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1. Young Miss Mentis is two weeks old and I am babysitting her (along with the faithful hound) so that Iulia and B could go out and see Spectre together.

We spent some time rocking in a dark room, as she's been a bit sleep-resistant all day (I read her some bits of The Martian off my phone, which seemed a somewhat more appropriate thing to share with her than the next chapter of The Silent World Within You, which I am reading for the first time this weekend and loving extravagantly. But now she has consented to sleep in her swing, and the faithful hound is lying directly across from her on the couch, keeping watch over her, so I can have both hands free to catch up on email and wildly procrastinate about doing any writing.

And so: posting here!

2. I am compulsively bouncing myself in the chair that I'm sitting in (which does indeed bounce a bit). SELF. IT'S OKAY. YOU DON'T HAVE TO ROCK HER. SHE'S ACROSS THE ROOM BEING ROCKED BY A WONDERFUL MACHINE.

*continues rocking anyway*

3. So I've been spending a lot of time hanging out/helping out with the baby, is I guess what I am saying? Not a lot a lot of time--I live in a different city and work full time--but this has been my last three weekends. Which is awesome, although it does lead to being a bit scattered on Mondays, and writing a bit less than I'd like to, although I'm not sure there has really ever been a time when I was writing as much as I'd like to.

4. OTOH with the help of some appropriate daily goals on Habitica I've been writing quite a bit! I'm getting really! quite! close! to finishing my sequel to The Omega's Bodyguard (Dessa Lux), which will be called The Omega's Pack. It's currently about... 48,000 words, and hopefully will wrap up somewhere in the 55-60k neighborhood within the next week or so and I can start getting it ready to publish! :D

Fic writing is also thumping along--I finished Act II of the broken dick epic WIP codenamed Aluminum Bastard, which brings about a shift in tone away from, like, "sometimes happy but always with an undercurrent of secret misery" and it is, in the early stages of Act III, a bit bewildering to be writing things getting better.

(*still compulsively rocking while alone in chair*)

And I've gotten to the point where I've written a few bits of my Yuletide story and am convinced that it will be totally manageable and not really that long at all, so, you know, remember this for later when I'm sobbing about it on December 19 or whatever.

5. The movie started nearly two hours ago and Iulia has not yet stepped out of the theater to text me and ask how the baby is doing so hopefully that means either Spectre is good or she is having a bit of a nap in the theater.

6. I put this on Tumblr the other day, but in case people over here are also interested: The first scene of The Omega's Pack, introducing Rusty's BFF Nick. (Woobie Alert.) )
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1. [personal profile] iulia's baby has arrived! Young Miss Mentis was born before my very eyes on Thursday at 1:50pm, pink and healthy and generally perfect even if she has not really gotten the hang of either eating or sleeping so far. It's early yet. Iulia herself was a total champion throughout 21 hours of labor and a couple of days at the hospital, and now everyone is home (including me, downstairs on the couch for the night while Mom, Dad, Young Miss and the faithful hound sleep upstairs (I think they're sleeping, anyway, it's quiet right now) (I hope they're sleeping)).

2. Still haven't read Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, but, after getting the rundown of important developments from Iulia... well... I feel inspired to get back to writing my Aral/Arkady series?



3b. Writing for money is... a thing I should be doing more of, but the last five days have been kind of distracting. NaNoWriMo starts in... oh, hey, half an hour ago, actually. So I'm hoping to do 50k of money-writing this month, and hoping that that gets me back on track. Auntie Dira needs to make some money to buy more board books!

3c. And then there's broken dick epic. And babyfic. And Ylixia's birthdayfic. And a trash fill. And someday I'm gonna write that story about Bucky who thinks he's gonna suddenly and dramatically self-destruct after the fall of HYDRA. And and and.

4. Gosh new babies are A LOT. Of EVERYTHING.


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