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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2018-10-14 04:15 pm

This week in writing, 10/14

I… read a lot this week? I lost half a day to Band Sinister by KJ Charles (delightful gay regency rom-com with a virgin hero who pretty clearly has The Anxiety and the rake who helps him get out of his head a bit) and then dove straight into JL Merrow’s The Plumber’s Mate series (slightly psychic plumber helps his PI nemesis/boyfriend/fiance (as the series goes on) fight crime!) 

Also I started writing the next werewolf book (a little holiday novella which I would like to have out… for the holidays, so a bit time-sensitive) while also getting crit comments on the book I just finished writing, so, uh, I have been all over the place this week. 

But I did write some fic, too!

Words written this week: 2,611

WIPs that got words this week:

There Is No Shortage of Blood:  106, and I am definitely doing that thing where I’m like “but it’s almost dooooone, why do I actually have to write the ennnnndiiiiiing???” so, uh, sorry everyone who is waiting for the ending! I promise I will pull myself together and write it eventually.

Born in the Blood: 381

Slavefic #6: 655, SORRY, TONY. 

Underage Child Soldier Omega!Bucky/Alpha!Cap!Steve Marriage of Last Resort Fic: 99

Bitty pre-series fic for Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia 2018 2019 maybe soon?: 1,370, and finished!! So I should probably… edit and post that. Soon. Yes. Maybe I can write JACK’s pre-series story for Psychic Wolves 2019? If I start now??

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