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So months and months ago I wanted to write a story where Bucky comes to Steve and confesses that he has always been in love with Steve, and Steve is totally blindsided because he never thought of Bucky that way, but he wants to try a relationship--and then there's a whole uncertain process of trying and figuring things out en route to them both being happy in their new romantic relationship.

I figured that the logical way to have Steve go from "never thought of you that way" to "aw yisssss" regarding someone he's known since before puberty was to make Steve demisexual. I then decided to make Bucky (post-Hydra-traumatically) asexual because... I... like making life difficult for myself? Anyway. This story is extra-specially dear to my heart for a lot of reasons but hard to write for nearly all the same reasons, so it stalled out about a chapter and a half in, but I've never been able to stop going back to it and poking at it and thinking "well, I could probably write just a little more..."

This morning I posted a snippet of it in response to a tumblr ask and once again found myself wishing I had somewhere to post fic that isn't really finished, or sure to ever be finished, but is too substantial for me to feel comfortable just casting it upon the waters of Tumblr. Somewhere less formal and permanent than the AO3, but with commenting capabilities, like a kinkmeme where I could post five thousand words in one go...


So! Posting an unbeta'd WIP on the journals like it's 2008. I don't know when or if I will continue writing this! I just wanted to share what I've got. It ends in a pretty nice place, though.

Title: Try to Take a Shot
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Bucky/Steve
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 5,575
Notes: Bucky is now asexual (pursuant to general post-HYDRA depersonalization) but was bisexual previously; Steve is and always has been demisexual/biromantic

Summary: "I want to date you, Buck. I want to try--it'd be a hell of a shame not to. So what's different if we're dating? We already live together, we eat together and watch movies together, anything we feel like talking about we talk about with each other. What else?"

Try to Take a Shot, Chapter 1/? )
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I've written three ficlets (so far) for a tumblr meme asking me to do another POV of something I've already written in a story in progress. So these are sort of fanfic of fic I haven't finished writing yet, and I wanted to put them over here just to preserve them in the "orphan" tag. And to preserve them in general.

From my 87,000-words-and-counting epic Bucky recovery fic:

For [tumblr.com profile] summercomfort, an original character POV on Bucky Barnes at the start of his recovery:

Staff Sergeant Eric Andrews had seen the videos. )

For [tumblr.com profile] shamwowxl, for the same story as the above, Steve receives a phone call:

It was the middle of a Wednesday morning. )

And from a story that is nearly finished being written as a fill over at [community profile] hydratrashmeme:

For [livejournal.com profile] rubynye, Bucky's view on taking care of Steve after a rough bout of BDSM sex:

Bucky would be content to stand in the shower with Steve hanging off him for more or less the rest of his life. )
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So before I got around to writing, or even plotting, my Stargate SG-1 magnum opus, I really, really wanted to write a Moebius story. You remember Moebius, right? It's the one where SG-1 goes back mumble thousand years in time, and everyone EXCEPT Daniel dies, and then he's trapped alone in ancient Egypt for years until an alternate-timeline Sam, Jack, and Teal'c show up to fix the timeline, and then, reality having been repaired, that Daniel, Sam, Jack, and Teal'c are left in ancient Egypt to live out their lives.

Well, I thought to myself, this begs some questions. One was: How does Teal'c survive in a world with no Goa'uld and no Tretonin? And the answer was, he probably doesn't. Another was: How the hell does this hardened, battle-scarred, even-more-fucked-up-than-most Daniel deal with spending the rest of his life with alternate versions of Sam and Jack?

But the most pressing question was why, this time, Daniel survived when his team died. So obviously I came up with a more satisfying answer than "to defeat Ra" and it was "because he and Sam and Jack had a baby and Daniel was the parent best equipped to raise her alone in ancient Egypt, so he was designated to hang back and survive if things went wrong in the uprising."

I mean. Obviously, right?

But the idea of Daniel raising his daughter in ancient Egypt, with all the miseries and limits that would entail, was also really depressing. Ah, I thought, well. There's still a puddlejumper around somewhere--that first one that got buried in the desert, stranding the original team in the past. It's bound to get unburied eventually, and when it does, hey presto! They can all go home!

And it was that--the going home, with all the complications it would entail, all the ways it would disrupt the equilibrium they might have arrived at, Daniel raising his daughter with doppelgangers of her other parents--that I found I really wanted to write. I made several starts at it. With the Dying, my story about the alternate Teal'c dying in ancient Egypt, was one of those starts.

The next one picked up right after that and just kept going, with the shaky start of Daniel's relationship to the geek!verse Sam and Jack, and the introduction of Daniel's daughter.

Breakfast. 1500 words. )

My third try at the story was next in internal chronology, jumping forward a year and a half, to a point where Daniel and the new Sam and Jack have settled into a new triad relationship, and also more or less settled into living in ancient Egypt.

