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I did a whole complicated thing here with a random number generator instead of just following the instructions, because I like to make life difficult for myself. But the actual directions for this meme are:

-Write down twenty of your favorite pairings/threesomes/etc.
-Put your media player on shuffle. The number of the song corresponds to the number of the pairing.
-Quote a part of the song that you think has any similarity with the couple.
[Although I may wander off into speculating on the song or some part of the song as a fic prompt, if it doesn't otherwise seem to apply.]

Drake/Josh - The National, Trophy Wives )

Jack/Sam/Daniel/Teal'c - XTC, Dear God )

Miles/Ekaterin - U2, One )

Aral/Cordelia - The Tragically Hip, Tiger the Lion )

Taura/Roic - The National, Cherry Tree )

Dag/Fawn - Reel Big Fish (covering A-Ha), Take on Me )

Eugenides/Attolia/Eddis/Sophos - Sufjan Stevens, Seven Swans )

Ramie/Jack&Jill/Tommy - The Mountain Goats, Cubs in Five )

Neal/Peter/El - Vienna Teng, Augustine )

Parker/Hardison/Eliot - The National, Fashion Coat )

Nate/Sophie - Peter Gabriel, Here Comes the Flood )

Danny/Lindsay - Lemonheads, Mrs. Robinson )

Eleven/Amy/Rory - KT Oslin, Come Next Monday )


Cobb/Saito - The National, Secret Meeting )

Nine/Jack/Rose - Sufjan Stevens, Chicago (Multiple Personality Disorder Version) )

Metacrisis!Ten/Rose - Eddie from Ohio, Sahara )

Jack/Ianto - The National, Val Jester )

Kirk/McCoy - Elton John, Candle in the Wind )

Kirk/Spock - The Dresden Dolls, Mrs. O )

Rory Williams/River Song - Symphony of Science,  )
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Having finally watched the Thanksgiving Eve episode of CSI:NY.

I just have two spoilery questions: )

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I am now sitting here looking up Varg Veum on youtube (after also looking him up on Wikipedia). I just watched all the trailers, despite them all being in, you know, Norwegian, and then I found a five minute clip from the sixth movie with subtitles and lesbians. SEND HELP. OR MORE CLIPS OF VARG VEUM.

(For people who did not see the vid at VividCon--I don't think it's online yet, alas--uh, they are a series of movies based on a series of novels about a (Norwegian!) private investigator, and there is a lot of blood and violence and people dying and, now that I think about it, an actual dead woman in an actual refrigerator. But Varg seems really, you know... sad about it all. And blond. I possibly have a type.)

(Apparently in Norway people say "Hi" pretty much like here! It's the one word I understood. \o/)

Also, I am more aware of HOLY CRAP JOSS WHEDON YOU HAVE SOME ISSUES than I was before I watched a lot of Buffy, Firefly/Serenity, and Dollhouse vids all in one weekend. HOLY CRAP, JOSS WHEDON, YOU HAVE SOME ISSUES.

Mostly unrelated to VividCon, I am now all caught up on season five of CSI NY and then I bit off all the nails on my left hand. Why is it not September 23 right now? Damn cliffhangers.
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First weird thing: I'm still awake. Not sure why. It may have to do with CSI: NY, as I am finally finishing watching the fifth season, which fishtails wildly between Danny/Lindsay OTP OMG!!! and "Oh my God Danny could totally go have sex with Flack right now. Or Adam. Or Flack AND Adam!"


Second weird thing: Ever since sometime this weekend, while I was at the VividCon hotel, I have been logged out of LiveJournal every time I close and open Firefox, despite faithfully checking the "Remember Me" box every time I log back in. While I was at the hotel I assumed it was something to do with their network, but as the problem persists now that I'm home, I see something else is going on. I've checked all my cookie settings, etc., but nothing seems to have changed this weekend (though I did get some Windows update on Friday, which could possibly be related).

What I also discovered is http://www.livejournal.com/manage/logins.bml which lists any/all sessions where you are currently logged in to LJ. And what I discovered there is that I was showing about eight currently logged in sessions - listing IPs and login times which appear to correspond to the hotel and every time I opened and closed my browser at home tonight--which means as far as LJ is concerned, I'm starting up new sessions every time I open my browser, without the old sessions being logged out when I close. (I don't think it's a caching issue, because when I reopen the browser it initially appears to be logged in--then I refresh the page and, tada! logged out.)

So ... is this a Firefox issue, somehow? I am staying logged in to Dreamwidth (also in Firefox) and the tab of Firefox that is operating as an IE emulator is staying logged in to LJ. So it's not an overall system issue, and it's not just LiveJournal or just Firefox. Anybody have any ideas what could be going on here, or how I could fix it?
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Next down my list of TV shows to rediscover after SPN was CSI:NY, so I'm working my way through the end of Season 4.

