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2016-12-01 04:27 am

What I’m Reading Wednesday, 11/30 (Fic Rec)

So, FUNNY STORY, back around the same time that I started doing my weekly WIP status update posts, I also started doing What I’m Reading Wednesday posts, and then in mid-September I stopped doing the What I’m Reading posts and never started again and I am FINALLY GONNA TELL YOU WHY. AND ALSO WHAT I AM READING:

an early name used for videophones by [archiveofourown.org profile] easyforpauline.

And the thing is, I read the first three stories in the series back in September and it just BLEW MY MIND?? and I knew I HAD TO write about it in my What I’m Reading post but I just COULD NOT EVEN FIND WORDS, because it’s just–

It’s so–

It’s like hardcore kink and surrealism had a baby, I guess? It just DIVES ON IN with Bucky sleeping on a table and Steve washing his mouth out with soap and spitting on him and WELL OKAY THEN, OFF WE GO, and by the time you get to Bucky fucking an arcade game and setting Steve a kinky ingredient sex challenge it’s just like. Well, yes, of course, this is how they roll, I’M IN. 

Except, underneath the PROFOUND WEIRDNESS that is like nothing else I’ve read and the IN MEDIAS SUUUUPER HARDCORE D/S RELATIONSHIP LIKE HOLY SHIT MAN, there is so, so much love, and such a deeply intimate portrayal of a Bucky recovering along his own path, and a Steve who also has a lot of healing to do, and a love between them that makes it possible for them to be exactly this weird and brutal and just keep on going together, and it is gorgeous.

So–yeah. Ugh. It’s amazing. It’s brilliant. I know there are a million alarming tags on it–some of them gave me pause, I definitely passed it by while browsing one kink tag or another more than once–but, ugh, I am telling you, give it a whirl. It is so well done and also SO WEIRD in a way I cannot even do justice to. I NEED YOU TO READ THIS SO I CAN WAVE MY ARMS INARTICULATELY AT MORE PEOPLE ABOUT IT.


And now that I have FINALLY discharged my desperate need to rec this series (a fourth story came out and I read it just now, so it’s timely and everything) I will go back to updating you on a weekly basis about other stuff I read, but… I’ll do a separate post for that. This one definitely deserves it own.

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2016-09-01 02:30 am

What I’m Reading Wednesday, 8/31


Finally (FINALLY) actually reading the Random House paperback Captive Prince, after reading the self-pubbed ebook version back in… 2012? I have managed not to get spoiled for Book 3 yet PLEASE DON’T SPOIL ME.

Books finished:

Penric’s Demon (http://ift.tt/2b7711u) by Lois McMaster Bujold. Ohhh man this was DELIGHTFUL. I love the Chalion-verse, and this was such a fun trip through a new corner of it. I was also (as I have been studying romance structure a bit lately, in hopes of making my professional writing less full of ripping stuff out and starting over) really fascinated to note how much it is structured as a romance between Penric and his demon. 

Relatedly, I need SO MUCH pornfic about Penric and his demon, with or without other actual humans involved.

Interface (http://ift.tt/2cg77TJ) by Stephen Bury, a pseudonym for Neal Stephenson & J. Frederick George. Uh. Man. I did not enjoy this book on like, many levels. I was not already a Neal Stephenson fan, and I… continue not to be a Neal Stephenson fan. And @iuliamentis is not allowed to recommend any more books to me until she reads The Mad Earl’s Bride by Loretta Chase in recompense. (I mean, except for Contact, which I already borrowed from her, becasue Carl Sagan. I feel like I can trust Carl Sagan.)


I have 7 fic tabs open, and another 59 Marked for Later on AO3. I’m currently halfway through reading “how cold steel is (and keen with hunger)” by jinlinli, part of the FLOOD of new stories from the Stucky Big Bang 2016. 

Fic finished:

(A sampling of stuff I’ve bookmarked recently–you can see all my bookmarks at http://ift.tt/2bFC4A9)

Every Tree That Is Pleasant (http://ift.tt/2byfchC) by @spitandvinegar. OH MAN YOU GUYS. FERAL STEVE-AND-BUCKY WITH THEIR HATRED OF CLOTHES AND THEIR SECRET TWIN LANGUAGE, I CANNOT EVEN THIS IS SO GREAT GO READ IT RIGHT NOW. Plus gorgeous art by @pium-poetam!

These American Dreams (ain’t no white picket fences left for me) (http://ift.tt/2b4f1Qe) by kariye. AHHHH THIS WAS ALSO FUCKING BRILLIANT (AND IS ALSO NOT NEARLY AS MUCH OF AN AU AS YOU MIGHT THINK WHEN YOU START READING). Bucky is living a quiet life in a small town in Indiana, working as a mechanic, putting off visiting his sister a few towns over, and there’s this guy who keeps jogging past his place wearing a really tight t-shirt. <3

Third Floor (http://ift.tt/2bsUSOu) by thingswithwings. Ghostbusters, Holtzy/Patty. In which Holtzmann just does not know why Patty is in her space ALL THE TIME. (Until she finally realizes why.)

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2016-08-25 03:21 am

What I’m Reading Wednesday, 8/24

On Wednesday this time! I’m doing less-pretty links in the hopes that they will actually carry across to DW/LJ and I won’t have to edit them all back in this week. Fingers crossed!


