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Demographics of Stargate SG-1, season three.

Stats are available at the SG-1 Season 3 page on the Characters Count Wiki, or under the cut:

Episode Title/NumberSpeaking charactersWomen% WomenBechdelPoC% PoCRace-Bechdel
Into the Fire/3x0115426.7%Pass320%Pass
Seth/3x0212216.7%Pass216.7%Fail 2
Fair Game/3x0311+1*327.3%Pass327.3%Pass
Legacy/3x049222.2%Pass111.1%Fail 1
Learning Curve/3x0511436.4%Pass19.1%Fail 1
Point of View/3x0614428.6%Pass321.4%Pass
Deadman Switch/3x076116.7%Fail 1233.3%Pass
Demons/3x089222.2%Pass111.1%Fail 1
Rules of Engagement/3x0910220%Fail 2220%Fail 2
Forever in a Day/3x109333.3%Fail 2333.3%Fail 2
Past and Present/3x1110440%Pass110%Fail 1
Jolinar's Memories/3x121317.7%Fail 1323.1%Fail 2
The Devil You Know/3x131218.3%Fail 1216.7%Fail 2
Foothold/3x1412**325%Pass?325%Fail 2
Pretense/3x1511327.3%Pass218.2%Fail 2
Urgo/3x169222.2%Pass111.1%Fail 1
A Hundred Days/3x1711436.4%Pass19.1%Fail 1
Shades of Grey/3x1811436.4%Fail 219.1%Fail 1
New Ground/3x1912433.3%Fail 218.3%Fail 1
Maternal Instinct/3x2012216.7%Fail 2433.3%Pass
Crystal Skull/3x2112+1*433.3%Fail 2216.7%Fail 2
Nemesis/3x228+1*112.5%Fail 1225%Fail 2

* + Non-humanoid alien who could not be assigned a gender or race, excluded from percentage calculations.
** All doppelgangers and originals counted as single characters because it made my head hurt less.


Levels of Fail for Bechdel Test:
1: Fails on first criterion ("There are two women"/"There are two characters of color")
2: Fails on second criterion ("And they talk to each other")
3: Fails on third criterion ("About something other than a man"/"About something other than white people")

Female character counts range from 1 to 4 per episode.  Percentage of female characters ranges from 8.3% to 40%. 
Median count is 3.  Mean count is 2.7.
Median percentage is 25.9%.  Mean percentage is 25%.


Character of color counts range from 1 to 4 per episode.  Percentage of characters of color ranges from 8.3% to 33.3%.
Median count is 2.  Mean count is 2.
Median percentage is 17.5%.  Mean percentage is 18.6%.



Takeaways for Season 3:

One statistic improved: Bechdel Test passes continued to increase, from 9/21 in S1 to 11/22 in S2 to 12/22 in S3. 

One statistic stayed the same: race-Bechdel Test passes, at 5/22.

Everything else got worse.  Everything.  Four episodes in which Sam is the only woman, EIGHT in which Teal'c is the only person of color, counts and percentages down across the board. 

(And, with the introduction of the Replicators as villains--and Asgard as allies in the fight against them--we begin the move away from the Goa'uld and Jaffa, who represent a considerable proportion of the women and people of color in some episodes, replacing them with mechanical spiders and race- and gender-neutral alien things.  For whatever that's worth.

Oh, show.  What the hell.)

Now, perhaps you are thinking, well, that sucks, what is there to be done about it?  Do what fans always do!  Join a comm!

At LiveJournal, there is the newly formed [livejournal.com profile] passingbechdel community, for all your Bechdel Test fixit-fic needs--it's open to all fandoms, and welcomes fic that brings characters of color together, as well as fic that highlights women.

At Dreamwidth, there is the also newly formed  [community profile] characterscount  community, affiliated with the Characters Count Wiki, for discussion and coordination of counting projects like this one--if you've embarked on a crazy counting project, or if you would like to organize a group of people to cooperate on one, or if you just want to kibbitz, it's the place to go.