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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote 2017-07-31 01:30 am (UTC)

That is a correct vague sense! Check, Please! is a webcomic (checkpleasecomic.com, mind the side-scrolling of frames within each episode) which follows Eric "Bitty" Bittle as he starts college at Samwell University on a hockey scholarship. Bitty is a tiny blond gay teen from small town Georgia, and Samwell is an ivy-covered super-liberal school outside Boston that he chose because it's LGBT friendly. Bitty was a figure skater up to age 15, when he switched to (co-ed) hockey, and he's never played in a league where body-checking was legal before coming to Samwell, so he has an unfortunate fainting reaction to being hit on the ice.

His tall, dark, mysterious team captain, Jack Zimmermann, is the son of a hockey legend (Jack pooped in the Stanley Cup as a baby when his dad won it with the Penguins). Jack suffered an overdose of his anxiety medication shortly before he was supposed to be drafted into the NHL, and after a break of a couple years for therapy, he decided to come to his mother's alma mater to play hockey in a less-scrutinized environment. And everything is going fine until this enchanting/infuriating tiny beautiful blond boy shows up needing to be shaped up into a competitive college hockey player...

Also Bitty really, really loves to bake. He possibly has magical baking powers. Pie just... happens, sometimes, when he's in a kitchen, even if the kitchen is in a hockey frat house previously stocked with nothing but beer and one entire cabinet of hot sauce. :D

At the end of Bitty's sophomore year, Jack graduates, and after his father counsels him not to avoid taking the chances that seem important to him, Jack rushes back to tell Bitty goodbye in private--with their first kiss.

The third year of the comic is now ongoing, in which Bitty and Jack juggle a long-distance relationship, Bitty's junior year, and Jack's semi-closeted status as a rookie in the NHL. The comic is a pretty quick read, with a diverse cast and the creator's promise of a happy ending, so you might enjoy taking a look at it sometime. :D

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