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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2018-12-02 04:58 pm

This week in writing, 12/2

Nanowrimo is over! And I did not win, but I DID finish the gay werewolf thing I really needed to finish, so that’s… basically the same as winning??

Also if you follow my blog you might not know this but I PUBLISHED A BOOK THIS WEEK!!

…so anyway actual writing of fic has been not happening in HUGE quantities, but now it’s December and all that stuff that I really really want to finish by the end of 2018 is… up next. yes. 

Words written this week: 3,071

WIPs that got words this week:

There Is No Shortage of Blood:  188

Born in the Blood: 458, and getting so! close! to the end! !!!!!

Slavefic #6: 655

Underage Child Soldier Omega!Bucky/Alpha!Cap!Steve Marriage of Last Resort Fic: 289

Marvel Trumps Hate Bucky/Steve First Time Fic: 351

Oh Look I’m Mad At Another Venom Fic Trope aka For a Song: 1,130, done and posted!

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2ALgww8
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[personal profile] emyrys 2018-12-03 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)
I think we all won!

SO excited to see the Born in the Blood on There (I love that fic), but also sad that it's going to be over. (why yes, I want my cake and to eat it, too. )