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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2018-11-04 02:38 pm

This week in writing, 11/4

Venom fandom… continues to be happening to me? But also other things! Of a fic-writing nature!

Words written this week: 12,308 (more than last week, so. new best for the last three years!)

WIPs that got words this week:

There Is No Shortage of Blood:  1,302, and still. not. at. the Big Thing. But getting closer, I think! Maybe really close! 

Slavefic #6: 785, and SO CLOSE to finishing the (probably) second-to-last chapter, STEVE PLEASE JUST SAY THE THING SO I CAN FINISH THE CHAPTER.

Underage Child Soldier Omega!Bucky/Alpha!Cap!Steve Marriage of Last Resort Fic: 206

Dira Defies A Fledgling Fic Trope in Venom Fandom, aka Work It Harder (Make It Better): 1,615, done and posted! :D

Eddie’s Adventures in Suicidal Ideation: 8,400, and counting. I swear it ends soon. I swear it gets better and THEN ends. o.O

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