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Three of my shorter bandom stories have been made into podfic by [livejournal.com profile] reena_jenkins for #ITPE which ... I gather is some kind of podfic holiday exchange! *g*

Q & A (Gerard, Pete, Pete/Mikey, Summer of Like)

Bun in the Easy-Bake Oven (Pete/Patrick, Gerard/Bob, technically it's not mpreg but an outtake/epilogue from this whole long epic story I was going to write about Pete and Patrick having a baby together thanks to this alien uterine replicator thing but anyway. There are babies with two biological daddies.)

Boys At Play (Pete&Patrick)

Also, a wholeheartedly delighted Yuletide rec from someone who read the first third of 50 Shades of Grey and then gave up in disgust:

Three Shades of Steele (11321 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 50 Shades of Grey - E. L. James
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Anastasia Steele, Anastasia's Subconscious, Anastasia's Inner Goddess, Carla Adams, Kate Kavanagh, Christian Grey

A jinn transforms Ana Steele's subconscious and inner goddess into living people. Permanently. That's the good news.

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12 – Have you ever attempted an "adaptation" fic of a favorite book or movie but set in a different fandom?

Assuming that "adaptation" refers to the sort of AU where you recapitulate the plot arc and character roles of your source text with the characters from another fandom, then, yes, although never at the length of an entire book or movie.

Gerard and Rapunzel is a retelling of Rapunzel with the My Chem boys (version 2.0, with Bob). Also with 100% more genderqueerness, threesomes, and approximations of Medieval Christianity than I have ever seen in a telling of the fairy tale.

The Dead Speak: Charlie Eppes is a pastiche of Douglas Coupland's vignettes called "The Dead Speak" from Life After God--you can read the originals on this hideously ad-riddled website if you scroll down near the bottom of the page. They are even more gruesome than mine, although mine fits in an incest pairing right before all the apocalypse and horrible death. Yay?

Off to See the Wizard is an adaptation of the Stargate Atlantis episode "Grace Under Pressure" (which itself was a sort of adaptation from the SG-1 episode "Grace") in which a concussed character in trouble (Greg from CSI, in my version) hallucinates someone he knows (and has the hots for) who helps him solve the problem he faces (Gil).

(Now I really want to write "Grace Under Pressure" and "The Dead Speak" fic in every fandom, and by every fandom I mean Generation Kill.)

Ahem. There is also the one that I THOUGHT I was writing as an adaptation and which I assume no one in their right mind would ever recognize as such. When I was a kid I used to watch the Sunday afternoon Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies with my mom, and I remember many of them vaguely but fondly, and at some point after getting into slash fandom it occurred to me to try to recast Send Me No Flowers (to be clear: a screwball romantic comedy) as a Due South story. The essential premise is that Rock Hudson is a hypochondriac who becomes convinced that he's really dying this time, and so he starts making plans for his wife so that she won't be lonely when he's gone. Hijinks, as they say, ensue.

I honestly don't remember much about the movie beyond the premise--I mean, I vividly recall the bit in the doctor's office where Rock Hudson becomes convinced that he's going to die, and then everything else is a bit of a blur.

So that was my premise: Ray Kowalski becomes convinced he's going to die, and he has to make plans, particularly as regard making sure Fraser will be okay without him. Um, and the first thing I did was take out all the comedy, because that is generally what I do with any premise that is supposed to have humor built into it. So it wound up being That Good Night: A Death Story, which is surely one of the worst things anyone has ever done to a perfectly innocent Sixties screwball comedy.

All 30 questions under the cut. )
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10 – Pairings – Have you ever gone outside your comfort zone and written a pairing you liked, but found you couldn't write, or a pairing you didn't like, and found you could?

I am almost infinitely persuadable when it comes to pairings, provided they involve one or more characters I care about, so this question almost doesn't compute at all for me.

I have a distinct memory of this WRT to reading fic: not long after I got into Buffy fandom it occurred to me that someone, somewhere, must be writing Giles/Buffy. Age differences and power dynamics and Giles are all relevant to my interests--surely this would make for kinkywrongfun reading experiences!

Yeah, I have never been squicked harder in my life except for that one time I tried to read Steve Yzerman slash and my eyes actually filled with tears to spare me the sight.

