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Written for [community profile] mcuflashmeme, where the current challenge is "A story that takes place entirely inside a vehicle."


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It (920 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies), The West Wing
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Steve Rogers, Josh Lyman
Additional Tags: 2016 United States Presidential Election, Politics, unqualified demagogues, Community: mcuflashmeme

"Am I even old enough?"

"You were born in 1918, and the Constitution doesn't say a word about how much of your life you have to have spent awake. Believe me, we've got this."

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I just had a truly horrifying realization about the Aral/Jole in progress. No, truly horrifying. Like for a split second I was like "Oh God I can't write this pairing anymore even if their love is totally (218 words of) canon." (Yes, I counted.)

(I got over it, but honest to God, don't click the cut tag unless you think you could also get over it. It's pretty horrible, and I want someone to still read the fic when I'm done writing it.)

Horrible realization under the cut, but no CryoBurn spoilers. Possibly unsettling references to The West Wing. )
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I had [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis, [livejournal.com profile] embracepassion and [livejournal.com profile] riverlight in Milwaukee (where Milwaukee mostly equals 'my apartment') for the whole weekend (well, starting in the wee hours of Saturday morning, when we finally had collected both E and R from their flights and brought them home).

Because we are fangirls, it was a whole weekend defined by media-watching (with intervals of all sitting around huddled over laptops ignoring each other). The complete lineup went something like:

  • Band of Brothers - Behind the Scenes, Ron Livingston's video diary, and "Day of Days" *
  • Assorted vids **
  • Quantum of Solace ***
  • A lot more vids +
  • The West Wing - "18th and Potomac" and "Two Cathedrals" ++
  • Supernatural - the pilot +++
  • Assorted YouTube videos including but not limited to: the one where Jared calls Jeff his boyfriend, the one where Jared talks about Jensen brushing the eyelash off his face, and the one where Jensen demonstrates how he would be Sam in a bodyswap episode ^
  • Life - "Pilot", "Tear Asunder", "Let Her Go", "What They Saw", "The Fallen Woman", "Powerless" ^^

  • Aaaaaand then I drove [livejournal.com profile] riverlight down to [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis's place to spend the night and left my phone on the coffee table. So I get to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis some more tonight! And watch more tv! And also get my phone back.

    * Yyyyyeah, I cracked on Thursday or so and started rewatching BoB for the first time since... the first time it aired. I've, uh, been scared to rewatch it. It had an impact the first time!
    ** It is possible that [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis and I both still get choked up every time we see [livejournal.com profile] destina's vid about space, okay?
    *** I don't think I've ever felt like the target audience for a Bond flick before, but holy crap that was fun.
    + My love for [livejournal.com profile] absolutedestiny's "Heart of Funkness" vid remains unholy and ridiculous
    ++ [livejournal.com profile] embracepassion had never seen them!
    +++ And then she wanted to know what Sam and Dean looked like and which one was which!
    ^ What, looking those up is like a REFLEX ACTION
    ^^ I didn't even have to hold anyone down! They liked it! Yay show! \o/

    hey, so

    Dec. 30th, 2007 02:31 pm
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    You know what's fun sometimes? Watching TV shows you haven't seen before.

    I know this will sound like a radical idea to many of you, but no, it's true! Really!

    Of course, my selection of all the unwatched stuff on my various hard drives was sort of random, so I spent most of my morning rediscovering my love of CSI: NY, and let me just say spoilers for the end of season three, squee and also thoughts about my least favorite plot device. )
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    Last night I walked into a Barnes & Noble in search of the second season of The West Wing on DVD and walked out with the second season of Numb3rs. And also a bar of chocolate, which I threw in just to make the purchase as a whole less depressing.

    After I got home, and after I'd watched Bones (oh, Stephen Fry, please stop making me want to slash you with whatever guy you share screentime with, it's kind of a distressing superpower in this particular instance; also, oh, Seeley Booth, I LOVE YOU) I popped in the first disc, because there was exactly one reason I even wanted the damn DVD set.

    The blooper reel.

