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Dessa Lux: The Omega's Bodyguard

So I may have mentioned that writing-for-money is a big thing going on in my life recently, and this week I have a new thing to show for it:

The Omega's Bodyguard, super tropey over the top ridiculous gay werewolf romance (with future loving pack gangbangs on the horizon for the omega in the title in the, er, many sequels I have plotted out). It's a/b/o, ish, because a/b/o is a thing that has escaped from fandom into the wilds of self-published ebooks on Amazon, but, uh, not mpreg, because it still weirds me out that MPREG is a thing that is super common in self-pubbed ebooks on Amazon, and also some people are not into that but are still into swoony subby dudes who just want to get fucked a lot by their alpha. I am here for those people.

(This is *totally not* Generation Kill fanfic which you can tell because the dudes' names are Rusty and Sam instead of Brad and Nate! And they are actualfax werewolves instead of being soulbonded to wolves. (Wait what do you mean psychic wolves are not an obligatory feature of GK fic.) See? Totally different.)

Anyway, it's free this weekend, so get it now if that's the sort of thing you are interested in! :D

Also please admire the cover that I did not make myself. I LOVE COVERS THAT I DO NOT MAKE MYSELF, THEY ARE THE BEST THING.

(Also it got RT'd by Charlie Jane Anders last night????? and is now the #1 free ebook gay romance on Amazon????? SO. THIS IS GOING WELL.)
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I am one of those people you describe, and I am so happy you are here for me. \o/!!!!
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I'm seeing links to your book and to press for An Apprentice to Elves right next to each other on my Twitter, and finding it hilarious.
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It's relevant to mine-- I loved Tin and I am willing to buy another book just to see her again-- but after the last book my expectations are not high.

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Congrats on the rec and rank and cover! Go you! \o/

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EEEEE I got this last night and it was so good.
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Mmm. So is it horrible of me to ask you if there's more stories with them?

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\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
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Downloaded it yesterday, and looking forward to tackling it tomorrow :) Charge money for the next one, so I can support your writing-for-money efforts!
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Well then I guess I'll be downloading it on Monday again :)
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Grats on publishing! *hugs*

So, I have a question that's halfway OT — about the KDP process — if you have a second to answer. Did you create an Amazon account under your pseud and then set that up with KDP, or did you use an account under your real name that then allowed you to use a pseud on the book? I'm getting ready to do this myself (cross your fingers for me!), and am flailing at the lack of useful information from Amazon; I don't want to start out the wrong way and end up with a situation where I can't shield my real name from the public, because privacy.
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Thank you, you've been very helpful! <3
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So excited to read this! Also grateful that there is no mpreg. (Do psychic wolves next!)
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I personally can never get tired of wolves and Marines.
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Downloaded! Can't wait - congratulations!
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OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!111! ::goes to download::

Really looking forward to reading this. Congrats, you!
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Yay, congratulations and thank you!

(And of course psychic wolves aren't required in GK fic. If it doesn't have psychic wolves, it just means it's a mundane AU!)
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That was really fun, good work :D
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I downloaded! And wrote an Amazon review (which is why it's says there's three reviews but you can only see two?) BUT! I hope this becomes insanely popular b/c I love your prose. I always love when you write fic in fandom's I'm in or can fake, b/c it's 100% enthralling to read every time, and it's just the same in your profic.

I'm in favor of the Bonding gang bang but not so hot on the ancillary/mentioned lactation kink/inflation kink. I wouldn't say anything, but the end of the book said to tell you that sort of thing? But, by all means, write whatever you wish. :)

(Anonymous) 2015-11-03 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)
...hi, I would like to chime in on the flip side--I am SO VERY HERE for the lactation kink/inflation kink. Like, so much. So very, very much.

I mean, not having it there wouldn't be a deal-breaker, but especially now that it's been foreshadowed (and Sam was looking forward to it!), I've kinda got my hopes up...? If that makes sense.