools

What are your tools? What software, hardware, fancy equipment or handmade work-around do you use to create? Don't assume everyone does what you do and would be bored by your answer. It's YOUR answer. Share it with us, and we can pick up tips and suggestions from each other, or connect over the fact that we do indeed use exactly the same tools.

I used to be a very determined devotee of the Pentel RSVP Fine Point in black. )

Day 10: Favorites

What is your favorite part of what you create and how you create it? Talk about what you love!

I love fandom so much, you guys. I've said repeatedly that I need other people with me on a story idea to write, and in fandom a lot of people are already like 75% of the way with me when I say "So Derek and Stiles--" or "So Nate and Brad--" or "So Aral and Cordelia--" I love being able to write in response to other stories I'm reading, and being able to write specifically to please one person I want to make happy. I love writing something I think no one else will like and then finding out who else really wanted to read Dean Winchester getting a Bible lesson or Aral Vorkosigan having a hot young boyfriend or Brad Colbert dressed up like Santa.

I love being here with all of you. That's the best part of writing for me. ♥
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[community profile] processfest Day 6: Skills

What is something you are really good at? What's one part of your process that you just strike out of the park, every time? Now is absolutely the time to brag. Give yourself credit. Tell us about your special skills.

I am a fucking wizard at writing long.

Day 7: Luxury Desert Island

Damn, you just got news that you're stuck in this luxury one-person resort on a desert island with no interruptions, a complete buffet of your favorite food and beverages, an iPod full of your favorite music, and anything else you need to create. What would you work on?

No interruptions means no unwanted interruptions, right? I mean, my own brain is kind of a machine for manufacturing interruptions, and as I think we've established in past posts, my process kind of requires me to talk to other people about what I'm writing, so I'm gonna need a solid high-speed internet connection if I want to create anything.

But stipulating all that plus plenty of creature comfort and a comfortably warm environment and some lovely scenery, what would I write?

Uh... basically the same stuff I write now, although hopefully a bit faster?

I would probably make more of an effort to divide my time and work on both original and fic writing, but my basic priorities would remain the same: write my hc_bingo and fandomaid stories, and then all the other next things in the order they're placed on the priority list.

There is probably some kind of irony in the fact that, if I didn't have to worry about money and therefore didn't have to spend eight hours a day at work, the thing that I would be most likely to start writing more of is... the kind of writing that might eventually generate money. There's some kind of catch-22 there.

Day 8: Pep Talk Story

Uhhh, hm. The Charlie-Eppes-hitting-himself-in-the-head-with-a-rock story is honestly my favorite one to tell about my own writing.

Jigsaw is, I suppose, my best story about a story in terms of encouraging people to stick with an idea they love. I came up with the idea in about 2004--back when OT4 was still slightly outré--and I loved it to pieces, but I was in no kind of emotional place right then to actually attempt writing Stargate SG-1 OT4 fic. The idea just lurked in my brain for the next five years, until I had a little SG-1 renaissance in 2009 and decided to start writing it, because why the hell not. I promptly hit a wall at what would have been the first sex scene, if the story had sex scenes, and wandered off for another year or so, during which [personal profile] iulia asked for it as a birthday present and I entirely failed to deliver it.

And then some set of circumstances collided and I started working on it again; I even decided to sign up for the SG-1 bigbang with it, and I wrote and wrote and wrote and got betaed and tore my hair and interpolated whole new scenes to make things work better and wrote some more and, voila! Seven years after I wanted to write it, there the story was.

So don't give up on your story, even if you think the moment for it has passed, even if you think you've lost all momentum and can never find it again. If you love the story, it will wait for you, and sooner or later you'll find your way to the end.
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[community profile] processfest Day 5: Collaborators

Tell us about your go-to creative buddies. You don't have to name names, but this is the place to talk about what your collaborator brings to your creative process, how the two-or-three-or-many of you work together, how you figured out how to work together, and why it works. None of us create entirely alone, so who gives you a hand when you stumble? Who helps you get unstuck? Who is that person who always understands what you were trying to do and helps you make it happen?

[personal profile] iulia is, of course, the person who always understands what I was trying to do (no matter how often I stomp away from her beta comments insisting that she Doesn't Understand My Art: she does, sometimes better than I do, since she also understands the part where it needs to be intelligible to readers).

I'm too much of a control-freak about my writing to co-write with anyone; I can't even do chatfic in the round-robin passing-the-thread-back-and-forth way I see other people doing it, unless I don't care about the story at all. If I care enough about the story to actually write it, it has to be mine alone while I do so.