This also showcases the way ancient poetry and backstory were going to be sprinkled into the story--the title by this time had advanced from "OT3gypt" to "Out of the Unexpected", which is one of Sappho's more fragmentary bits of poetry.

Honey, I'm home. 1800 words. )

The middle attempt at the story got the furthest in terms of words written, although it spans maybe three or four hours of internal time, tops. It's set a day or two after the scene above, on a very eventful day.

Out of the Unexpected. 15,000 words. )

So, if it's not already obvious: I still love this story to tiny, team-y, kidfic-y bits. But, yeah, there's no way I'm ever writing it, so I hope that other people get some warm fuzzies from these pieces of it!
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Firstly, the Idyll Challenge! Because we need more fic about our favorite characters in their happy places. [personal profile] dorinda describes idyll fic as stories "in which the characters are stuck in a peaceful, comfortable, well-stocked place, usually with some kind of swimming available".

There's already an AO3 collection set up, waiting for your idyll fic! Check it out! :D

And, uh, speaking of happy places--it had occurred to me a while ago that I'd like to write amnesia fic for Derek Hale because not being aware of every horrible decision he'd ever made in his life would actually, in a sad way, be his happy place. I took a crack at writing some, inspired in large part (particularly the title) by [personal profile] resonant's post about an acquaintance's experience of Total Global Amnesia.

But I got distracted from the story, as I am prone to do, and wasn't writing very quickly, and then Season 3A of Teen Wolf overtook me and jossed the story in some really unexpectedly fundamental ways. I'd mostly given it up in favor of other stories by then anyway--had actually already started an entirely different amnesia story for [community profile] hc_bingo before the worst of the jossing happened--so this one definitely isn't ever getting finished. I'm still fond of the story, though, so I thought I'd do a mini WIP amnesty and share the part I wrote. It was going to a Derek/Stiles place eventually, but it never quite got there.

Teen Wolf WIP Amnesty: The Boy in the Bubble, jossed and permanently incomplete, 7000 words. )


Aug. 4th, 2012 08:37 pm
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I am definitely not sufficiently frustrated with wolves that I started writing fic where Nate is a sexbot. And even if I were writing sexbot fic, it would definitely not be creepy, dubcon, and/or under the cut here.

Creepy dubcon Brad/sexbot!Nate fic I am not writing under the cut. Apparently I figured out how to write the Uncanny Valley. \o? )
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No, really.

This started life as an email to [livejournal.com profile] rubynye, but then I thought, hey, maybe other people would also be entertained by the mental images. And I really really am in the middle of too many other things to try to write this, so I don't have to hoard it away somewhere for feel of spoiling the story. So, here.

The AU where Charles is sort of a porn star and Erik auditions for a role in his next movie. )
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I was thinking, I don't have anything to post for More Joy Day, but I guess I should at least post and say Yay! More Joy Day! with my happy shiny Rose icon.

Then I thought, hey, what about that WIP about Rose and Metacrisis!Ten that's been sitting around for... a while...? That's relatively happy (for Rose and Metacrisis!Ten) and has a reasonable stopping point, and it's ... 8,000 words long.

So! Here! Have the first two scenes of what could eventually be a long and schmangsty and profoundly ridiculous kidfic: Orphans of Time.

Rose/Metacrisis!Ten. post-"Journey's End". 8,000 words. Explicit.
"Well, he's the same old Doctor so far," Jackie remarked.

Orphans of Time: Scenes 1-2 )
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[personal profile] riverlight was the only one to cast a tie-breaking vote, so it's time for Bob getting knocked up, with, let me just reiterate, SOME GROSS BIOLOGICAL DETAILS, because that is how I roll.

(I mean, look, if you have enough unsuspected internal ladyparts to get accidentally pregnant through anal sex, then, logically....)

I actually told most of this in email to [livejournal.com profile] missmollyetc so there is ... quite a bit of it. Apologies for tenses jumping all over the place, it was ... many different emails.

~10,000 words. Bob/Gerard, Bob/Gerard/Frank, Frank/Jamia. Mpreg. (But no diagrams.)

Anyway, I was commuting with [personal profile] strangecobwebs and apparently listening to a fair amount of David Bowie in her car when I came up with this, so the story came to be titled Spiders from Mars )

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...And one time they did.

This was topical when I wrote it in email (as "something I want to write" although looking at it now it seems kind of ... written) a year and a half ago--in fact I think there must be some sort of factual basis for the precise date of #3 but I no longer remember what it was, did somebody find a marriage license?--and then I forgot it existed until just now, trying to dig up a piece of the Bob-gets-knocked-up story that I know I wrote down somewhere.

So! I'm just going to post this.