I did do something kind of similar once--similar to my Giles/Buffy experience, not, thankfully, similar to ill-fated excursions into NHL RPS--in my own writing. I tried to write Don Eppes/Colby Granger. Powerplay, age difference, secrecy but not as much secrecy as Don/Charlie! In principle, I find this pairing intriguing! In practice, I wrote something like ten thousand words of fic which kept falling further into some hideous and incoherent rabbit hole, located an ending of sorts, sent it off to beta, revised, sent it off again, attempted to revise, realized that these problems were in fact really, really fundamental and also I was starting to hate the fic a lot, and finally declared defeat and went home. I think it's the only fic I've ever written to something like completion and then stuffed into a drawer; certainly it's the longest. I simply could not make the fascinating dynamic that worked in my head work on paper. Among other things, there was no way to make a roughly canonical Colby that crazy without doing a lot of setup I didn't want to do. (I was, at the time, about halfway through doing all the setup in the world to make Don and Charlie crazy enough for each other. I did not need another crazyfication epic.)

I eventually did succeed in writing Don/Colby a couple of times after that, by the expedients of not actually exploring the relationship dynamics at all and sticking to drabble length. So possibly Don/Colby doesn't count, but that one awful story is my one big failure to write a pairing I set out to write--getting distracted by something shiny and wandering off before I finished that Clone!Ten/Rose epic, or the Bones love triangle with Sully, hardly counts.

As for writing a pairing I didn't like but found I could write anyway, uh, hm. As I said, I'm vastly persuadable, so by the time I've worked my way around to writing, like, The Doctor's daughter and a Dalek, I'm convinced that they're MFEO anyway. I guess Red John/Patrick Jane was probably the most self-consciously sincerely wrong pairing I've ever successfully written.

(The most self-consciously wrong pairing that I was never able to write--both because I was forbidden by everyone I told about the bunny and because I myself couldn't really bear to have it in my head enough to properly write it--was Gerard and Mikey Way, bodyswapped into each other. For whatever that's worth.)

All 30 questions, under the cut. )
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7 – Have you ever had a fic change your opinion of a character?

I assume, given that the other 29 questions are about fic I've written, that this question is asking if the experience of writing a given fic has ever changed my opinion of a character.

My kneejerk reaction is to cite Burn Up in Love Love Love, Panic! at the Disco GSF that originated in me saying, you know, I liked all of the dozens of slutty bottom Ryan Ross stories I had read, but why couldn't there be slutty bottom Jon Walker? At the time I said it it was sheerly contrarian, but by the time I finished the story it seemed self-evident to me that Jon belonged on the bottom of the puppy pile (and Ryan on the top).

For a bit more, uh, depth, though, there's also the experience I had while writing When the Reckoning Arrives, which is how I learned who Arkady Jole is (and all about how his life works). This feels a bit like cheating since I was also making up most of what I know about Arkady Jole, but I can't talk about him in the OC question tomorrow, so you get him now. I wound up writing "When the Reckoning Arrives" only after making repeated failed attempts to write "Everything That You Can Keep" without the detour. But I couldn't figure out how Jole worked, what he was thinking, how to write his voice, and finally I went and gave him his own story in which to find out who he was. That didn't exactly change my opinion of him (my opinion: Jole is the prettiest! And best! And loves Aral a lot!) but it gave my opinion something to work with.

Other than that, hmm. I tend to be kind of ... a stickler for canon? (I feel like if I try to say I'm not [personal profile] iulia will turn up in the comments to LAUGH AT ME FOREVER, so I should just cop to it.) I try to keep even things that have no reason to be in line with canon in line with canon (and my interpretation thereof), and when writing something that deviates wildly I tend to have a pretty good separation in my mind between, you know, "This is what this character would be like as a professional hockey player" or "This is what this character is like after he's been held captive for months by the bad guys" and "This is what this character is actually like."

On the other hand, lately I have to reach in and forcibly remove the soul-bonded wolves from all my other bunnies that are not supposed to involve soul-bonded wolves. DAMMIT, WOLVES. YOU GET ONE AU. ONE. IT IS YOURS. IT IS A WHOLE UNIVERSE. BUT YOU HAVE TO STAY IN IT.

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Remember that time it took me 7 years to finish a Stargate fic? Yeah, odds are against me finishing a 30 day meme in anything like 30 days, but I will persevere. Probably.

3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

Okay, well, I listed 49 fandoms on day two, so answering this exactly as asked would get seriously out of control. Instead, under the cut, my favorite characters to write from what I semi-scientifically conclude are my top ten current and past fandoms.

Playing favorites! )

All 30 questions for your meme-repeating convenience. )


Mar. 3rd, 2010 09:31 pm
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This is me, settling in to wait for the Bob Bryar Solo Project which is surely forthcoming.

