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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2015-09-18 08:49 am

Dessa Lux: The Omega's Bodyguard

So I may have mentioned that writing-for-money is a big thing going on in my life recently, and this week I have a new thing to show for it:

The Omega's Bodyguard, super tropey over the top ridiculous gay werewolf romance (with future loving pack gangbangs on the horizon for the omega in the title in the, er, many sequels I have plotted out). It's a/b/o, ish, because a/b/o is a thing that has escaped from fandom into the wilds of self-published ebooks on Amazon, but, uh, not mpreg, because it still weirds me out that MPREG is a thing that is super common in self-pubbed ebooks on Amazon, and also some people are not into that but are still into swoony subby dudes who just want to get fucked a lot by their alpha. I am here for those people.

(This is *totally not* Generation Kill fanfic which you can tell because the dudes' names are Rusty and Sam instead of Brad and Nate! And they are actualfax werewolves instead of being soulbonded to wolves. (Wait what do you mean psychic wolves are not an obligatory feature of GK fic.) See? Totally different.)

Anyway, it's free this weekend, so get it now if that's the sort of thing you are interested in! :D

Also please admire the cover that I did not make myself. I LOVE COVERS THAT I DO NOT MAKE MYSELF, THEY ARE THE BEST THING.

(Also it got RT'd by Charlie Jane Anders last night????? and is now the #1 free ebook gay romance on Amazon????? SO. THIS IS GOING WELL.)

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