Four or Five Times Frank and Jamia Didn't Get Married and One Time They Did. )

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#4 on the poll was the option called "The Two Short Ones Involving Gerard, genderfuck, and other favorite cliches of mine (Gerard/Frank)" and these may actually be fairly short because I never got all that close to writing them and I'm kind of hazy on the details. \o/

The cliches in question, in case you were wondering, were time travel and amnesia. Which, you know, obviously are crying out to be included in a genderfuck story.

So, first, there was the time travel one, inspired by someone attending the Cobra show a group of us went to at the 9:30 Club... )

And then the gendersomething-amnesia story which I think I must have come up with by trying to deliberately smash my favorite things into each other.

I mean: genderfuck amnesia fic. Come on. )

Up next: the (c.2007) Panic BDSM bunny which is really a very long pairings list OR the one where Bob gets pregnant and I really love me some offputting verisimilitude. However will I choose...?

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I just finished this and I have to post it right this second or it will continue dragging out toward infinity. Please excuse any infelicities you run into toward the end. :)

7300-ish words. I am bad at summarizing.

As best I can tell, the Bob Wakes Up with Ladyparts idea started like this, on June 28, 2007, talking to [personal profile] iulia about an interview with Patrick Stump:
dira: Patrick: Yeah, it was...was it 'Thank You For The Venom'? Can't remember the name of it, can't remember what song I played. But it was one of their fast ones.

ChartBlog: That's SO unfair. You wanna be doing one of their slow ballads.

Patrick: I chose that song! And I did pretty well, except Bob Bryar, the drummer, likes to set his drums pretty far away, and he plays with his arms instead of his wrists. And so I couldn't come up with some of the really fast fills, cos I don't have the arm strength that he does. He's a lot more buff than people give him credit for.

iulia: Mmmm, Bob.

dira: (...I kind of want to write girl!Bob fic, where switching fucks with Bob's upper body strength, and he's fucking furious about it.)

dira: (Like, yes, okay, his dick is missing, but mostly HE CAN'T PLAY THE FUCKING DRUMS RIGHT.)

...Obviously, Bob is my favorite.

The initial idea was reinforced by this video of Bob talking about and then playing Welcome to the Black Parade, in which he mentions that the big Black Parade kit was at the very limit of his ability to play, and that he was never actually comfortable with it, hence the dual kits starting on Projekt Revolution.

So over time this idea--Bob gets switched and can't drum right and hates it--turned into a whole Bob/Gerard story called, naturally, Juliet Loves the Beat. )

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At the time I posted Chimerical Romantics I noted that in addition to being mostly summarized and told rather than shown, it was not Frank and Gerard's whole saga. I already knew the rest of the arc, at that point, but writing it out in even as much detail as I did the first part would have made it ... really, really long.

So here's the rest of the story, now even more abbreviated. Warning for a couple of characters being moderately villainous in ways that cohere with bandom's stereotypes of them, plus a cameo by Jamia as a hooker. THAT ONE WASN'T MY IDEA.

Frank/Gerard, 6500 words.

Chimerical Romantics: The Rest of the Story, now even more summarized )
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So the awful thing about rounding up these stories for telling is that I was going through my email and IM chatlogs, trying to find copies of what I'd told people before to work from, and in the process I have run across A LOT of other stories I'd completely forgotten about over the last two and a half years.

(For instance:

[17:40] DiraSudis: I have been wanting to write an AU (OR IS IT) where Dirty and Pete met in one of Pete's Philosophy classes in college, and Dirty is actually smarter and better-educated than Pete and just would rather run around the country being a professional goofball than slaving away in academia somewhere and not getting taken seriously anyway.
[17:40] DiraSudis: And just now I realized that it's not just that he's writing his thesis when he's not busy getting shot in the ass with a t-shirt gun, HE'S WRITING HIS THESIS IN MEDIA STUDIES ABOUT PETE.
[17:41] DiraSudis: ...I just needed to tell someone that.
[17:42] misspamela: Dirty's spirit animal is a FROG I THINK
[17:42] DiraSudis: Pete's spirit animal is probably a bulldog. And probably like eats or steps on the frog.
[17:42] DiraSudis: So that's probably not going to work so well.
[17:43] misspamela: but is accurate

That's the whole thing, please don't ask me to talk about it.)

ANYWAY, I managed to locate most of the bones of the Spencer/Bob story, which I had actually started writing in the hilariously mistaken belief that I could just write part of it and it would be fine! It's set from late September 2004-September 2005, so basically from shortly after Spencer's 17th birthday to a little after his 18th. It would have been stupendously NC-17 for underage sex all over the place; as it is there's nothing really graphic under the cut, but there are descriptions of what 17-year-old Spencer and 24- or 25-year-old Bob would have been up to in this story.

I did an alarming amount of tour date research for this story, mostly via the Wayback Machine and the MCR LJ comms that date back far enough, so if nothing else I have the timeline more or less right!