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Ahahahaha okay so this meme is a lot harder than I thought it would be when I posted it! So I apologize if my responses are totally unsatisfying. Feel free to ask follow up questions if I am that person who just rambles uninformatively about something no one cares about in DVD commentaries.

Oh God I am the person who just rambles about boring things in DVD commentaries.


[personal profile] alexseanchai requested a couple of bits from To Course Across More Kindly Waters Now (Supernatural, Dean and Castiel):

Excerpt )
Commentary )

[livejournal.com profile] maerhys requested a bit from Chapter 27 of Missing Persons (Numb3rs, Don/Charlie):

Excerpt )
Commentary )

[livejournal.com profile] rubynye requested the end of Crossing the Line (Numb3rs, Don/Charlie):

Excerpt )
Commentary )

[insanejournal.com profile] stele3 requested a bit from Burn Up in Love, Love, Love (Panic! at the Disco OT4):

Excerpt )
Commentary )

[livejournal.com profile] end_of_thyme requested a bit from Chimerical Romantics (My Chemical Romance, Frank/Gerard, historical AU):

Excerpt )
Commentary )

[livejournal.com profile] elainasaunt asked for a bit near the end of Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive (Torchwood, Jack/Ianto):

Excerpt )
Commentary )

The end! \o/

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[personal profile] riverlight was the only one to cast a tie-breaking vote, so it's time for Bob getting knocked up, with, let me just reiterate, SOME GROSS BIOLOGICAL DETAILS, because that is how I roll.

(I mean, look, if you have enough unsuspected internal ladyparts to get accidentally pregnant through anal sex, then, logically....)

I actually told most of this in email to [livejournal.com profile] missmollyetc so there is ... quite a bit of it. Apologies for tenses jumping all over the place, it was ... many different emails.

~10,000 words. Bob/Gerard, Bob/Gerard/Frank, Frank/Jamia. Mpreg. (But no diagrams.)

Anyway, I was commuting with [personal profile] strangecobwebs and apparently listening to a fair amount of David Bowie in her car when I came up with this, so the story came to be titled Spiders from Mars )

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...And one time they did.

This was topical when I wrote it in email (as "something I want to write" although looking at it now it seems kind of ... written) a year and a half ago--in fact I think there must be some sort of factual basis for the precise date of #3 but I no longer remember what it was, did somebody find a marriage license?--and then I forgot it existed until just now, trying to dig up a piece of the Bob-gets-knocked-up story that I know I wrote down somewhere.

So! I'm just going to post this.

Four or Five Times Frank and Jamia Didn't Get Married and One Time They Did. )

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#4 on the poll was the option called "The Two Short Ones Involving Gerard, genderfuck, and other favorite cliches of mine (Gerard/Frank)" and these may actually be fairly short because I never got all that close to writing them and I'm kind of hazy on the details. \o/

The cliches in question, in case you were wondering, were time travel and amnesia. Which, you know, obviously are crying out to be included in a genderfuck story.

So, first, there was the time travel one, inspired by someone attending the Cobra show a group of us went to at the 9:30 Club... )

And then the gendersomething-amnesia story which I think I must have come up with by trying to deliberately smash my favorite things into each other.

I mean: genderfuck amnesia fic. Come on. )

Up next: the (c.2007) Panic BDSM bunny which is really a very long pairings list OR the one where Bob gets pregnant and I really love me some offputting verisimilitude. However will I choose...?

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I just finished this and I have to post it right this second or it will continue dragging out toward infinity. Please excuse any infelicities you run into toward the end. :)

7300-ish words. I am bad at summarizing.

As best I can tell, the Bob Wakes Up with Ladyparts idea started like this, on June 28, 2007, talking to [personal profile] iulia about an interview with Patrick Stump:
dira: Patrick: Yeah, it was...was it 'Thank You For The Venom'? Can't remember the name of it, can't remember what song I played. But it was one of their fast ones.

ChartBlog: That's SO unfair. You wanna be doing one of their slow ballads.

Patrick: I chose that song! And I did pretty well, except Bob Bryar, the drummer, likes to set his drums pretty far away, and he plays with his arms instead of his wrists. And so I couldn't come up with some of the really fast fills, cos I don't have the arm strength that he does. He's a lot more buff than people give him credit for.

iulia: Mmmm, Bob.

dira: (...I kind of want to write girl!Bob fic, where switching fucks with Bob's upper body strength, and he's fucking furious about it.)

dira: (Like, yes, okay, his dick is missing, but mostly HE CAN'T PLAY THE FUCKING DRUMS RIGHT.)

