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So on Sunday I got tagged in a Tumblr post which turned out to consist of some tumblr fans seemingly reinventing the idea of flashfic comms (hey, let's do this 'write one story a week for a year' challenge! gosh I wish I could do this with a group of people and compare our stories! but we would have to organize them all in some central location!) and I responded teasingly that they could put it on Dreamwidth! Perhaps in the form of a kink meme, with a post for each week's prompt, responses to appear in the comments!

...Yeah, so then I had some gin and no one physically stopped me and now there's a thing?

[community profile] mcuflashmeme is a mashup of the old school flashfic community familiar around these parts and the kinkmeme/anonmeme structure which seems to be the liveliest form of fannish activity on Dreamwidth these days. Come and play, if you're interested! The comment size limit theoretically constrains stories to about 2,000 words but people are posting links to tumblr/AO3 as the fancy strikes them, so do what you want. (Even following the prompt seems to be optional, LOOKING AT YOU, 50% OF RESPONDENTS SO FAR, but w/e, more fic! more art! more stuff!)

Anyway, current challenge runs through Friday, so if you want to write a story titled "A New Beginning" (YOU KNOW, LIKE THE PROMPT SAYS)(KIDS THESE DAYS) come on over to [community profile] mcuflashmeme!


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