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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2017-02-19 06:11 pm

This week in writing, 2/19

Guys the last couple of weeks have been so productive and it is for the extremely boring reason that I figured out a good workday schedule for myself (it involves getting up early and starting work by 9) and ahhhh everything (writing-wise for me personally) is so great right now!! 

WIPs currently active: 6, because I could not resist starting another Pillow Box story to pick up where the last one left off, with 100% more comfort and actual Pillow Box time.

Words written this week: 7,130

WIPs that got no words this week: 2, Cannibalism and Sequel to Saddest Story.

WIPs that did get words this week:

Codename: Aluminum Bastard (aka broken dick epic): 784, almost all of which are getting deleted/rewritten, but on the bright side I think I know where I’m going with the next stretch of the story! Act III is sort of blurring imperceptibly into Act IV here, which means making real! actual! progress! through the arc of the story! and maybe even finishing it someday!!

Born in the Blood: 3,760, so Chapter 12 is getting very close to being done!!

Slavefic #5 (THE DRAMATIC REUNION): 1,295, oh man I keep opening scenes and finding new and different layers and depths of terribleness, what even is this story. Also it’s over 23,000 words at this point, getting close to the midpoint of the story. I think. Approximately.

Pillow Box #5: Comfort/Petting/Sleeping in the Pillow Box: 1,291, just wallowing around in how nice it is when things are only a little bit terrible for Threetoo and Tony…

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