A couple of things from Episode 4x18, Admissions )
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Detective Don Flack, describing witness statements after a violent death in a club: Everybody reports the same loud explosion, and then after that it was panic at the disco.

Now I am just going to sit here and picture Flack dancing around his apartment to A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, kthx.

hey, so

Dec. 30th, 2007 02:31 pm
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You know what's fun sometimes? Watching TV shows you haven't seen before.

I know this will sound like a radical idea to many of you, but no, it's true! Really!

Of course, my selection of all the unwatched stuff on my various hard drives was sort of random, so I spent most of my morning rediscovering my love of CSI: NY, and let me just say spoilers for the end of season three, squee and also thoughts about my least favorite plot device. )
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[livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis is down for the weekend, most of which we have spent on my couch watching tv.

We've just moved on from CSI: New York to Supernatural by way of The Prestige, with breaks for Girlyman (hi [livejournal.com profile] sanj! hi [livejournal.com profile] wordplay! hi, er, other people whose names I've forgotten!) and extensive discussion of a certain joint undertaking in Bones about which more soon.

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Mar. 11th, 2007 12:46 am
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I just finally FINALLY watched "Run Silent, Run Deep" and. oh my god. I waited because I wasn't sure I was, like, psychologically PREPARED to see this episode and guess what I WASN'T! BUT THAT'S OKAY! )
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CSI: New York, eps 2x12-2x14 )


So if there was, uh, fic? Dealing with any of these weighty issues? I would love to see it. But I haven't seen past 2x14, "Stuck on You," so please please don't spoil me past that.
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None of the shows I watch in real-time (or, well, in torrent-delayed real time, or torrent- and attention-span-delayed real time, or... anyway) is airing new episodes right now. I imprinted largely on dead shows, so it mostly just feels like time to catch my breath (i.e. watch more CSI: New York!) but, anyway. Everything is (allegedly) coming back in the next month:

Life on Mars - March 13 (UK)
Bones        - March 14
Regenesis    - April 1 (Canada)
Standoff     - April 6
Numb3rs      - April 6 ETA: actually, March 9!

Remember Standoff? Ron Livingston, Gina Torres, Michael Cudlitz, big guns, hostage situations, etc.? That's the one I'm kind of watching recede infinitely into the distance: Fox announced it was moving to Friday 8pm, and initially said it was coming back in "Early March," then last week it was March 30, and as of now it's April 6. It's anyone's guess whether they'll actually go through the formality of airing it in the Timeslot of Dooooooom before killing it, but, hey, there's always room for one more slender little DVD set...


That is all.
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Yep. CSI: New York.

Danny/Flack. PG. 1,270 words. Season 2-ish, because I've only seen up to 2x11, so please don't explain to me how this is rendered anticanonical by 2x12. *g*

Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis for letting me rabbit on about some show she hasn't seen, and [livejournal.com profile] missmollyetc for hand-holding, cheerleading, betaing, and not quite getting me to title this story "It's Just That If They Were Both Getting Advice from Stella, They Would Wind Up Making Out in Front of Her (Danny Just Has This Feeling)."

"Danny," Mac finally said, "did you just ask me for advice on your romantic relationship?"

Transparency )
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Okay so I have a new fandom. I ADMIT IT.

After the little incident on Saturday when I got completely traumatized by a CSI:NY fic series ending on a sad note (but! as it turns out! the series isn't over! hope is rekindled!) I spent several hours jonesing for MORE CSI:NY which, for various pathetic reasons, I could not lay my hands on.

So then Sunday morning I went out and bought season one on DVD, and I am twenty episodes in and.


I am deeply and meaningfully in love with Danny Messer. That is all there is to it.

He's BLOND, okay? BLOND and COMPETENT and yet not, uh, always super-competent, and a WOOBIE and spoiler cut for people further behind the curve than me! ) and his life is HARD, and he needs a nice boyfriend. Is my considered opinion.

Also, I love Stella A LOT. And FLAAAAAAACK! And Mac, sweet Jesus, I want to sit him down and MAKE HIM BETTER. Or sit him down and drop Danny in his lap, that would be okay, wouldn't it? And Aiden! And Hawkes! And! AHAHAHA, FORNIPHILIA. My spelling bee word! Contextualized at last! <3 <3 <3

However, I do not love their faux!Greg. Go away, faux!Greg!

Also I have the fluffiest bunny ever, and I want to make a vid. killmenow.
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I'm not saying that people have some kind of obligation to warn for sad endings.

I'm just saying that I'm going to go curl up in the fetal position and cry now. As soon as I'm done taking all the CSI:NY discs off my Netflix queue, because I don't think I have the heart anymore.

Oh Mac and Danny, why could you not just be eating waffles together forever? Why did I keep reading?


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