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Hotlinked eye candy behind the cut tag )

Trond Espen Seim, at work directing Kalde Hjerter, which does not come out until Easter 2012 (as the Varg Veum Facebook helpfully explained in a status message, possibly after people got excessively excited over set photos--I think Kalde Hjerter is actually the last of this second set of six movies.)

...I guess Varg will not be wearing Trond Espen's black glasses or totally inexplicable but evidently beloved Quebec Nordiques hat, though. Alas.
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This is my first full week at the permanent location of my new job (...did I mention the new job? surely I mentioned the new job) and I have to work Saturday, which means I have tomorrow off. So... sort of the weekend, sort of still the work-week. I get to sleep in tomorrow, is the main thing.

With numbers, so I don't have to think of transitions:

1. I get to sleep in tomorrow and then go (indoor) climbing, which I have been too exhausted or otherwise discombobulated to do any earlier in the week. I went for the first time on Saturday (hooray local Groupon!) and promptly came home and joined [community profile] disobey_gravity, because that is what a fangirl does when she finds something awesome. She joins the relevant comm. ♥

(It was exhausting and daunting and I fell a lot, but that is what the harness and rope and padded floor are for! And, you know--climbing on things! My inner bookcase-scaling toddler cannot get over being actively encouraged to climb on things.)

2. I shall not mention when, exactly, I have been having periods of time on my hands with access to the internet but not the freedom to visit overtly fannish sites, but the point is: I have been reading Arthur Conan Doyle courtesy of Project Gutenberg. No spoilers, just rambling. )

3. Speaking of writing/head-exploding, I have just made what I think is the fourth start on the Aral/Jole story. Writing is hard, dog bites man, etc.

(Seriously though--I am trying to write Aral Vorkosigan coming to terms, emotionally, with honest polyamory. I BET DRINKING WOULD HELP.)

3a. I tell myself the worst bedtime stories. )

4. So it turns out I'm pretty much making a living wage now. Recent Amazon purchases include: Private Investigator Varg Veum: The Complete First Series (Uhh... sure. Call it whatever you want, it's the first six Varg Veum movies in shiny Region 1 DVD!), I Spy Season 1 (I am officically un-adopting Bill Cosby as my TV Dad. He is too mind-bendingly hot as Scotty. I cannot cope. By which I mean, I LOVE THEM.), and, uh...

One other thing which I feel kind of sheepish about buying. )

5. Awesome, amazing trailer for Stargate SG-1: The Movie. I really need to go rewatch all ten seasons right now.

6. That reminds me, [personal profile] kuwdora has made a wonderful Castle vid! Suddenly I See is three solid minutes of all the parts of Castle I generally want to draw big sparkly hearts around. (And, yes, it is even safe for my brother to watch.) Highly recommended for being full of awesomeness.
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With English subtitles! For 1:07! On Facebook this morning!

Varg and Hamre! ♥!

Clip from Skriften på veggen!!!!!

*goes off to watch just one more time before work*
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1) As I haven't said this anywhere outside of comments and IMs yet: Although nothing can be promised, [personal profile] iulia and I firmly intend to propose and volunteer to VJ a Lord King Bad Vid show for VividCon 2011. We can't make it happen without new and new-ish vids, so if you are a vidder reading this consider this your notice that any LKBVs you choose to make in the next ten months could well find a home there! Hypothetically! Maybe!

And if the vid show thing doesn't work out, well. Who doesn't want to see more Lord King Bad Vids? There are whole fandoms that missed out on the last round due to not really existing yet. I feel like Merlin, for example, just cries out for Lord King Bad Vidding.

2) When you are feeling physically wretched for an assortment of not-very-good reasons, there is nothing like seven episodes of Mythbusters in twenty-four hours to make you feel better. Although the sleep, drugs, and pizza probably helped.

3) So last summer, maybe you remember this, I got kind of hooked on the Varg Veum movies, which are from Norway. So, also sometime last summer, I think, I became a fan of Varg Veum on Facebook. It's really entertaining to see occasional posts on my Facebook newsfeed entirely in Norsk. I'm pretty sure that the first of the six new movies is premiering, possibly at some sort of film festival, on Thursday the 26th, and from the set photos posted a week or two ago, I'd guess they're hard at work making more movies.

Now I just have to wait for the movie(s) to make it to DVD, get subtitled in English, and cross the Atlantic. No sweat. In the meantime, I should chase down another of the novels in translation....


Banner by [personal profile] skybound2

Open to all fandoms and ships-or-absences-thereof! Signups now, posting October 1-7.

5) Speaking of Amy Pond and my undying love for her, Neil Gaiman shares a scene cut from the episode he wrote, which is about to go to table-reading.

