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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2037-12-04 02:07 pm
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About me & Askbox

Hello! This is my sticky post for anyone navigating directly to my journal.

All my fic is on AO3 (Dira Sudis) except for a few very old bits and pieces under the orphan tag here.

I don't often rec fic but I do bookmark like a librarian, so take a gander at my AO3 bookmarks. (You can further sort by the bookmarker's tags--favorite is a tier, okay.)

I can also be found on twitter and pillowfort

I can also also be found writing original romance novels, mostly under the name Dessa Lux. All the info about my books is on my website!

And if you'd like to support what I do, you can buy me a coffee!

Comments on this post are screened, so only I can see them. Feel free to use this post like a Tumblr askbox--you can leave anonymous comments and I will either unscreen and answer in the comment thread, where it will be less visible, or possibly make a post in response. If you state a preference one way or the other, I'll do my best to honor it. (If you're a logged in Dreamwidth user and want to send a private message, by all means feel free to do that, or comment here. Up to you.)

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