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In the annals of excellent life choices

So there’s a new Twin Peaks… thing…? out? I guess? And I have never seen Twin Peaks (but am fairly well spoiled for whodunnit and so on) and have pretty firmly decided that, NOPE, NOT FOR ME, TOO CREEPY AND AWFUL.

…So tonight I was like “hey, I want to watch some TV and obviously Twin Peaks is not even in the running, but what should I watch? Leverage? Sense8?”

And then Netflix recommended me The Keepers. About the unsolved murder of a nun, and how her murder connected to the horrific sexual abuse of teen girls in the school where she taught because THAT IS MUCH LESS CREEPY AND AWFUL AND HORRIFYING THAN TWIN PEAKS? OR. THE OPPOSITE OF THAT. SO OBVIOUSLY I WATCHED THAT.

(I mean, the series seems amazingly well done and I’m sure I’m going to watch the rest of it, just, you know, this is EXACTLY LIKE that time I decided not to read the second and third books of the Hunger Games trilogy because they were too grim and depressing and instead I went and read a book about the Donner party. GUESS WHAT, GRIM AND DEPRESSING AND THE ADDED HORROR OF ACTUALLY BEING TRUE.)

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Maybe there is a support group for this... *g*

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And this is why I was a Northern Exposure (which has *not* aged well) fan rather than Twin Peaks.
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Numb3rs has aged *much* better. It's really sad about how NE did not age well, though. I have such vividly good memories of it back in the 90s. Oh, and you can visit the little town where they filmed the exterior scenes. It's just off of I-90 about an hour and a half east of Seattle. The Roslyn sign (the town's actual name is Roslyn) and everything.