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Today is [livejournal.com profile] rubynye's birthday! I’m writing Poe/Finn/Rey fic as a gift, but it isn’t done yet, so on your actual birthday, please enjoy this Poe/Finn snippet from the middle of the story.

Working title: Finn Doesn’t Know How Sex Works (Because Stormtrooper)

(I’ll come up with something snappier later, I promise!)

Spoilers for The Force Awakens!

Poe was on the first of two days of mandatory downtime... )
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So months and months ago I wanted to write a story where Bucky comes to Steve and confesses that he has always been in love with Steve, and Steve is totally blindsided because he never thought of Bucky that way, but he wants to try a relationship--and then there's a whole uncertain process of trying and figuring things out en route to them both being happy in their new romantic relationship.

I figured that the logical way to have Steve go from "never thought of you that way" to "aw yisssss" regarding someone he's known since before puberty was to make Steve demisexual. I then decided to make Bucky (post-Hydra-traumatically) asexual because... I... like making life difficult for myself? Anyway. This story is extra-specially dear to my heart for a lot of reasons but hard to write for nearly all the same reasons, so it stalled out about a chapter and a half in, but I've never been able to stop going back to it and poking at it and thinking "well, I could probably write just a little more..."

This morning I posted a snippet of it in response to a tumblr ask and once again found myself wishing I had somewhere to post fic that isn't really finished, or sure to ever be finished, but is too substantial for me to feel comfortable just casting it upon the waters of Tumblr. Somewhere less formal and permanent than the AO3, but with commenting capabilities, like a kinkmeme where I could post five thousand words in one go...


So! Posting an unbeta'd WIP on the journals like it's 2008. I don't know when or if I will continue writing this! I just wanted to share what I've got. It ends in a pretty nice place, though.

Title: Try to Take a Shot
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Bucky/Steve
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 5,575
Notes: Bucky is now asexual (pursuant to general post-HYDRA depersonalization) but was bisexual previously; Steve is and always has been demisexual/biromantic

Summary: "I want to date you, Buck. I want to try--it'd be a hell of a shame not to. So what's different if we're dating? We already live together, we eat together and watch movies together, anything we feel like talking about we talk about with each other. What else?"

Try to Take a Shot, Chapter 1/? )
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I've written three ficlets (so far) for a tumblr meme asking me to do another POV of something I've already written in a story in progress. So these are sort of fanfic of fic I haven't finished writing yet, and I wanted to put them over here just to preserve them in the "orphan" tag. And to preserve them in general.

From my 87,000-words-and-counting epic Bucky recovery fic:

For [tumblr.com profile] summercomfort, an original character POV on Bucky Barnes at the start of his recovery:

Staff Sergeant Eric Andrews had seen the videos. )

For [tumblr.com profile] shamwowxl, for the same story as the above, Steve receives a phone call:

It was the middle of a Wednesday morning. )

And from a story that is nearly finished being written as a fill over at [community profile] hydratrashmeme:

For [livejournal.com profile] rubynye, Bucky's view on taking care of Steve after a rough bout of BDSM sex:

Bucky would be content to stand in the shower with Steve hanging off him for more or less the rest of his life. )
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Soooo I first started this one--intending that it should have a bit of a plot woven into the porn--sometime around December. Of 2010. It's been a bit of a thorn in my paw as I've gone forward with the series (and I've abandoned it at least twice only to pick it back up). So now it's done! And a PWP!

This is, more or less, the eighth story in the internal chronology of The World That You Need, though the (ye gods) tenth posted.

Many thanks to [personal profile] ellen_fremedon for beta, and to [personal profile] iulia, [personal profile] oliviacirce and [livejournal.com profile] rubynye and the other usual suspects for encouragement!

Aral/Jole, (Aral/Cordelia). Explicit. Sex toys. 5500 words.
"I've never really seen the point. I mean, sex is already fun. It's sex. I don't know what you'd need toys for."

Read below or at the AO3.

Dance Across the Room )
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Sooo back before the [livejournal.com profile] tw_holidays reveal, [personal profile] pollitt told me she'd guessed my story, and I offered her a ficlet in exchange. She asked for Derek learning to play lacrosse. I remembered I am bad at keeping things short.

Many thanks to Pollitt for the prompt, and [personal profile] iulia for beta!

Derek/Stiles. 2500 words. Not explicit.
Derek wasn't anywhere near being an old wolf, and he was bound to be able to learn new tricks.

