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Dira Sudis ([personal profile] dira) wrote2019-03-11 01:58 am

This week in writing, 3/10

It’s March! And I think the higher dose of antidepressants is kicking in! And … I got myself into a new fandom, because. Of course I did. But hey, I wrote stuff!

Words written this week: 5,591
WIPs that got words this week:

Born in the Blood: 685, and honestly Chapter 17 might be done at this point, I just have to figure out the exact line I’m ending on.

Marvel Trumps Hate Bucky/Steve First Time Fic: 74

Slavefic #7: 756

Sad WWII Bucky/Steve Fic: 250, and I have been resisting writing this story since about 2015 because IT’S SAD and not even in a normal dramatic irony way or Bucky-falls-from-the-train way, so. At least it’s comparatively short? Probably?

For the Hoard: 1,573, ahahaha oh god I’m writing Witcher fic now apparently?

Underage Geralt/Original Witcher Characters: 2,253, I AM JUST SAYING. IT HAPPENED, OKAY. NO ONE GOT OUT OF TRAINING AT KAER MORHEN WITHOUT BEING FUCKED BY AN ADULT WITCHER AT LEAST ONCE. This is… apparently a hill I am going to die on to the tune of writing a 5+1 fic about Geralt’s experiences of that… whole… situation. All of those words went into, uh, the first half of the first part. So. This is fine. Yes.

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I'm this close to literally weeping with joy about you writing Quality Sads about my ridiculous trash son, you have no idea.
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Yay better meds! Yay more writing!
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