    And let me just say: ♥ ♥ ♥

    I have an ungodly love for blooper reels in general; I downloaded and watched the S1 Supernatural blooper reel without having seen the show. Likewise the fifteen-minute Battlestar Galactica blooper reel extravaganza on youtube. The first thing I ever bought over the internet was a blooper reel from the X-Files' first two seasons, and I still have it. On VHS, baby. Ohyeah.

    Anyway, even so, this was a lovely one: I think my favorite part was Diane Farr and Dylan Bruno having the giggles together, in some shot where the camera has him in range behind her shoulder. The best part was that he kept cracking up first, silently, and turning away behind her, and then she would start laughing too. Eventually the camera pans down to Dylan, crouching on the floor, trying to stop laughing. It is maybe just the best thing ever.

    A funny thing about Numb3rs bloopers, though: the conspicuous absence of Peter MacNicol, two seasons running. Does he have some kind of philosophical objection to blooper reels? Is he sekritly a robot? The hell?

    And speaking of the hell? - the episode summary printed on the DVD case for episode 2x01, "Judgment Call," refers to Megan Reeves as a "recent graduate from the FBI Academy."

    Was I so busy not liking Megan for the first half of the season that I just missed where it was ever established that she's a rookie? I mean, it might explain some things about her character that I and others have objected to--her inability to project a tenth of Terry Lake's badassery, for one--but. The hell? Now I am tempted to watch the first five episodes of S2 over again, searching for clues. DON'T MAKE ME DO THAT, GUYS. PLEASE.

    Also also, oh JOY, two commentaries that include Rob Morrow, neither of which also features Cheryl, or Nick, or David. Has anybody watched/listened to these? How are they? Is Rob's quarter of the commentary worth watching that damn stalking episode again? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    This is the rest of a bit of West Wing crackfic that I began in April, back during Finals when I was feeling West Wing-obsessed and a bit crazed.

    The beginning is here

    And this is the rest of what got written: Three Feet Tall and Naked )

    And that's it for WIP Amnesty, everybody! Thanks for being patient with me--and thanks for being so generous in your feedback to permanently unfinished stories--and I will now resume being quiet and working on something I do plan to finish. Someday. *g*

    May May.

    May. 30th, 2006 10:42 pm
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    Things what I have discovered:

    Netflix = teh crack. I realize everyone else knew this. I knew it myself, in an intellectual way, which is why I didn't get it until school was (almost) over, but dear god. It's kind of embarrassing how often I go and stare at my queue, not with any intention of rearranging any of the ninety-five items, but just to enjoy knowing that I will get to see all these things. Movies where things blow up! Movies where people where pretty clothes and curtsey and ride horses! Season four of Farscape!

    Public libraries! Are filled with books! Okay, I already knew this one, but it had been a while since it was actually meaningful, but then I got (via INTERLIBRARY LOAN, because I know how the system works and WILL NOT BE STOPPED) Leave Myself Behind, which was recced by [livejournal.com profile] misspamela and was great fun in the specific sense of being a book written in a very authentic teenaged-boy voice. So, y'know, sometimes you want to hit the narrator with a skillet, but it's fun. Related discovery: It's not just people on LJ who write about boys falling in love.

    If you watch too much West Wing all at once it does funny things to your brain! Or at least, to my brain. [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis, with whom I watched the entirety of season six this weekend, informs me that it didn't make her spend an entire shower pondering Peak Oil. But in my defense, I feel that the question of "Who should Josh have sex with?" is easily answered and requires very little pondering: all of the above.

    Holy crap, Farscape! [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis is patiently dragging me through the series (I forget how much I love it until we're actually watching it), though with judicious skipping. I can't figure out whether season three would have been more or less or differently ZOMG if we had watched more (um. any?) Moya episodes, but. *flails*

    They don't give out DCI badges in lucky bags. I still don't know what the hell a lucky bag is, but Gene is the MAN.

    ETA: Today is May 30! Which means tomorrow Amazon will bring me Numb3rs on DVD! BLOOPER REEL!
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    First things first:

    Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] lynnmonster!!