At the AO3, or here:

Goal-Oriented )
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BINGO! This is the (ninth and) final story I needed to complete a center-square bingo on my Cotton Candy Bingo card! It's also sort of an abbreviated and mutated form of the first idea I had for the "New" square, three or four different ideas (and fandoms) ago. But the point is, for the first time I am actually completing a bingo on time! Or at all! \o/

Many thanks to [personal profile] iulia, who made sure I wrote an actual very short story and not a description of a very short story. ♥

Derek/Stiles. 670 words. Not very explicit.
Stiles loves new moon nights.

New Moon Shine )
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For the "magic" square on my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card, because the story I'd originally intended to use is, uh, well. Not going to be done by December 31, let's put it that way.

Many thanks to [personal profile] missmollyetc for aiding and abetting, [personal profile] lynnmonster for beta, [personal profile] celli for encouragement and [personal profile] iulia for, as always, making me break up long sentences. Not that any of this is their fault.

Stiles/Derek. Explicit. Magic, bondage, painplay. 2800 words.
In which Stiles explores off-label uses of mountain ash.

Responsible Use of Magic )
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For the Wild Card square on my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card (Cuddles, Snuggling, Sex, und so weiter). Title is in reference to a line of the dialogue from The English Patient: "Then I tell myself he spends all day searching; in the night he wants to be found."

Many thanks to [personal profile] iulia for cheering this one, and to [personal profile] giddygeek for beta!

Stiles/Derek. Explicit. 6,500 words.
"Hey," Stiles said, eyes lighting up as a grin spread across his face. "There is a mostly naked werewolf in my bed."

Being Found )
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For the Lost Voice square on my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card, because, obviously.

Gregor/Laisa, little princes. G. 1,370 words.
Given the nature of the complaint, Laisa stayed at Gregor's side when his personal physician arrived to examine him.

The Emperor's Voice )
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For my Candy square in [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo! It is exactly as sugary as that implies.

Many thanks to [personal profile] iulia for cheerleading and beta and helping me figure out a title.

Derek/Stiles. Not explicit. 1,750 words.
Stiles had plenty of experience with putting himself out there and getting shot down.

Dream a Little Bigger (Darling) )
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So last night I was really sad about this business, and then I thought, hey, why wait for something to actually happen on the show before writing yourself a fix-it for it? So I did.

Jackson, Peter, Derek. Gen. 1800 words.
"Jackson, we found your biological family."

Blue Blood )
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So apparently this story didn't exist elsewhere--or at least, I couldn't find it--so I had to write it myself. This is for the "play" square on my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card! No really, I swear, it fits!

With many thanks to [personal profile] iulia for beta and for loving this story even before I wrote it, and to [personal profile] celli for knowing the word I needed.

Tag to 2x02, "Shape Shifted". Isaac, Derek. 4200 words.
Warning: Child abuse (for Isaac's thought processes).
The rest of the night of Isaac's first full moon.

Primae Noctis )
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This happened in my head today. [personal profile] iulia cheered it on, and now here it is!

Stiles, Derek. Guns and reminiscence. 1400 words.
"I don't dislike guns. I respect what guns can do."

Safety )
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For the "sunburn" square on my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card!

Many thanks to Iulia for beta. Story title, on the off chance you want an explanation for it, is from Weezer's "Surf Wax America" because obviously.

Nate/Brad. Explicit. 3200 words.
He flicks a fingernail against the center of Nate's chest, and Nate's whole body jerks from the zing of bright, prickling pain.

Still Afloat )
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Going on two years ago, when I posted Everything That You Can Keep, [archiveofourown.org profile] JanLevine pointed out in a comment that there ought to be a story in this series about Aral getting pulled out of bed for Miles's Kyril Island incident; without that nudge, I wouldn't have come up with this story.

Of course, the story I came up with two years ago and planned on writing for the better part of the last two years was, as it turned out, wrong in certain significant aspects, so many thanks to [personal profile] commodorified for pointing that out to me when I complained about how hard it was proving to write.

Thanks also to [personal profile] sanj, [personal profile] petra, and [personal profile] fairestcat for encouragement along the way, and as ever, thanks most of all, for beta and general support, to [personal profile] iulia.

So here is the ninth story in The World That You Need, with, for those keeping score, a title from the Mountain Goats' "Heretic Pride" that made slightly more sense for the earlier version of the plot and then just stuck.