Still reading Interface, still listening to Glitterland, and just about to start reading Penric’s Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold (very belatedly! but the random number generator that rules my ebook choices finally served it up.)

Book(s) finished:

A Queer Trade (http://ift.tt/1U2oZNi) by KJ Charles, in the same continuity as the Charm of Magpies series. This is a short m/m romance featuring a black man working as a waste-paper seller in Victorian London and the hapless magic-worker who needs his help. <3


I have 5 AO3 tabs open + 1 hydratrashmeme notification in my inbox + 51 things marked for later. I think I’m going to try “We Are The Time, We Are The Famous” by coricomile next–it’s Sid/Geno/some bloke I’ve never heard of, and the title makes me smile every time I click on that tab. :D

Fic finished:

(A sampling of stuff I’ve bookmarked recently–you can see all my bookmarks at http://ift.tt/2bFC4A9)

Our Lingering Frost (http://ift.tt/1so8i1Z) by eyres - Bucky/Steve, from 2014, an AU in which Bucky was recovered c.1960, then waited 50 more years for Steve’s plane to be found. (Read on a rec from @daily-stucky-recs​, which you should follow if you are into that sort of thing.)

mixed feelings about the function and the form (http://ift.tt/2aCsJEm) by carpenter - Ghostbusters, Patty/Holtzy, with an awesome Patty POV and a thoughtful focus on INFRASTRUCTURE because who doesn’t love stories about infrastructure? 

Out of All Our Crazy Dreams (http://ift.tt/2bnSUCS) by thesardine - Part 4 of the Alphabet series, which you should definitely read first!!

The Way Out Is the Way Down (http://ift.tt/2axJ6X1) by Speranza - Bucky/Steve, post-CACW fixing everything <3

Marks of Ownership (http://ift.tt/2bjzRKZ) complete on hydratrashmeme - gen, with a deeply dehumanized Bucky who is safe with the Avengers now and just wants to show the correct organizational affiliation on his (its) body. WARNING for self-scarification and a very depersonalized POV.

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2016-08-18 10:29 pm

What I’m Reading... Thursday, 8/18

(It’s supposed to be Wednesday, for alliteration, but I am not that organized this week, so. Thursday! Because I figure that you might like to know what I’m reading as well as what I’m writing?) 


In addition to my handful of “haven’t admitted I’m not going to go back and finish it” books, I’m currently reading Interface by Stephen Bury, a book (in fact, the very same elderly paperback copy) [personal profile] iulia​ has reread every election season of the last 16 years or so, and I have somehow never read at all. Until now! 

I’m also somewhere in the middle of listening to the audiobook of Glitterland by Alexis Hall, which is hilarious in audio format, but I’ve gotten to the part where the protagonist is going to Make Really Bad Choices and so I put it down a couple of weeks ago and haven’t listened since. (Seriously though, in audio it is even more apparent than it is in text that Glitterland is the story of Strindberg and Helium falling in love. Which is beautiful, but not without perils.)

Books finished:

Confiscating Charlie: I don’t remember when I bought this–it’s a novelette, so a very compressed erotic romance, definitely calling out to the part of your id that is into bodice-ripping (het) romances, with the rich and powerful hero and innocent 19-year-old heroine and a little bondage and you-belong-to-me thrown in. Honestly… less rape-y than I was concerned it would be from the title?

The Usual Path to Publication: 27 stories about 27 ways in: A collection of delightful short essays from authors about how they “made it,” including many touching on the question of what the hell it even means to “make it” as a professional or published writer. Upbeat, even though not all of them are unambiguous success stories.

Sutphin Boulevard: More or less everyone I know who reads m/m romance has yelled at me at some point to read Santino Hassell, and I finally read this and it was good! …I also stopped reading it for about 36 hours halfway through because I was dreading the character making A Bad Decision (he actually didn’t make that particular bad decision, but the plot is definitely driven by Bad Decisions) (and also by a kind of maddening refusal to accept being in love with one’s best friend who one has already had sex with in the first few chapters of the book, ugh, BOYS).


I have 12 tabs open + 45 things marked for later on AO3 + 4 comment notifications for hydratrashmeme fills sitting in my inbox.

Fic finished:

(A sampling of stuff I’ve bookmarked recently.)

All Is Good That Is Desired by [archiveofourown.org profile] archwrites - Bucky/Peggy/Steve sex pollen!!

The well-fought fight by Sororising - Sam/Steve, comparing notes on growing up bi in their respective eras.

Speechless by [archiveofourown.org profile] sara_holmes - Bucky/Clint, Bucky has trouble speaking and decides to learn ASL, Clint is his teacher! Sweet & lovely AU.

Aaaand my favorite thing I read on the hydratrashmeme this week is The True Repairman Will Repair Man, which is a WIP, currently up to Part 9/?, and is being written for a prompt where Bucky insists that all the sex he had with members of HYDRA during his captivity was consensual, and can’t understand why Steve thinks it wasn’t. So far nothing in his past is really described–the story is in Steve’s POV–so it’s doing the monster-just-offscreen horror thing in a deeply unnerving and awesome way. Caveat lector!

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