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2018 Fic Year in Review

Scope note: I am including the WIPs I’ve posted to AO3 this year, and will also include them in future Years in Review for years in which new chapters are posted. Stories posted for Yuletide 2018 are included in this post.

In 2018 I posted 13 complete stories and added chapters to two ongoing WIPs, for a total of over 284,000 words of fic posted in four fandoms. That is the fewest different stories I've posted in a complete year of fic-writing, ever, but, uh, one of them was the lion's share of TINSOB, so.

I actually wrote just over 211,000 words of fic in 2018 (most of TINSOB was written before this year, but otoh I wrote the remaining TINSOB chapters and most of Slavefic #6 and haven't posted them yet, so.) My worst month was March, when I wrote less than 3,000 words of fic in the entire month (and then I got on some new brain meds) and my best month was October, when I wrote over 30,000 (helloooo Venom fandom!)

This year’s titles quoted from The Mountain Goats (3), T. S. Eliot, Alan Jackson, Peter Gabriel, Daft Punk, Dan Fogelberg, and Linkin Park.

(Fic list and a bunch of meme questions under the cut)

Check Please!

Cuir et Peluche (Bitty/Jack, Explicit, kind-to-be-cruel BDSM, 15,391 words)
A Forward Takeoff (Bitty gen, T, wolfbrotherhood in the American South, 7,717 words)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Between the Motion and the Act (Bucky gen, T, Infinity War - The Snap, 333 words)
The Way We Are Tied In (Steve & Avengers gen, T, Post-Infinity War Part 1, Wakanda after the Snap, Grief, 8,999 words)
There Is No Shortage of Blood [Ongoing WIP: Chapters 16-54] (Bucky/Steve, Explicit, post-HYDRA, rape recovery, 182,445 words)
Born in the Blood [Ongoing WIP: Chapters 15-16] (Steve/Sam, Steve/Bucky, edging warily toward Bucky/Steve/Sam, Explicit, babyfic, 10,295 words)

Let the Truth Spring Free (All Eternals Deck #2, Bruce/Bucky, Bucky/Hulk, awkwardness, 16,428 words)

Little Bitty World Goes Around and Around (Little Bitty #4, Bucky/Steve, T, ageplay, daddy kink, no sex, 3,535 words)


Cold Hands, Warm Heart (Eddie/Venom, T, Winter Cuteness, 1,306 words)
Aide-Memoire (Eddie/Venom, Explicit, Amnesia, Tentacle Sex, 7,166 words)
Work It Harder (Make It Better) (Eddie/Venom, Explicit, Tentacle Sex, 2,260 words)
The One the Battles Always Choose (Eddie/Venom, Mature, suicidal ideation, 15,614 words)
For a Song (Eddie/Venom, T, Discussions of Cannibalism and Morality, 5,119 words)
Venom Versus Christmas (Eddie/Venom, OT4-ish, T, Yuletide gift for Okadiah, Christmas and Anti-Christmas, 4,571 words)

The Thing in the Walls Wants Your Small Change

The Giant in the Cavern Brings Copper and Silver and Gold (Dragon POV gen, G, Yuletide gift for donutsweeper, 3,172 words)

My best story this year: I mean, it's not technically quite done yet, but, uh, this is probably a slam dunk for There Is No Shortage of Blood.

My favorite story this year: oh man, this is hard. "Aide-Memoire" or "The One the Battles Always Choose" probably? Or "The Way We Are Tied In" because I like to suffer?

My most popular story this year: There Is No Shortage of Blood is of course running away with hits and comments, even when I isolate the hits and comments received in 2018. Two of my Venom stories actually got more kudos (since October!) than TINSOB received in all of 2018: "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" (2,200) and "Aide-Memoire" (2,078). Best hits-to-kudos ratio is my tiny-fandom Yuletide story, "The Giant in the Cavern Brings Copper and Silver and Gold" which has staggeringly received 1 kudos for every 2.73 hits.