During The Vor Game. Aral/Cordelia, Aral/Jole. Not explicit. 5800 words.
Arkady was awakened before dawn by a knock on the door.

Rocks in the Pathway )
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And now for some completely different wolves! I was working on the outline for Act III of the wolf-verse Iraq story and realized that this didn't actually belong in the main story, but I still wanted to write it--so you still get to read it, if you are into that sort of thing.

This is set about a month before Which In Your Case You Have Not Got and, as you might expect, about halfway through the Iraq story to come, which, uh, will tell you some things about why this story is so goddamn long and still not in Iraq. *g*

Title is from Henry Reed's "Naming of Parts" by way of the other puppy-naming story in this series, Today We Have Naming.

With thanks to [personal profile] iulia and [personal profile] tricksterquinn for audiencing!

Gen. Nate, Bo, puppies. 1200 words.
February 2003. Six out of seven wasn't bad.

Today We Have Naming (Camp Matilda Remix) )
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So I had this story on my to-write list, briefly, under the working title domestic violence apologia--No, wait, come back! It's not like that, I swear!--uh, probably. Werewolves and their casual violence make everything complicated, okay.

Many thanks to [personal profile] lynnmonster for beta and [personal profile] iulia for encouragement! Title is from Florence + the Machine's "Kiss with a Fist".

Post-Season 2. Derek/Stiles. Explicit. 12,700 words.
Themes of domestic violence, graphic violence, underage sex (Stiles is the same age as in canon).
Moderately spoilery explanation of scenario here, highlight to view: Derek semi-accidentally dislocates Stiles's shoulder (and expresses immediate horror at his mistake) and Stiles spends much of the rest of the story rehashing the event with people who witnessed it--including Isaac, who saw it as an act of abuse, which Stiles insists it wasn't, and Lydia, who talks casually about it being, or being a precursor to, domestic violence. The story is not about an ongoing pattern of violence within Stiles and Derek's relationship, um, beyond what's already there in canon. Feel free to message me if you have questions/concerns about content!

"Do you know what just happened?" Peter asked, frowning. "Do you know what Derek did?"

dislocated my shoulder," Stiles snapped, but Peter just arched an eyebrow, unimpressed by that answer.

Break the Lock If It Don't Fit )
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Oh hey look I finally got around to writing Derek/Stiles! And it is ridiculous G-rated hurt/comfort. Someday there will be porn, I swear.

For [livejournal.com profile] pjvilar, who wanted h/c with blankets, and with many thanks to [personal profile] iulia and the cake-flavored vodka for encouraging this.

Stiles/Derek. Not explicit. 800 words.
Stiles is standing there holding a blanket folded against his chest.

Comforter )
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Oh look, Dira continues to write Teen Wolf gen! This one is for the lovely [personal profile] oliviacirce, who did not mind being bribed to beta Teen Wolf fic with more Teen Wolf fic, which I also made her beta. And also for [personal profile] iulia, because she is my Stiles. ♥

This story is for the "stomachache" square on my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card.

Gen. Stiles & Lydia. 1,000 words.
Warning: Teenagers referring dismissively to eating disorders.
Stiles has a stomachache.

No Bellyaching )
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A year ago next week, I was in a car accident, and that night I lay in bed, in pain and pretty badly rattled, trying to tell myself a Generation Kill story that was sufficiently soothing to help me sleep and coming up blank. I just couldn't picture a story about recon Marines that was as full of cuddles, comfort, and general reassurance as I needed right then.

Gentlepersons, I have no such failure of imagination tonight. (This morning. Whatever.)

With many, many thanks to [personal profile] iulia, [personal profile] petra, and everyone else who's listened to this story over the last several months, and especially to [livejournal.com profile] lakeeffectgirl, [personal profile] oliviacirce, [personal profile] templemarker, and [personal profile] frostfire for beta. All remaining mistakes, and all new ones I've introduced since last they saw it, are of course mine.

Title is from the Decemberists song "Dear Avery".

Nate/Brad, babyfic. PTSD. Explicit. 62,000 words.
Nate looked exactly like Brad always pictured him: exhausted in the full life-in-a-combat-zone sense of the word.

Read it here, at the AO3 or at my site

(Fic is all complete, the second-half post is just set not to show on reading pages.)

Don't You Shake Alone (1/2) )


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