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(Though I cannot hear anyone refer to the noun as a "quote" without hearing high-school-aged [profile] daveamongus huffily correct that it's a quotation.)

No meme post yesterday because it was a long day, which started around 3AM when my roommate got into a screaming fight with her (hopefully now ex) boyfriend outside my bedroom door that kept me up for an hour or so, progressed through a long, tired workday, an interruption on my drive down to Iulia's when I stopped for dinner and locked my keys in my car (hooray, Allstate motor club!), and ended on Iulia's couch, watching her and her husband play Diablo until I fell asleep with their dog in my lap.

Which brings me right around to my favorite quote:

Under the cut, with pictures. )

31 questions. )

Also, Happy American Thanksgiving! I am currently being thankful for my family, in all its forms and definitions, and for all of you, my friends in the computer box, and for the variety of pies we will be eating later, and for The National, who have now recorded two different Thanksgiving songs:

2013 Thanksgiving Song (What Thanksgiving's All About)

2012 Thanksgiving Song (Kill the Turkey)

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