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For [livejournal.com profile] reginagiraffe's benefit and my own click-through convenience, seven eight fics (and one animated card) posted for [livejournal.com profile] estrella30's birthday:

May 4, 1983, by me. Kowalski/Gardino, hockey AU, NC-17.

Icon-inspired ficlet by [livejournal.com profile] engenda. Fraser/Kowalski.

Your Hands, Clasped by [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o. Fraser/Kowalski, R.

Birthday Card from [livejournal.com profile] heuradys. Callum, taking off his shirt. Over and over and over.

Fraser and Ray Go to the Beach by [livejournal.com profile] lynnmonster. Fraser/Kowalski, M for meta.

The Train Job by [livejournal.com profile] brooklinegirl. Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17.

Ghost Riding by [livejournal.com profile] jenboo. Kowalski/Vecchio, R.

Fucked Up Story by [livejournal.com profile] doll_revolution. Mr.E/Mr.B, R for really fucked up.

Olympian by [livejournal.com profile] misspamela. Danny/Casey.
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Does anybody know of good long Danny/Casey fic other than Dancing On Glass? A certain girl of my acquaintance has just gotten started reading slash and wants more Sports Night, and it's apparently my job to keep her happy, so please, help. (The trickster archive is down, or I could do a better job of searching myself...)

And now... Work! )
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...Even when they decide to close for the entire weekend despite the power coming back on Friday, and are my only source of internet access, and then they don't open on Mondays til ten, instead of nine, and I have to sit on the steps for twenty minutes, waiting. Even then. I love public libraries. I can check my mail! (~500 messages in two inboxes, since Thursday, but still nothing from IKEA about the furniture I ordered...)

Our power went out Thursday, around four. I was taking a much-needed nap, and woke up and got out of bed in that sleep-drugged staggering way that you do when you've slept two hours in the middle of the day and it wasn't enough. I was facedown on the couch when [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis came out to say the power had gone out. First she was worried she hadn't paid the bill or transferred the account to the new apartment, and then she tried calling the apartment complex office and/or her boyfriend and, despite the fact that you can see a cell tower from where we were sitting in the living room, her phone wouldn't work. It wasn't til we got into my (blessedly air conditioned) car to go pick up her boyfriend from work that we found out what was going on (all our landline phones are cordless, and cells wouldn't work...), when the radio announcer welcomed us to 'this blackout afternoon in metro Detroit.'

We did okay - Iulia's minidisc player gets radio, we had minimags and some candles (and lots of matches - so sue me, I like matches...) and a book light, and our apartment gets pretty decent cross-ventilation. I read books - finished The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester, despite prose that made me want to scream and/or mark up the book in red pen.

Power came back early Friday afternoon, and we celebrated by sitting down and watching six episodes of Sports Night on dvd, which was cool except that for three of those episodes, Danny and Casey were fighting. Turns out that [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis is as staunch an apologist for Casey as I am for Danny, so we were very nearly fighting ourselves, and it was weird (in eight years, the worst fight we've ever had - in Chicago, March of 2002, over whose fault it was that we had to take a cab instead of getting a ride from someone - lasted about three minutes, so close to an hour of vague hostility was, well, weird). Happily, the boys made up, so we could stop being mad at each other.

Saturday, I got offered the full time job I interviewed for a week ago, which means that starting tomorrow night, I'll be spending five nights a week locked inside an office supply superstore with a few coworkers, opening freight boxes, pricing and shelving office supplies. Wish me luck; I'm going to have to completely flip my circadian rhythm in the next 34 hours.

Sunday, I finished reading a book, Apropos of Nothing by Peter David, that I started reading at last year's WorldCon. Good book, funny, high fantasy satire, but that's how much I've gotten out of the habit of reading books, I guess. I celebrated by going out and buying Skipping Towards Gomorrah by Dan Savage, and Public Sex (2nd Ed.) by Pat Califia. Nonfiction seems to be the gap in my reading, now that I'm out of school.

This means that I've actually managed to finish all of my books-in-progress except Emma Holly's Catching Midnight, a supernaturalish-themed (the heroine and several secondary characters are 'upyr', more or less vampires, with shape-shifting abilities) romance novel set in the 14th century. I had forgotten, until I picked it up again during the power outage, that one of the reasons I stopped reading was that the 14th century hero said something the heroine was doing was "sort of ... sexy." (Having just read a book on the OED, I checked: the coinage of 'sexy' is dated to the 1920's.) Ordinarily, I'd just chuck the book and forget it, but I really want to like this book. I really liked the 19th Century romance I read by her (Beyond Seduction) and she's in the habit of presenting positively, or at least not negatively, relationship options other than het monogamy. One of the books she wrote before Beyond Seduction was for an erotica series (and now I can't remember the name of the series or the book) about a m/m/f triad. But. Damn. Diction!

