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 Slightly belated due to traveling over the New Year while also coming down with a cold...

Questions mostly swiped/adapted from a year in review meme I saw going around--if you think of others, ask and I’ll try to answer and/or add them in for next year, and anyone who wants to reuse this question set, feel free! :D

(I bookmark virtually everything I read--definitely everything I’m willing to admit having read--so I’m working from my AO3 bookmarks in answering these. I haven’t been, like, taking notes all year. Although I probably will in 2018 now that I’ve thought of it.)

1. First fic you read in 2017?

A Bit of Slap and Tickle by @galwednesday (3k, Bucky/Steve, T), featuring domesticity and tickle fights. :D

2. Last fic you read in 2017?

what’s left of my heart’s still made of gold by defcontwo (4k, Kent Parson, T), because Kent deserves nothing but Kesha references and nights out at drag shows, post-3.26. 

(If you don’t know what any of that means, just pour one out for all us beleaguered souls trying to cope with new Check, Please! canon and the holidays at the same time and move on with your blissful existence. Or go read all of @omgcheckplease, it only takes like an hour and a half and then you can gnash your teeth and wail at me!!) 

3. Your favorite fic you read in 2017?

Okay so I have a “Favorite” tag for bookmarks that I used... 16 times in 2017, which is really not that many as a PROPORTION of all the things I bookmarked, okay, it’s like... under 3%, for sure. So I have LOTS of favorites, is what I am saying, but the one that springs to mind as, like, unproblematic fave that I would reread pretty much any time is:

On a Pale Horse by @leveragehunters (26k, Bucky/Steve, T), in which Steve is cursed into the form of a horse and is kind of THE WORST HORSE but also THE BEST HORSE and Bucky rescues him and IT IS SO GREAT YOU GUYS OKAY JUST READ IT.

4. The best fic you read in 2017?

Okay so for just sheer jaw-dropping originality + general amazingness + making me cry the hardest, I have to give this one to:

cascades. by @robotmango (152k, Bucky/Steve, M), in which Steve comes back out of the ice under his own (new and unpredictable) power a few years after crashing the Valkyrie, and things just continue going sideways and upside down from there. And also I cried for like an hour toward the end. BUT IT’S GREAT AND YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ IT! Just, you know, maybe not in a public place? (There is also a podfic; I assume I would die if I ever attempted to listen to it the way I usually listen to long pod-things, which is while driving.) 

5. The most “I don’t even go here but this is awesome” fic you read in 2017?

Stuck on the Puzzle by thespectaclesofthor (236k, Iron Bull/Cullen Rutherford, E), and, uh, I’ve never played Dragon Age: Inquisition but it turns out there’s a pretty good wiki and also I will happily read a 236k original novel of dudes in some fantasyland, one of whom has horns and a sort of culturally ingrained aromanticism, in a fucked-up-but-getting-better D/s relationship?? Man I should reread this sometime when I... have an entire weekend free...

6. How many bookmarks did you make this year?


7. Who was your favorite fanfic author in 2017?

I bookmarked 20 fics by @leveragehunters in 2017 including my aforementioned favorite and at least one other (Balance) that I also tagged “Favorite” and I think that makes her the winner this year!.

I also bookmarked 14 fics by @sineala​ including stuff in The Professionals, a fandom I was in for about ten minutes in 2004, and The Eagle, everyone’s favorite Yuletide fandom, and all sorts of comics-based permutations of Steve/Tony, so honorable mention for “I will follow you pretty much anywhere.”

And likewise @maculategiraffe, who is writing the 400k-and-counting WIP epic set in the world of a video game I’d barely heard of before she started writing it OF MY HEART, about which more below.

8. What was the longest fic you read in 2017?

Stuck on the Puzzle, above, was the longest standalone fic at 236k.

How Life Goes On, The Way It Does by @maculategiraffe​, currently 407k in 12 stories, is the longest single narrative. It’s mostly-post-canon, for one particular thread of canon, in Fallout 4, and I love Nora and her ever-increasing found family SO MUCH, you guys, I cannot even tell you.

9. What was the shortest fic you read in 2017?

This question all by itself is going to be responsible for me drastically expanding my bookmark tagging and/or starting to take a lot of notes on this stuff in the coming year, because it turns out not to be easy to search out the answer. BUT I DID, JUST FOR YOU.

Days in Gold by @gilajames (Simon Illyan/Alys Vorpatril, 547 words, G) was the shortest fic.

But! The smallest word count story-ish thing this year was Sweet and Nasty by @ponderosa121, (Steve/Sam, 166 words, M) a comic-with-transcript made for me for the SamSteve Gift Exchange. 

10. What was your favorite fandom to read fic from this year?

So of the 681 fics I bookmarked this year, a little over half--364--were in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and 95 were in Check, Please! which I got into starting in July.


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