But Iulia, and other betas and audiencers and so on, are an intrinsic part of my writing process; I can't write a story that I can't first tell to someone and convince them of. And I need betas at every other stage of the game, too, because in addition to rampantly abusing commas and sentence structure I tend to go off the rails in really weird ways sometimes.

One of my favorite stories to tell about this is the time [personal profile] missmollyetc saved me from having Charlie Eppes hit himself in the head with a rock. It was somewhere in the depths of Missing Persons, well over a year into the writing of it, long after the story had gotten altogether too far into my head, and it seemed like such a good idea at the time, and I think I had even run that sequence by other people and not been dissuaded from it, and then Molly came along and said, "Really? A rock? That's what you're going with?" and I said "...No. Wow. No. Sorry."

So, thank you Molly! And thank you Iulia! And thank you every single other person in the last eleven years who has attempted to keep me pointing in the direction of writing better fiction. I could not do it without you. ♥
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[community profile] processfest Day 3:

Do you work on multiple projects at once? If you do, how do you juggle them? Do they fight for your attention? Or are you singularly focused? Do you set aside specific time for one project or many projects, or do you let yourself be guided by what you want to work on the most?

Ahahahaaha oh God. Yes. Yes, multiple projects. Very yes. )

Day 4:

What do you consider a challenge for you? What is something that's hard for you? What part of your process trips you up? What do you wrestle with? What's always in your notes from your beta? What's the part of your process that makes you throw your hands up and go "This? Again? ARGH!"

1. I offset "too" and "now" with commas in a totally unnecessary way.
2. I have this penchant for writing things as reveals that don't need to be reveals, and I will contort the story to conceal some random piece of information so that it can be DRAMATICALLY REVEALED later in a way that does not actually serve the story at all, and then Iulia sighs and says, "This doesn't make sense, you need to just set this up linearly, that doesn't need to be a reveal," and I tell her she doesn't understand my ART, and then 24 hours later I say, "Um, I think I fixed it."
3. Writing basically anything that is not an emotionally charged conversation is usually cause for me whining and dragging my feet and complaining about what a stupid hobby writing is and why do I have to write ACTION SEQUENCES again or PORN, WHO CARES ABOUT PORN or WHY DO I HAVE TO DESCRIBE WHAT ANYTHING OR ANYONE LOOKS LIKE. But I'm getting pretty good at sucking it up and getting it done.
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I swear to God I am almost done procrastinating on my [livejournal.com profile] yagkyas story. Soon I will be procrastinating about Yuletide instead!

I finished my [livejournal.com profile] yagkyas story and it is off to beta! Now I can do stuff that is not that with a clear conscience! :D

Meanwhile, [community profile] processfest Day two:
What's your first spark of inspiration? What makes you decide to work on a new project? What's your first step? Is it always the same or does your method change? How do you begin when you create?

This is where we start. )
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...Because obviously the key to me posting lots is a) memes where I talk about myself and b) really, really not wanting to work on my [livejournal.com profile] yagkyas fic. SO!

[community profile] processfest Day 1 Prompt: Where do you create? What does your work space look like?

This is where the magic happens. I sit in my recliner at the right-hand end of the sectional with my feet up and misuse my lapdesk as a horizontal surface to hold my Diet Coke, and in between refreshing Tumblr and whining to people over IM and IRC about how much I hate writing, I write.

You can't see it from screen glare, but I also put 750words.com in the picture, because that is also where I do a lot of my writing. When all other motivation fails, sometimes the satisfaction of keeping a streak alive or earning another animal badge gets me moving. I didn't even know there WAS a badge for racking up a total of 500,000 words on the site (which took me three or four years) until I hit that milestone and the badge appeared. WHO KNOWS WHAT I COULD STUMBLE INTO NEXT? Maybe there's a special badge for writing a really epic number of NC-17 rated 750s. MAYBE I WILL FIND OUT. FOR SCIENCE.
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Uh... I've been playing a lot of Candy Crush today. Chocolate is evil!

Also, third straight day of writing. \o/ A different story every day, but whatever, details.
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I thought today was going to be the day when I could start writing again after all the moving upheaval. I opened up a story file and fiddled with it, and had some thoughts about the next bit!

And then I came home from work, cleaned up a bit frantically, and had 2+ hours of dinner with my only local (extended) family and after that... no. Still no writing.

Tomorrow, though. Seriously. I'm gonna write something tomorrow.

And it is definitely not going to be the thing that resulted from glimpsing a dude holding a baby on TV and thinking "I don't have an active Teen Wolf kidfic bunny anymore. I should get one of those."

Because no. I do not have a bingo square for that, nor is it the next installment of a long-dragged-out series, so. No.

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