Anyway, I'm tired and still at skip=200, so. That's probably quite enough for now.
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Wheee! Turns out that one drink per Sports Night episode (22 minutes on dvd) means getting pretty damn hammered by episode number, um, number 7. (Had to ask. Am really drunk.) Am pretty wobbly. Am backspacing a lot. This is fun! My hands are all tingly, and my tongue wants to be kissing someone. Probably for the best that I am sitting waaaaay over here away from Iulia. Nobody to kiss. Or touch. Think I was freaking her out during episode #6. Was touching her, because my hands are all tingly. Soooooo tingly. Backspacing a LOT. I should probably stop now, because I'm drunk.

I would totally sleep with Jeremy. I'm just saying. Except I'm not a porn star, so maybe Jeremy wouldn't sleep with ME? But I would.

Also, really drunk. Also, is Geometry actually sexy? Maybe just with geek guys. But they're the best anyway. Also. Really drunk. Stopping now (too much backspacing, and the residential gateway devices are really annoying, and, hey, what DID happen to Dana's face?) Done now. Really.

Day. Night. Oscar Wilde would be proud. No. Done. Done. Bye now. So drunk, so much backspacing.

ETA: Don't remember why I was editing this. Except I am totally hammered, really wobbly, and giggly, and Jeremy's dating a porn star! And I'm seeing a little bit of double and I totally have no short term memory and can't follow the plot and I'm backspacing a lot and did I say seeing double? And it's only nine-thirty - okay, nine-forty-eight - and I'm seeing double and I think I'm going to have to watch this episode again sometime when I'm not drunk and, wow, I need to not update my lj when I'm drunk. And. Seeing double. And. Going to bed soon. Stopping now. Ninety-second? I love Danny. I *am* Danny. Sort of. Except less so. Done now, honest.
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So, we didn't watch eleven episodes of Sports Night today. We watched five. So addictive.

I was sorta underwhelmed by tonight's Queer Eye, though - there's only so many times it can be interesting to hear Kyan tell a guy to shave during or after the shower because that's when your beard's softest. But maybe I'm just cranky because I've promised Art Van an obscene amount of money for an unneccessarily nice bed, and had to drive over there a total of four times to prove to them that I'm going to be living where I'm going to be living when I want them to bring me my bed. Plus? They only deliver Tuesdays and Fridays, I'm moving on Sunday and so guess who's sleeping on the floor for two nights? Me. None of which is the Fab Five's fault, but. Y'know. It's out there.

Also, watching The Daily Show, and - Operation Victory Bounty? God, I wish they'd made that up. Can I move to Canada yet? I'm wearing my shirt today, with the polar bear. I'm ready. I could go. Right now. Seriously.

ETA: I *did* get a letter today from my senator, Carl Levin, thanking me for my letter telling him not to support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman - so apparently those websites that let you send your senator a letter really do work. And he assures me that "It does not require a constitutional amendment to afford legal protection to a civil union between persons of the same sex, an action which I favor." Which makes it sound like I was asking him to pass an amendment of some sort, but, hey, what do you want from a form letter?


Aug. 5th, 2003 02:52 pm
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So, yesterday, we watched eleven episodes of Sports Night. I blame [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis, because I was ready to stop way before then, and she didn't actually want to stop even then, until I pointed out to her exactly how many we'd watched. And. Can I just say...

Dan Rydell? Is a woman. Not that I don't love him, not that I wouldn't watch an Orioles game with him, not anything. Just. Wow. Dan is a girl.

I swear to God, I'm not watching eleven more tonight. I swear.
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I just watched six episodes of Sports Night (they're so bite-sized! you can't watch just one! especially when the dvd just keeps going if you sit still for a minute...) and...

a) It's hard to switch gears from DannyandCasey to FraserandRay. Kept getting wrong mental images, Casey lying on a cot in the office asking Danny why he's doing this. Not, um, that that wouldn't work, maybe with a couch instead of a cot, and snappier dialogue, and more interruptions. It could work. But, not for this week's [livejournal.com profile] ds_flashfiction challenge.

b) After Due South? Nothing looks slashy.


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