Most fun story to write: "Between the Motion and the Act" in a completely evil way, or "Work It Harder (Make It Better)".

Story with the single sexiest moment: I guess, uh, it depends on how you feel about tentacles? Uh. "Cuir et Peluche" is probably the safe bet here.

Story with the single sweetest moment: Aw, man, There Is No Shortage of Blood manages to pull off a lot of sweetness embedded in... everything else. "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" is ridiculously nothing but sweet, as is "Venom Versus Christmas". And... wow, I wrote a lot of sweetness this year, LIKE MAYBE I NEEDED IT?? THANKS, 2018.

Story with the single saddest moment: "The Way We Are Tied In"

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Uh... I feel like this should probably be a Venom story?? But I can't really... tell...?

My weirdest/kinkiest story as demonstrated by reader response: (I updated last year's spreadsheet for this so now I can compare YEAR ON YEAR, this is GREAT.) "Work It Harder (Make It Better)" won highest percentage of bookmarks kept private on AO3 (38%, less than last year's winner), and also had the largest ratio of kudos to comments (the "I like this but I don't want to talk about it" quotient, with almost 27 kudos per comment).

My most startlingly wholesome story as demonstrated by reader response: "The Giant in the Cavern Brings Copper and Silver and Gold" has ZERO private bookmarks as of this writing, and "A Forward Takeoff," strikingly, has only 6% private bookmarks--last year I didn't have a single story with less than 20% private bookmarks.

Hardest story to write: Oh, God. All of them, in the first three quarters of the year.

Biggest surprise: Monsterfucking!

This year’s theme and the story that demonstrates it most: Monsterfucking! Uhhh... man, I don't even know. Finishing things? I finished writing a bunch of things and got very close to finishing one more, and that's the strongest impression I have, but that's not really an in-story theme.

Favorite opening line: Eric had certainly never expected to be wolf-bonded. from "A Forward Takeoff."

Favorite closing line: From "Between the Motion and the Act": Maybe now we can both get some rest.

What fests/exchanges/etc. did you participate in this year? I wrote "Cuir et Peluche" for my Fandom Loves Puerto Rico auction winner, mara_jade, and I wrote two Yuletide stories--"Venom Versus Christmas" for Okadiah, and "The Giant in the Cavern Brings Copper and Silver and Gold" for donutsweeper.

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[personal profile] linguamortua 2019-01-04 03:54 am (UTC)(link)
I think the sheer speed and intensity of the onset of The Monsterfucking surprised all of us in the year of our lord 2018.
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[personal profile] ellie_nors 2019-01-04 10:34 pm (UTC)(link)
I am always stunned by your writing, both the quantity and the quality. And yey, new brain meds!
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[personal profile] astrobravo 2019-01-04 11:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Aaaaaaaaa I really love this post, and all your writing. I've read Aide-Memoire probably... 5 or 6 times already? The one the battles always choose like 2 or 3. And the little bitty series too. I just love how you write characters caring for each other, it's so soft and I've just needed that recently. Thank you for all your hard work this year ☆
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[personal profile] leveragehunters 2019-01-05 12:05 am (UTC)(link)
This was so interesting to read, plus all this fic on top of three books is seriously impressive. And I'm always fascinated/awed by your spreadsheets/stats keeping around your fics! (Also, yay new brain meds!)
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[personal profile] reginagiraffe 2019-01-05 02:50 am (UTC)(link)
Thanks for reminding me to read "The Way We Are Tied In". I wasn't in the right mindframe to read it when you posted it.

Can't wait to read the rest of TINSOB, BITB and Slavefic #6!
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[personal profile] ambersnake 2019-01-05 11:26 am (UTC)(link)
Wait, "Work It Harder (Make It Better)" is private bookmark material? Wow, I have seriously underestimated my personal level of fucked-upness when it comes to porn :D

I can't believe how much you've written in single year, especially on top of your books! Really glad you found you groove in monsterfucking.