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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2013-06-23 03:54 pm

Some things.

1) So it turns out running is better with actual running shoes? Who knew. I bought some Merrell Barefoot Pace Gloves a week ago and HEY MY FEET DON'T HURT ANYMORE. I'm having to build up my running endurance again because barefoot running is a whole new stride and also because I ... kind of didn't run at all from December to May, basically? but whatever this is awesome and I will totally be ready for 5Ks again by the end of the summer.

Relatedly today was my first run down by the Lake in aaaaages and I love the Lake and it was great. &Lake They Call Michigan;

2) I have three books checked out from the library with the same due date and I can't decide which to read first. I'm too lazy to make a poll, but:

Cold Magic by Kate Elliott
The Steerswoman's Road by Rosemary Kirstein
A stranger in Olondria : being the complete memoirs of the mystic, Jevick of Tyom, by Sofia Samatar

Feel free to argue for priority if you have opinions!
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I can't speak to the other two, as I've not read them, but I have some fairly strong opinions on Cold Magic.

I nearly broke my ereader when I discovered that in the world of Cold Magic, there are no Native Americans. I believe the wording went something along the lines of no humans live in the (whatever-they-called-North-America-here), only trolls. And trolls are not human and they are very scary and Odd.

Up until that, I had really quite liked Cold Magic. There are main characters of color! White people are actually the minority! But I don't take erasure of my bloodlines well.
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My roommate, knowing that I had actually bought the book instead of borrowing it, helpfully informed me that maybe the trolls were only in Canada. (This about three seconds after she reminded me that I did not want to have to replace my Kindle.)

And then said, totally straight-faced, "A Troll Mountie, on the search for his father's killers" which had both of us quite a bit less pissed.

(Though, despite wanting to know what happens next, I still have not bought the other two books. I refuse.)
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I have not read Cold Magic, and probably won't, but I would definitely read about a Troll Mountie! Brava, housemate!

Fanfic: improving on canon since Homer.
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That's not actually the case, though. (The map at the beginning of Cold Fire makes it pretty clear, I think.)
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I'm not certain what you mean by that, as I just looked over the map again. There's no mention of the Americas on it, and the map does show how the Mali and others moved around Europa.

Unless your version isn't the Kindle version, and there are more maps in it.

ETA: Okay, sorry. I see the problem. I only have Cold Magic, not Cold Fire, and therefore have been working off only what was said/available in maps in that book.
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Yayyyyyyy running! Yay, the Lake They Call Michigan!

I would be totally curious to hear your thoughts on barefoot runners after you're used to them!

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I enjoyed Steerswoman's Road very much. The world-building is a big plus, I wouldn't have enjoyed trying to read it quickly, though.

Yay for running again!
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Steerswoman! But yes, it is dense.
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Steerswoman! Steerswoman! Steerswoman! (And while it is dense, it is also a page-turner, so I don't think you'll have any trouble getting through it.)

I have just started Cold Magic, having heard it was a good place to start with Kate Elliot. I'm not disliking it so far, but I am starting to see why all of her books are umpty-zillion pages long.
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Yes, Steerswoman!!!!!!!! They just keep getting better, god I love those books so much.
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The only one I can speak to is Kirsteins--Loved it, highly recommend.
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You made me homesick for Lake Michigan. Best shoreline.