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Eddie's Apartment

[Recreating my Tumblr Post of the same name from 10/27/18, since my Tumblr being NSFW now makes everything behind the cut inaccessible.]

…I obsessively screencap so you don’t have to!

So there’s this Vanity Fair video (which is awesome and you should totally watch) with Ruben Fleischer breaking down how they shot the fight scene in Eddie’s apartment, which is cool for many reasons but mainly because it includes MANY VIEWS OF THE INTERIOR OF EDDIE’S APARTMENT FOR ALL YOUR DESCRIBING-EDDIE’S-APARTMENT-IN-FIC NEEDS.

[ETA 12/24/18: By now you could also, of course, consult your friendly local DVD or Blu-ray--I assume someone will make high quality caps of this stuff soon. I will, probably, if I don't see someone else get to it first.]

Also, revelations about who our favorite disaster is as a person! Eddie owns a Moka pot, a pepper mill, a LOT of blankets and lamps, even more LPs, and more than three shirts actually hanging on hangers!

(I screencapped these in full screen on my laptop, so the images are biggish if you click for full-size but still not necessarily the greatest quality–they do all have the timestamps on for the video, though, so you can check for yourself in the video if there’s a detail you want to see.)

[ETA: They're actually not horribly resized by Tumblr now! I've set them to scale to the window size, but if you open the image or save it, you'll get the full 1920X1080 jpg.]

OH ALSO. Eddie’s bracelets are on his RIGHT wrist, he wears a big black watch on his left wrist, and a gold band (?) on his left index finger (???) EDDIE WHAT EVEN ARE YOU.

Behold, Eddie's hands and wrists

[See also: https://dira.dreamwidth.org/file/4649.jpg and https://dira.dreamwidth.org/file/6106.jpg]

Also he has one of those magnetic knife holder things AND YET NO ONE GETS STABBED IN THIS SCENE???

Slightly different view of the kitchen, pre-fight

View of the front half of the apartment

So the kitchen (with nice terra cotta tile floor!) is to the immediate right from the front door; he has a little kitchen cart/island which gets messed up in the fight, and a table for two under the double window to the immediate left coming in the door, with a little plant on the windowsill. Also a filing cabinet snugged up next to the fridge as an incidental table.

More kitchen details:

There's a moka pot on the stove!

Eddie shops at the mythical Ralphs of San Francisco

Moka pot on the stove! Pepper mill! Shopping bags from Ralphs left out on the cover! Wooden salad bowl drying on a towel next to the sink! Maybe an Instant Pot??? [ETA: Someone in the notes on the Tumblr post suggested that this is in fact a coffee grinder, not an Instant Pot.]

Eddie's apartment from a high angle in the kitchen

Past the kitchen is his couch with matching armchair, both leather, with a coffee table set on a patterned rug. The couch is facing a TV on the exterior wall, between the next two windows. The couch has throw pillows and a silky-looking blanket draped over the further arm. (RIP coffee table.)

There’s another padded chair set up on the exterior wall, next to his weights.

View of the back half of the apartment, including the leather couch at right

In the back left corner of the apartment, next to the last two windows, there’s a big old metal desk set up with a desk lamp. There are file boxes under and around the desk and a crowded, messy bookshelf set up on the brick wall behind it.

There are some open blue shelves partially screening the back right corner (with white plaster walls) from view, and that’s where Eddie’s bed is.

Eddie's bed! With a window above it for some reason??

He has nightstands with lamps on both sides of the bed, and a window (to nowhere? he’s not actually on the corner of the block of buildings, it might be looking out on a very narrow airgap between two buildings) over the bed.

To the right of Eddie, one bathroom door and the hanging clothes

Between the kitchen and his bed-corner, the right hand wall punches out to make a little alcove. There’s a tension rod across the back of it where Eddie has clothes hanging up, and two doors face each other across the alcove, leading to his bathroom and … probably a closet? EDIT UPON SECOND VIEWING: the door to the left goes to the sink/shower/bath, the door on the right is the sad toilet cubicle of misery. No closet.

Blue shelves somewhat blocking off Eddie's bed

Eddie's bookshelves and LPs and the kitchen

The couch isn’t set against the right-hand wall; there’s a gap of four feet or so, and along the wall are half-eight bookshelves. At the end nearer the kitchen, there’s a turntable and a bunch of LPs, including a copy of Dark Side of the Moon propped up against the wall under the lamp. Eddie owns like… eight lamps. I DON’T OWN EIGHT LAMPS, EDDIE. HOW ARE YOU BETTER AT ACCUMULATING HOME FURNISHINGS THAN I AM.

Screencaps I uploaded but didn't use in the original tumblr post:

Eddie versus toaster oven:

Eddie taking tater tots out of his TOASTER OVEN

The stairs down from Eddie's floor:

The apartment building stairs going down from Eddie's floor
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Eddie’s bracelets are on his RIGHT wrist, he wears a big black watch on his left wrist, and a gold band (?) on his left index finger (???) EDDIE WHAT EVEN ARE YOU.

Pansexual millennial disaster puppy? And we love him for it?