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This shit keeps getting funnier. Or. Something.


Not ONLY was Diana Gabaldon inspired to write Jamie Fraser by Frazer Hines' character Jamie MacCrimmon on Doctor Who, but once she had finished writing Jamie Fraser--who gets, as you may know, tortured and sodomized in the grand finale of the story--she packed up a couple of copies and mailed them to Frazer Hines. To... thank him.


Could I make this up? I could not make this up.
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*shudder* But further proof she has no idea of fandom & its customs/rules.

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Special!snowflake gets more and more special every time I turn around.
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holy crap. That's -- uh -- awesome. Or something.
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If that's her only experience of fannish behavior, it's no wonder finding fanfiction on her own stuff makes her want to barf. I'd want to barf, too, if I thought people were treating me that way. ... Wait.

She's very lucky he's more civil to her than she is to her own fans.
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So...fanfic is like having your 40-something-year-old neighbour write graphic porn about your 21 year old daughter and send it to you, with "No harm! Just fiction!" scribbled at the bottom. (I mean, no, analogyfail, Diana - it's actually like a bunch of people in the park in your town discussing your daughter, some in a very crass and graphic fashion, some in a soppy and besotted fashion, and others in a "gee, she's just awesome at calculus, isn't she?" fashion - but let's let that go for now.)

So - fanfic posted somewhere on the internets about the fictional characters you wrote = equivalent of creepy neighbour SENDING YOU PORN ABOUT YOUR CHILD.

But sending a copy of a novel about an 18th Century Scotsman called Jamie Fraser (who gets tortured & graphically orally & anally raped) to the Frazer Hines who played Jamie MacCrimmon, saying "Hey, look what I wrote - it was totally inspired by you!"...not creepy.

I do not think that Captain Logic is steering her tugboat.

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I am squirming with contact embarrassment right now.
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I would like to sympathize with authors' desires not to read about their characters being folded, twisted, and mutilated by fandom--but I do also require SOME FUCKING PERSPECTIVE ON THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR along the way. Sweet jebuslug on a pogo stick, these people have their heads up their butts.
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Oh my god. *gapes at her*
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And she thought we were crazy? If I were MacCrimmon, I'd be cringing. "Um... those are inspired by my body parts."

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*cringes and cringes* She-- Wow. Just wow.
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Dira. Dira, what the hell.
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And she really did not realize that she might come off slightly hypocrite, with her fanfic is raping my children post, after this? O.o

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a) WHAT THE HOLY HECK?! *HOW* is this at ALL okay? i am totally and completely squicked by this.

b) of course she deleted the fanfic posts. i hope someone saved them as proof of her insanity.

c) apparently she has her own chat room thing (?) and is even CRAZIER there.


e) if i didn't know sane published writers, i would swear they were all nuts. man. what a week, what a week.

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You know who's classy? Frazer fucking Hines. Because not only did he not run screaming into the night, he THANKED HER and then was, by her own account, incredibly nice to her years later. (Maybe he didn't read the books?)

(Hilariously, when I first heard this story without any gender markers attached, I assumed that it was Claire who was inspired by a Doctor's Companion, because she totally seems the type.)

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