This year I may be looking forward to the Amy and Her Boys Christmas Special (which, to be clear, is not the episode mentioned above, but still, AMY AND HER BOYS) more than Yuletide.

6) Also speaking of Amy Pond, I was following David Hewlett for a while on Twitter (because Joe Flanigan got on Twitter and I was following him and it seemed obvious) but then I had to un-follow him for his egregious failure to appreciate Amy Pond. :(

The Flan continues to be pretty entertaining, though.

7) I should write something. Speaking of Amy Pond...

I am too entertained by the little bit of this I've written not to share. )
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More fantastically minor spoilers for Yours Until Death, Isachsen shows up! )

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Going from the Varg Veum Wikipedia article and the thrillingdetective.com bibliography, you can immediately pick up on a few of the crucial differences between Din Til Døden, the movie, and Yours Until Death, the translation of the novel Din Til Døden.

The chronology's been switched around: the first movie was made from the eighth book, followed by the second movie, made from the third book, and then the third movie, Din Til Døden, made from the second book.

So this is the earliest available look at Varg, in terms of internal chronology! Which is sort of exciting! At least if you're me.

Hamre's first appearance (!!!!), Varg's romantic and family history and drinking habits, etc.: minor spoilers for the movie, not-especially-plot-consequential spoilers through half of the book. )

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1) I did not draw blood or break anything yesterday, hooray me!

2) I just got the two books I ILL'd: The Life of High Countess Gritta von Ratsinourhouse, which is the subject of this fandomsecret, and Yours Until Death, a translation of the Gunnar Staalesen novel on which the third Varg Veum movie (Din Til Døden) is based.

For the record I totally did not just sit at my desk and read the first ten pages, I am not worried about the fact that Varg looks like he's about to incur a head injury if not an outright beating, and I am not melting all over the place that the first-person line, I don't know anything more heartbreaking than a little kid who tries to smile but can't make it.


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Help me, internets! I think the ep of Criminal Minds may have been a slightly truncated file. Does anybody remember watching ep 4x22, "The Big Wheel," (the one from toward the end of last season, with the OCD perp and the blind kid). Did it end very abruptly at the point where spoilers of MISERY. )

In related news, while the whole moral ambiguity what-is-evil-really sympathy-for-the-bad-guys nuance thing is one of the things I love about Criminal Minds, HOLY FUCK IT'S CREEPY SOMETIMES.

PS I still love you, Varg. I just have not figured out what the hell to do with my impulse to write moderately smarmy gen about you and Hamre. /o\
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Recently I noticed that, slasher though I am, I am really kind of a sucker for the canon het pairing: Mulder/Scully, John/Aeryn, Josh/Donna, every bandom guy/his current wife or girlfriend, Spock/Uhura, and so on.

So here I was watching Varg Veum (oh, come on, you knew it was coming around to that, didn't you?) and it took me until the third movie to realize that spoilers? )

PS Look, there's a tag now! I believe that this now means that if you are reading me on Dreamwidth, you can selectively filter out all my posts about Norwegian crime movies. \o?
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Ahem. So. I enjoyed that. Personally. Maybe you might, too! You never know!

PS I am still figuring out Norwegian vowels--Varg pronounces his last name kind of like "Voym" or "Voyum" while other characters say it more like "Vayoom" or "Vyoom" and there are a lot of other variants. Also it's possible Espen Trond Seim is Norway's Sean Connery--there is a character in the film named Karsten Asklason, and while every other character pronounces all of those s's as such, Varg's come out as Karshten Ashklason.

Also I think I am now equipped to say fuck, hi and no in Norwegian, so that's practically a functional vocabulary.
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I am now sitting here looking up Varg Veum on youtube (after also looking him up on Wikipedia). I just watched all the trailers, despite them all being in, you know, Norwegian, and then I found a five minute clip from the sixth movie with subtitles and lesbians. SEND HELP. OR MORE CLIPS OF VARG VEUM.

(For people who did not see the vid at VividCon--I don't think it's online yet, alas--uh, they are a series of movies based on a series of novels about a (Norwegian!) private investigator, and there is a lot of blood and violence and people dying and, now that I think about it, an actual dead woman in an actual refrigerator. But Varg seems really, you know... sad about it all. And blond. I possibly have a type.)

(Apparently in Norway people say "Hi" pretty much like here! It's the one word I understood. \o/)

Also, I am more aware of HOLY CRAP JOSS WHEDON YOU HAVE SOME ISSUES than I was before I watched a lot of Buffy, Firefly/Serenity, and Dollhouse vids all in one weekend. HOLY CRAP, JOSS WHEDON, YOU HAVE SOME ISSUES.

Mostly unrelated to VividCon, I am now all caught up on season five of CSI NY and then I bit off all the nails on my left hand. Why is it not September 23 right now? Damn cliffhangers.


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