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So the other night I had a FaceTime date with [personal profile] verity, and after a while verity mentioned 2048: Teen Wolf DILF Edition, and the date rapidly devolved into the two of us parallel-playing like amiable toddlers, making various frustrated noises at the game together. An hour or two later I checked to see if the internet had produced a Tyler Hoechlin edition since I last looked, and then there were a lot more broken noises of helpless delight, but also just the two of us hanging out on our respective couches playing 2048.

I have a 2048 problem, is what I am saying. And I enjoy sharing it!

2048s I Have Loved

Teen Wolf DILF Edition by eeames. Includes a lot of weird image choices--I personally do not rate either Ennis or Deucalion as a DILF even if you spot them the Dad part. I'm a little afraid to find out who 1024 and 2048 are, given that trend. But it does have the numbers on the images, so you can keep track of where you are in the game.

Tyler Hoechlin Edition by @JessicaThomas. I would like to thank the person who made this game, and also Tyler Hoechlin, for helping me to understand what it means to feel personally victimized by someone's attractiveness. @__________@ Also [personal profile] verity observes that the images are all in the same color family, if that is a thing you are able to notice instead of just being variously dazzled by changing iterations of Tyler Hoechlin. I think it has a mix of stills and gifs, but my brain melted. It's all gifs! I checked. For science.

Dylan O'Brien Edition #5 by Minnie. My favorite of the, uh, nine Dylan O'Brien Editions I tried, it's all gifs and includes Stiles winking encouragingly from the 32 square and the Terrifying Smile on 128.

Dylan O'Brien Edition #8 by derektheimmovabl. Alternates gifs and stills, but has a good gradient of attractiveness--the starting 2 square is a greyscale gif of bb!youtube!Dylan and he improves (and ages up) from there.

Stargate SG-1 Edition by leisurelybro. First of all it's an SG-1 Edition!!!!! And secondly this is the most perfectly structured of any 2048 I've played yet--it starts with baddies, so that you intuitively want to get rid of low numbers, and then at the 32 square changes over to alien ally Thor, and then 64 is General Hammond, and 128-256-512-1024 are Daniel-Teal'c-Sam-Jack. I haven't won this but I'm guessing 2048 is either the whole team together or the Gate itself or both, the perfect crown to the progression.

15th Century Portraits of Women Edition by @edralis. For when you need some detox from all the gif-animated dudes in all the other 2048s you've been playing. Gives me a totally false sense of how well I'm doing because I don't know the images well enough to put them into a hierarchy; only just now when I tried to make a key did I realize that I've been feeling really triumphant every time I put two Blonde Ringlets together, and she's... the 16 square. I don't think I've gotten past 256 in this one, possibly for that reason. I really wish I knew how to grab the images from these, because I'd love to do a reverse image search and find out who all of these portraits are.

Feel free to suggest others I've missed! Or curse my name. I'll be over here playing Tyler Hoechlin edition and whimpering.
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So it turns out that once I stop having some specific thing I'm supposed to post about every day I... stop posting. But I thought it might be nice to check in over here at the journals; I still haven't really gotten the hang of actually interacting with people fannishly on twitter/Tumblr, so I might as well stick around here and talk to my fellow internet dinosaurs. ♥

So, things I've been up to since I posted last:

Having a girlfriend! )

Having Teen Wolf as my primary fandom. /o\ (Spoilers!) )

Writing, kind of erratically. )

Reading! Books and fic. )

Which reminds me that [personal profile] verity showed me a nine-minute Merlin vid to "I Would Do Anything for Love," and I had [personal profile] astolat and [personal profile] cesperanza's vid to the same song running through my head the whole time, because apparently watching a nine-minute Merlin vid is a thing that I will totally do for love. ♥ ♥ ♥

So that's me, lately. What are you all up to?
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Busy visiting my girlfriend, [personal profile] verity. In the true spirit of having met on Tumblr, we made flower crowns to announce our relationship to the internet. :D :D :D


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