...Obviously, Bob is my favorite.

The initial idea was reinforced by this video of Bob talking about and then playing Welcome to the Black Parade, in which he mentions that the big Black Parade kit was at the very limit of his ability to play, and that he was never actually comfortable with it, hence the dual kits starting on Projekt Revolution.

So over time this idea--Bob gets switched and can't drum right and hates it--turned into a whole Bob/Gerard story called, naturally, Juliet Loves the Beat. )

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1) I am going to see two concerts with [personal profile] iulia in the next two weeks: The Mountain Goats, and Greg Laswell. (He turned out to be touring in places other than Michigan after all! Like, Chicago! On a Thursday night! Caffeine is my friend! \o/) Why yes, I get all my new music from my flist and vids.

Madisonians: anybody else going to see the Mountain Goats on November 6? Anyone else interested in going to see the Moutain Goats?

2) Seriously, Torchwood calendar? An entire month of Jack and Gray? Seriously?

3) So I am kind of eh in retrospect about The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, and I stopped halfway through Yiddish Policeman's Union and remorselessly returned it to the library, but for whatever reason I bought Gentlemen of the Road at some point and on Friday (after finishing Libyrinth <3 <3 <3) I picked it up and then polished it off in 48 hours. So I guess third time's the charm for me and Michael Chabon novels.

It maybe didn't hurt that I mentally cast Zelikman as Paul Bettany on about page five. And that it totally surpassed all the vague expectations of slashiness I had attached to it. Also, I see it's nominated for Yuletide! *beams hopefully at Yuletiders*

4) Do you remember when I was summarizing bandom stories I am never going to write, and posting the summaries? Yeah, I'm still doing that, but it turns out I'm distractible and bad at summarizing. Which are two things that I'm sure no one knew about me up until now!

5) Writing the Southland telepathy story has gotten to the level of derangement where I have added "If You Could Read My Mind" to my regular playlist. Shut up, it's actually sort of appropriate. In a way.

(I am not sure what my excuse is for "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" and "The Canadian Railroad Trilogy" except that the files are like right next to each other, and it's November, and shut up, Gordon Lightfoot is awesome.)

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I am struggling mightily with the #3 story from the bandom-stories-I'll-never-write poll: In Which Bob Wakes Up With Ladyparts. I suspect it's because I so desperately wish I had actually written it, or were actually writing it right now. God damn I love this story a lot, and I really wasn't expecting it to do that well in the poll. /o\

Also, my streak of not breaking things or harming myself came to an abrupt end earlier when I totally destroyed my under-cabinet paper towel holder. But I still haven't drawn blood and I never liked that paper towel holder anyway, so hooray for me.

In other important household occurrences, a couple of weeks ago I bought a bottle of bleach and a spray bottle and ever since I have been discovering that - NEWSFLASH - dilute bleach works really really well to clean things that are discolored in some way! It's like the time I figured out how much better ironing works if you use the steam setting. Honest to God, next I'm going to discover fire or the written word or something.

OH AND. I just watched episode 4x24 of Criminal Minds, Amplification )

In conclusion: OH TEAM ILU.

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At the time I posted Chimerical Romantics I noted that in addition to being mostly summarized and told rather than shown, it was not Frank and Gerard's whole saga. I already knew the rest of the arc, at that point, but writing it out in even as much detail as I did the first part would have made it ... really, really long.

So here's the rest of the story, now even more abbreviated. Warning for a couple of characters being moderately villainous in ways that cohere with bandom's stereotypes of them, plus a cameo by Jamia as a hooker. THAT ONE WASN'T MY IDEA.

Frank/Gerard, 6500 words.

Chimerical Romantics: The Rest of the Story, now even more summarized )
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So the awful thing about rounding up these stories for telling is that I was going through my email and IM chatlogs, trying to find copies of what I'd told people before to work from, and in the process I have run across A LOT of other stories I'd completely forgotten about over the last two and a half years.

(For instance:

[17:40] DiraSudis: I have been wanting to write an AU (OR IS IT) where Dirty and Pete met in one of Pete's Philosophy classes in college, and Dirty is actually smarter and better-educated than Pete and just would rather run around the country being a professional goofball than slaving away in academia somewhere and not getting taken seriously anyway.
[17:40] DiraSudis: And just now I realized that it's not just that he's writing his thesis when he's not busy getting shot in the ass with a t-shirt gun, HE'S WRITING HIS THESIS IN MEDIA STUDIES ABOUT PETE.
[17:41] DiraSudis: ...I just needed to tell someone that.
[17:42] misspamela: Dirty's spirit animal is a FROG I THINK
[17:42] DiraSudis: Pete's spirit animal is probably a bulldog. And probably like eats or steps on the frog.
[17:42] DiraSudis: So that's probably not going to work so well.
[17:43] misspamela: but is accurate

That's the whole thing, please don't ask me to talk about it.)

