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Meme: February 5: Brad and Nate walk into a small town in California....

There are still some dates open later in February if anyone wants to suggest a post! :)

February 5: [livejournal.com profile] cattraine asks, So what would happen if GK's wolf brothers Brad and Nate stopped by Beacon Hills on a full moon night?

Hmmm. So Nate (looking full-bore civilian although vaguely familiar) and Brad (in civvies but still with his hair clipped tellingly short) wander into a diner in Beacon Hills with Frost and Bo on a full moon night. Strangers with wolves, not in uniform, ring a few bells, and before long the sheriff has come by to have a cup of coffee and piece of pie standing up at the counter; his brother, a mid-sized gray wolf named Smokey, wanders over to politely greet the strange wolves and see whether they're aiming to make any trouble. Bo and Frost amiably make the acquaintance of this local pack-leader, and a few minutes later the sheriff realizes he recognizes Nate and Bo from televised Veterans' League Capture the Flag games--the DC-Area Recon Veterans have gone to the national championships three years running with Bo on the team. The sheriff gets an autograph and paw-print for his wolf-mad son, Stiles, and wishes the shieldmates a good night before he heads out.

Uh, there are no werewolves in the wolf-verse, is the thing. So the full moon is not a very big deal. :)
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Diraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! <fistshake> We were so close...
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*flails* :))
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♥ ♥ ♥
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But Dira, Nate and Brad are being cheated of the full Beacon Hills experience if they aren't at least menaced by some sort of supernatural critter.