I wrote nearly 6,000 words of setup, which just barely got to the point where Spencer and Bob speak to each other. By that point it had accumulated two working titles - one for the part covering the first 48 hours of Bob and Spencer's acquaintance (which I figured I could keep to about 30,000 words) and the other (from a Mountain Goats song, of course) for the insanely long subsequent story spanning the entire year. So without further ado...

Spencer/Bob, 17,000 words of not-quite-fic.

Crash Boom Bang & Through This Year: the insanely long non-AU underage Bob/Spencer story. )
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Here are the first three of the double-drabbles I promised last week.

[personal profile] fox was unhelpfully vague in her first request, but when pressed mentioned SG-1 and Supernatural in the same sentence, so:

On a Mission )

[personal profile] noracharles requested Supernatural fic set after "The Rapture," episode 4x20.

Left Behind )

[personal profile] leviticus_lied requested Sam and Daniel (from SG-1, het or gen, I don't mind) where they are hanging out and laughing and having fun.

A Good Time )
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So in between episodes of Merlin I am putting off working on Die Hard fic by writing Torchwood fic, and putting off writing Torchwood fic by doing, um, this (and this, and this and this) in comments. In case anyone did actually want some Die Hard McClane/Farrell kidfic arranged in sort of random order. It's, um, avant-garde.

([livejournal.com profile] renenet, I think sheerly for the sake of delicious-ing, may or may not have dubbed this "Something to Hope On," but rest assured that if I ever put it in chronological order and one tense and really write it, it will almost certainly have a new and much stupider title. *g*)
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And on her eighth day in a new fandom, Dira looked around and saw that it was good, and then started plotting kidfic.


Feb. 8th, 2009 08:51 am
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So! Here is a story that I thought up and yet am definitely, definitely not ever going to write. It is definitely not fic, and definitely not fic not for [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis's birthday, which today is not. Or something like that. Point is: we watched Journey's End yesterday, and I found I needed to write this down.

It all started with [livejournal.com profile] lucythedragon's amazing and brilliant Castiel vs. Ten Picspam Poll, which, among other things, has Donna Noble winning (over Anna) for best redhead-who-bosses-him-around, and Dean Winchester winning (over Rose) for best troublesome big-eyed blond he adores.

Which left me saying "Oh, man, Dean/Donna" and then, in really quite short order it collapsed into schmoopy Dean/Donna curtainfic. )
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Five more drabbles!

[livejournal.com profile] thelionforreal asked for girlfriend in a coma! which is a really epic, epic, epic Pete/Patrick idea I have had kicking around for the last eight months or so. This drabble would make a lot more sense if you knew the whole story, but hopefully Missi will like it.

Girlfriend in a Coma )

[livejournal.com profile] missmollyetc FOOLISHLY demanded SPENCER REID/MIKEY WAY and I think what I wrote makes a lot more sense if you go look at how the stick people became extinct and realize that I referred to Reid/Mikeyway to someone else as a fire hazard, and THEN Molly asked for a drabble. So. Yeah, then this happened.

Hazard )

[livejournal.com profile] browngirl asked for Any/some/all of Gwen, Martha, Ianto, and/or Tosh, and a quiet moment between disasters.

A Moment to Breathe )

[livejournal.com profile] annakovsky asked for Charlie/Ted prison sex!

Ineffable )

[livejournal.com profile] revelininsanity wanted to see what would happen if Spencer Reid and Charlie Crews met(pref. while working a case).

Just Not Right )
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More drabbles, and more fandoms this time:

[livejournal.com profile] misspamela wanted Supernatural! Something about Bobby!

The Third Sunday in June )

[livejournal.com profile] mclachlan asked for Torchwood, Jack/Ianto - Jack discovers Ianto is a timelord.

Nobody Dies at This Time )

[livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis requested Doctor Who! DoctorDonnafriends!

Just the Claps )

[livejournal.com profile] strangecobwebs wanted the bandom/Criminal Minds crossover of my heart: Spencer/Spencer! Smith trying to explain...something...to Reid!

Hard to Explain )
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First five drabbles, as requested. These are all bandom, with one Torchwood crossover.

[livejournal.com profile] pearl_o requested Ryan Ross. And sleepovers.

What Can a Working Girl Do )

[livejournal.com profile] monroe_nell said I guess this is the part where I don't ask for jack/gerard, right? but I was stricken with inspiration, so:

Did You Check Everywhere? )

[livejournal.com profile] monroe_nell actually asked for: Spencer Smith/Bob Bryar, kittens?

Setting Boundaries )

[livejournal.com profile] bayleaf asked for Brendon finally gets hit with the clue bat and comes out to himself!

Lightning Has Struck My Brain )

[livejournal.com profile] happy_coconut wanted Jon/Brendon- first date. Or spinach.

The Way to a (Sailor) Man's Heart )


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