    I can't wait until the next time we're sitting on some porch steps together. :)

    And now for something completely different (although if this should amuse you, Lynn, feel free to claim it).

    School and work and the emotional rollercoaster of playoff hockey (there is nothing more happy-making than roaming the internets for coverage the day after a playoff win, and nothing more depressing than doing the same the day after a playoff loss, and I seem equally compelled to do it in either case) have been conspiring to kick my ass up and down the block this past week, and look fair to keep it up for the next seventeen days, not that I'm counting or anything.

    To keep myself on a vaguely even keel, and to entertain [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis, who is headed into finals and thus getting her ass kicked up and down an entirely different block six hundred miles from me, I have been writing a bit of West Wing crackfic. On the off chance that anyone else needs this particular antidote to their Monday...

    Three Feet Tall and Naked )
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    So I've discovered, since falling in love with The West Wing, that Wikipedia has articles for fictional characters (thus further blurring the line, in my brain, about who is actually the president, YAY). I was staring at the article for Josh Lyman this morning because, for reasons that definitely do not need exploring at this juncture, I want to know Josh's birthdate, and how old he was when his sister died. I could swear that in some previous redaction, the article included some speculation based on some dialogue about whether he'd been born in 1960 or 1961 (actor's birthdate, which may be the best we can do if I completely hallucinated that, is in 1959).

    It suddenly occurred to me, a bit later, that there might well be an article for Benton Fraser, which, as you can see, there is. If you click through, however, you may find that it's written from a ... particular historical perspective, let us say--enjoy the link, downpage, to the article on Detective Stanley "Ray Vecchio" Kowalski!

    (On the bright side, you'll all be delighted to know that the IMDB image for the later seasons of due South is no longer a Cuisinart.)

    (Wikipedia also, incidentally, has an article on the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs, which begin tonight!)
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    Because this morning I finished the crossword puzzle on the train...

    LEO: Tell them that ’Khaddafi’ is spelled with an h and two d’s and isn’t a seven-letter word for anything.

    MARGARET: Is this for real or just funny?

    LEO: Apparently it's neither.

    not dead!

    Mar. 30th, 2006 10:20 pm
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    I was going to post about something other than the fact that I'm not dead, but [livejournal.com profile] naominovik's book, His Majesty's Dragon, arrived from Amazon today, so I'm just popping my head up for five minutes before I crawl into bed to read Just One Chapter before I go to sleep. Thus are you spared probably a LOT of flailing and squeeing about something most of you saw three years ago.


    Just One Chapter. Yes. Right.

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    After binge-viewing a season and change of The West Wing, I found myself sitting up on [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis's couch at three-thirty in the morning, writing fic. Iulia has kindly betaed it and listened to my worrying over every word of the story, to say nothing of putting up with my random outbursts of "OMG SAM! JOSH! SAM! JOSH!"

    So, fic. Short and sad. Sam/Josh, PG.

    This Is the Way the World Ends )
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    So, it's Wednesday today, as far as I can tell. Usually on Wednesdays I get up at six, get to work at eight, dash from work to class, and get home about fourteen hours after I left. But today, instead of doing any of that, I sat on the couch and watched two episodes of CSI followed by fourteen episodes of The West Wing.

    This is mainly because yesterday after work I took the train to the airport and flew to Michigan, where [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis collected me and brought me to her place so I could spend my spring break crashing on her couch watching TV with her. (The particular TV content, however, is of course the fault of [livejournal.com profile] cesperanza and her Josh/Donna fic, which I read all in one night a while ago without ever having seen what you would call an actual episode of the show in question.)

    So I am mainly posting to tell you - in case you'd noticed - why I'd vanished off the face of the internets (my computer being apparently deeply opposed to connecting to strange local networks of either the wired or wireless variety), but also to say: if you know where the Sam/Josh porn is OMG PLEASE TELL ME, BECAUSE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I COULD DIE FROM IT.

    ETA: Okay, yeah, I guess at this point it's sort of Thursday. Close enough.


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