ANYWAY, I managed to locate most of the bones of the Spencer/Bob story, which I had actually started writing in the hilariously mistaken belief that I could just write part of it and it would be fine! It's set from late September 2004-September 2005, so basically from shortly after Spencer's 17th birthday to a little after his 18th. It would have been stupendously NC-17 for underage sex all over the place; as it is there's nothing really graphic under the cut, but there are descriptions of what 17-year-old Spencer and 24- or 25-year-old Bob would have been up to in this story.

I did an alarming amount of tour date research for this story, mostly via the Wayback Machine and the MCR LJ comms that date back far enough, so if nothing else I have the timeline more or less right!

I wrote nearly 6,000 words of setup, which just barely got to the point where Spencer and Bob speak to each other. By that point it had accumulated two working titles - one for the part covering the first 48 hours of Bob and Spencer's acquaintance (which I figured I could keep to about 30,000 words) and the other (from a Mountain Goats song, of course) for the insanely long subsequent story spanning the entire year. So without further ado...

Spencer/Bob, 17,000 words of not-quite-fic.

Crash Boom Bang & Through This Year: the insanely long non-AU underage Bob/Spencer story. )
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I realize it's August, but - inspired by [personal profile] copperbadge/[livejournal.com profile] sam_storyteller I am feeling all spring-cleaning-inspired with respect to my brain and the stories that have been locked up in there like hoarded cats for the last few years. So, at the moment, just for BANDOM stories, a poll:

Poll #991 I mean I
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 59

Which Bandom-Story-I-Will-Never-Write would you like to see summarized in classic rambling Dira fashion?

View Answers

The FOB/MCR Prison AU (Pete/Patrick, Gerard/Frank, minor Bob/Spencer)
13 (22.0%)

The One Where Pete Wentz Is in a Coma (Pete/Patrick OTP!!1!!!1!)
15 (25.4%)

The BDSM Epic (Jon/Ryan, Jon/Brendon, Jon/Ryan/Brendon, Spencer/Haley, Spencer/Ryan, Jon/Spencer/Ryan, um, it's basically just a pairings list with explanations...)
21 (35.6%)

The One That Is Much Too Depressing (Way brothers, horrible trauma, sort of incidental Gerard/Mikey in the midst of the unspeakable wretchedness)
8 (13.6%)

The One Where Jon Has a Brain Thing (Jon/Brendon)
15 (25.4%)

The One Where Ryan Ross Is (Sort of) in a Coma (Jon/Ryan, Jon/Brendon, Ryan/Spencer)
12 (20.3%)

The Two Short Ones Involving Gerard, genderfuck, and other favorite cliches of mine (Gerard/Frank)
22 (37.3%)

The One Where Spencer Is Seventeen and Bob Has a Difficult Year (non AU Spencer/Bob)
30 (50.8%)

The One Where Bob Gets Pregnant (Bob/Gerard, Bob/Gerard/Frank, Frank/Jamia)
21 (35.6%)

The One Where Bob Wakes up with Ladyparts (Bob/Gerard)
29 (49.2%)

The Rest of Chimerical Romantics, Now Even More Summarized (Gerard/Frank)
29 (49.2%)

The Short One Inspired by a Tragically Hip Song (Gerard/Patrick)
16 (27.1%)

0 (0.0%)

And I swear, on the heads of Leonard McCoy and Aral Vorkosigan (although not together) (although, hmmm...) (ahem) that I am not actually going to lose my mind and start attempting to actually write one of these in the middle of just attempting to tell it. SO I SWEAR. YOU ARE ALL MY WITNESSES.

EDIT: Let's see if I can add a poll on the fly! Anyway, I forgot some! Feel free to lobby for them in the comments!

- The One Where Pete and Patrick Have a Baby Together. (Pete/Patrick)
- The One Where Patrick Has a Baby (And Pete Helps). (Pete/Patrick)
- The One Where Pete Has a Kid (Just Like Billy in Hard Core Logo) (And Patrick Helps). (Pete/Patrick)


- Six Feet Under: New Jersey
- Bob Bryar/Bily Tallent
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Countdown to Donnie-verse fic in which Pete is transformed into/reincarnated as a seagull starts...


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